Time To Debate The Oncoming Disaster


From everything I’m reading; it seems more than likely that Iran will punish the West for the way the West is punishing Iran. And it won’t necessarily mean actual combat, which is also something that can’t be ruled out.

All that Iran needs to do to create enormous harm to the West, to the USA specifically . . . is to substantially force-up the price of oil. And to do this, all Iran has to do is create the conditions that will frighten the speculators, while simultaneously giving these same bad actors (speculators) the excuse to go wild.


It is fascinating to see the Republican nominee hopefuls pound away at Obamacare as if it is the single greatest threat to the short and long term future of the USA, which to a great extent, it really is a monumental threat, but only one of several.


The greatest threat to the USA today is Energy, or the lack thereof, coupled to the unsustainable and crushing Debt, and failed Foreign Affairs Policies.

In short . . . because of the way US governments from Bush to Clinton to Bush allowed the country to disintegrate into an abyss of entitlement time bombs, America is about to really take it on the chin.

All of the bad decisions and policies made by successive Presidents and Congresses were made to BUY votes, satisfy the special interests of Giant Corporations, Huge Unions, and a Casino of GRIFTERS called Wall Street.


Because of very bad policies over the past number of Presidencies that were based either on stupidity, greed or corruption . . . or a combination of all three – Obama has inherited the PERFECT situation to destroy the American Dream, for him and his pals to replace it with a SOCIALIST agenda of which Obamacare is just one of the cornerstones.

The NUMBER ONE threat to America and the world today is not Obamacare, it’s the economy, and NOTHING is more critical to the economic health of the world than the economic health of America.

And nothing at this stage is more critical to the health of the American economy than the ready availability and cost of energy. And if Iran has its way, as it appears is what’s happening; the cost of a barrel of oil can easily go from about $100 to $200 OVERNIGHT.

If Iran successfully plays the Strait of Hormuz game without violence, the price of oil will go up. But, if there is violence, even minimal violence, which is indeed possible, watch the cost of oil go through the roof whether it will be justified or not.


I’m having a problem understanding why there is no OUTRAGE from the Republican Candidates at Obama’s stalling vis a vis the Canadian XL Pipeline, that will give the USA a real reliable source of energy supply away from Middle East and South American tyrants and thugs.

Am I missing something?

In 2008, Palin was screaming “DRILL BABY DRILL”. In the year 2000 when Bush 43 became President, he literally BEGGED Congress to Drill wherever oil could be found.

And now that we are in 2012, Obama is doing whatever he can to STOP a pipeline from Canada to Texas that has already been vetted (environmentally) everyway come Sunday.

WORSE . . . The Canadian XL Pipeline is not just environmentally safe and FREE to American Taxpayers . . . virtually overnight, it will create 10’s of thousands of excellent paying American jobs for years to come, not including 10’s of Thousands of additional jobs in Texas to enlarge the oil refineries where the crude oil will be shipped through the pipeline.


Because of the way America’s economy has been savaged over the previous decades, I think the time has already run-out to prevent the coming energy shock.

And because of how Obama has accelerated the economic decline of America beyond all belief in just three short years, the WORST is yet to come.

Also – The fact that the Iranians invented the game of Chess shouldn’t be discounted.

And it shouldn’t be ignored that Obama, who thinks of himself as one of America’s GREATEST Presidents with the “possible” exception of Lincoln, FDR and LBJ is a genius at playing Checkers.

It would be nice if the Republican Nominee Candidates would stop eviscerating each other for a while, and focus on the REAL enemy and threat to America, and start ringing the alarm about the oncoming attack of unaffordable energy.


1 – I think the endorsement of the Senator who handed Obama the Presidency on a silver platter (John McCain) by running the worst Presidential campaign in American history is nothing that I would be proud of.

2 – I still like Newt Gingrich as America’s BEST choice.

3 – While I am writing this, Leon Panetta (Defense Secretary) is delivering the closing comments to Obama’s speech at the Pentagon, extolling the virtues of stripping more than a half TRILLION dollars from the American Defense Budget as if this is a good thing.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, we are glad you could visit the USA on a slower paced trip, rather than the usual hurried “got to get someplace” pace. You have only experienced a small percent of what we offer in the South, we did not see Tallulah Gorge.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tallulah_Gorge] Alabama has very beautiful roads, and Cloud Land Canyon, The Natchez Trace, in Mississippi is a slow paced ride from Nashville TN, to Natchez MS. There is so much to experience. Now we need a motorcycle for you.

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