Romney Dropped The Gauntlet


Romney’s victory speech following his more than convincing win in New Hampshire did more to SEAL THE DEAL for him, while sending a shiver down the spines of the LEFT, and Democrats in general than anything anyone could have expected.

Romney’s speech and delivery were perfect for several extremely poignant reasons.

1 – Everything Romney said about the failure of Obama was absolutely and incontrovertibly true.

2 – Everything Romney said about what MUST happen for America to win back the American Dream brought real hope to my Canadian ears.

3 – And just as important as the preceding two points were in Romney’s flawless delivery – SO WAS HOW HE CONNECTED WITH THE PEOPLE.

In fact, Romney’s speech was so good, that not only did he win myself over to his side, he won over everyone I know. And I will be willing to bet that he won over far more people than just Conservatives looking for a champion.

Romney’s victory speech won over no shortage of Centrists, Independents and Blue Dog Democrats, who I’m sure after November 2012 will be described as Romney Democrats, just like those same type of folk were described as Reagan Democrats the last time America refound her way after the last horrible Democratic President (Jimmy Carter).

For Romney and the Republicans, it will ONLY get better, For Obama and his cortege of sycophants, the end is soon upon them.


And for America, a dark cloud is about to be lifted from the greatest country that has ever been.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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