The Real Political War Has Not Yet Begun


I was out of town in Toronto for three days this past week. Part of my trip was about doing business with clients of our advertising agency. The other part was all about helping in the organization of the R2R (Ride To Remember) that I wrote about on December 28, 2011,

“NEVER AGAIN – Christian And Jewish Bikers Unite”

This editorial is not about the R2R, but in passing, I will say that the R2R is so incredible . . . that I can’t wait to make it the focus of future editorials. It is just that exciting.


When traveling in the car alone for 5 hours or so each way to Toronto and back, and spending hours in a hotel room, and long stretches between appointments, one has time to think and reflect.

In the car, there was no problem, since I listen to XM Radio and FOX News TV or Conservative Talk Shows – But . . .


In the close to perfect hotel where I slept for two nights, the only drawback in their services was that their cable provider only provides CNN, which I virtually never watch at home.

So, here I am, a long way from home in my room with nothing to occupy my leisure time but my I-Phone and a Cable News Network that at best compares to Pravda.

I literally NEVER watch CNN because they are a terrible insult to honest journalism. But, every now and then, especially when there is no other choice, I tune them in and REDISCOVER how wretched news broadcasting can be.


I heard the Thursday night CNN Republican debate, and couldn’t believe how Gingrich tore apart John King, CNN, and ABC News for being the media cockroaches they really are.

I just wish Gingrich had kept to that passion instead of attacking the Free Market System through the legitimate business practices of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

But, that said . . . Gingrich went a considerable way to redeeming himself with the way he handled the Yellow Journalism tactics of Obama’s media apologists.


If there was ever a single reason to throw Obama out – THIS IS IT.

Obama’s decision to VETO the construction of the XL Pipeline from Alberta Canada to Texas says it all:

1 – Obama does not give a rat’s-ass about reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil from anti-American countries by saying no to a pipeline that would deliver 1.3 MILLION barrels of Canadian Crude every day, representing 5% of America’s total daily petroleum needs (20 million barrels), which is 9% of America’s oil imports.

2 – Obama tells all who will listen that he wants to create jobs, but turns down a project that would DIRECTLY create tens of thousands of good paying jobs, with another 100,000 spin-off jobs, without so much as one penny’s financing coming from the public purse.

3 – Obama has said no to BILLIONS ($7 billion) of foreign dollars coming into the American economy. I guess like a true socialist – PRIVATE money is dirty money unless the government can control it and tax it to death.


When I hear the LEFTIST media slamming Gingrich for all that they’re worth, then the so-called Right of Center media, the likes of Brit Hume and Chris Wallace of FOX News do the same by saying that he would be unelectable against Obama; it says far more about the media than it says about Gingrich.

The media LOVE to point out how disliked Congress is amongst the people, especially Conservative Members of Congress. But, what the media doesn’t advertise is that the public opinion of the media in general, is about just as unfavorable as is public opinion of the government.

So, when Gingrich tears a strip off the media and the audience jumps to its feet to applaud Gingrich for ripping them a new one . . . that says all that needs to be said about the likeability and trustability of the hoity-toity holier than thou media.

When the media spends unlimited time analyzing and reanalyzing why the people neither like nor trust the government, they should spend a little time and analyze themselves.

While it “MIGHT” be true that Gingrich has a high dislikeable ratings factor amongst voters in general, it is probably MORE than true that the people will vote for him in BIG numbers because he’s as mean as a junkyard dog when it comes to government INSIDERS and “the mine doesn’t stink media”.

More than anything, people are ANGRY, not just a little bit angry. But VERY angry, so angry as a matter of fact that they want to vote for someone who is going to go to Washington and beat the crap out of everyone who’s responsible for the mess that America has become.

The people couldn’t care in the least who Gingrich slept with when he was married to the wives before the current Mrs.

They couldn’t care about Gingrich’s hypocrisy about Freddie Mac.

Nor are they interested in the times he’s been reprimanded and fined for Congressional violations.

All the people care about is one thing and one thing only. Who amongst the Republican Candidates can go to Washington and eviscerate the political jerks the people themselves would like to have a hand in doing-in?

And when you consider all the choices . . . there is only one choice that can fit that bill. And his name is Newt Gingrich.

That said . . . I’m shocked at how Gingrich has made this comeback after getting so publicly slapped-down for criticizing Romney’s investment business.

I don’t know if Gingrich has the horses to go all the way. I don’t know if Santorum can sufficiently divide the votes to weaken him. And I don’t know if Romney can do well enough in Florida to stem the Gingrich SURGE.

But, what I do know . . . is that whether it’s Romney or Gingrich against Obama. Obama will NOT win.

And after seeing how thirsty the people are for political blood, as we saw during the CNN Debate and the vote in South Carolina, more than I expected, and I expected a lot as I’ve written so many times before, I think Gingrich will slice and dice Obama like one of those cheap infomercial products.

For the Democrats and Republican INSIDERS to be saying how much of a chance Gingrich does NOT have against Obama, is like saying how much of a chance a Tsunami DOESN’T have in swamping a dingy on the shoreline.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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