Newt Gingrich’s Boomerang Attack On Romney

Gingrich proved his detractors to be right.

I was a Newt Gingrich supporter right up to last week – But not anymore.

I was fearful that the Republican Insiders were doing a number on Gingrich because they wanted their own man (Romney) in the White House, so government would be run as business as usual after the election.

I thought that Gingrich was brilliant during all the debates where he attacked Obama’s White House record and put forward his own ideas.

I thought Gingrich was “THE MAN” when he went after the media who tried their best to get Republican Candidates to savage each other during the televised debates, by saying that he won’t allow the media to push the Candidates into the political gutter.

Gingrich exhibited masterful control over his knowledge of American history, and the true meaning of the Constitution.

And when Gingrich was personally assailed for his failed marriages and cheating on his wives, he deflected those attacks as best as anyone could, same as he glossed over his past bad political decisions and affiliations with a simple MEA CULPA.

And what about the million plus dollars he made while feeding at the trough of Freddie Mac? He sort of got a pass on that too.

So, when Republican Insider after Insider, including prominent and popular Governors, House Members and Senators attacked Gingrich while throwing their support behind Romney, what I saw was what I thought was the UGLY-SIDE of the Republican Party.

But, I think I was wrong. Even though I do not support the Insiders . . . that does not necessarily make them wrong about their assessment of Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich has proven himself to be just what the Insiders have been saying he is by attacking Romney on his past association with Bain Capital, an investment firm that specializes in buying distressed and upstart companies to turn them around. Staples is a perfect example of a true success story.

Gingrich – Who to the best of my knowledge NEVER created a corporate job, other than perhaps hiring some people through his academic and political enhanced career, such as taking money from Freddie Mac because of his political connections and affiliations, didn’t just attack Romney, but in essence, he went after the entire FREE MARKET SYSTEM.

Bain Capital did exactly what a corporation of its kind should do. It bought failing companies, gutted the weaknesses out of them, and then turned them around, or sold off the assets and folded the rest.

In some cases, Bain Capital shipped jobs offshore to make the companies they’ve taken over more competitive.

And if any of that is wrong in Gingrich’s mind, then Gingrich simply doesn’t have a clue about the inner workings of the corporate system, and has been corrupted by the mindset of Big Government, which is essentially Gingrich’s prominent background where loser companies are propped-up to continue losing taxpayer dollars.

In a very poor display of anger and revenge, Gingrich’s attempt to unfairly bury Romney has actually had the opposite effect.

Gingrich’s tantrum has diminished himself, showing the Insiders to be right about him, while at the same time driving Conservatives to Romney, who, like Romney, do believe in the FREE MARKET SYSTEM where winners reap the rewards, while losers get a chance to fail and try again.

That’s the system that built the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Goodbye Newt – You had the chance, and you proved your detractors right.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Glad to hear all is well Howard and Anne. I really enjoy reading about your journey and the challenges you are both facing.
    I give you credit, this is something you said you were going to do and you did it. Sounds like you’re learning everyday and having fun. Keep me up to date, I enjoying reading about your adventure.

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