This Is Going To Be One Bad Year For Obama


As bad as 2012 will be for the world – Is as bad as 2012 will be for Obama’s political future.

Now that we’re actually into the year 2012, and I’ve written my mostly dire year-end Editorial (Not A Great 2012 To Look Forward To – December 30, 2011) about the economy and the mess that America and the world are in, here’s something a bit more upbeat.


As much as the Republican Nomination Campaign is distressing, with all the warts, boils, and other ugly stuff showing for each Candidate, having several of them stripped naked before the world to have their personal lives exposed, as if they were criminals, the Republicans are finally getting down to the real business of picking a Presidential Candidate.


What is absolutely MOST encouraging about this Republican campaign . . . is how the Democrats are reacting. And in spite of what they want everyone to believe, they are in REAL panic. AND IT SHOWS.

I caught Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaking at a Democratic forum just before the Iowa Caucus, where she berated Republican Front Runner Mitt Romney for wanting MORE to become the President of the United States of America, than he cared about what is best for America.


Before I tell you why I love Wasserman Schultz’s characterization of Romney, let me tell you something about Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Schultz is the Congresswoman from South Florida’s 20th Congressional District, who is the Chairwoman of the National Democratic Committee, making her a very important Democratic player.

So, when Schultz speaks – People listen, and generally what they hear is nonsense.

If I was a professional marketing person which I am . . . and if I worked for the Republican Party, which I do not, I would suggest to the Republican Party that they pray that Debbie Wasserman Schultz continues to be one of the key mouthpieces for the Democrats.

Schultz has the face and up-yours attitude most people love to hate. Not only is she shrill, she doesn’t know how to shut-up, especially when she’s in a dialogue. And when she says something really stupid as she usually does, she just about always compounds it.

Schultz is the verbal gift that NEVER stops giving.

Many people misuse the word VERBIAGE, as if it means JUST to write or say something. But, VERBIAGE is really best described as spouting everything from nonsense to garbage. And in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s case, THE WORD FITS LIKE A GLOVE.

So, when Schultz’s BIGGEST criticism of Romney is that he REALLY wants to be the President of the United States – WHAT THE HELL IS SHE SAYING?

Not only does Romney REALLY want to be the President of the United States of America as she “accuses” him, which is absolutely true; he also wants MORE than anything else to make Obama a ONE-TERMER – But that she doesn’t say.

If the worst thing someone like Schultz can accuse Romney of, or any other Republican Candidate is wanting to be America’s 45th President, so he or she can right the wrongs of previous Presidencies, and save America from the disaster of Obama’s making . . . what is she trying to say?

I’ve heard many utterly stupid things come out of Schultz’s mouth. But, this one has to take the cake. And if this is the BEST Schultz who is on the very top of the Democratic Pecking Order can come up with . . . WOE-BE-UPON-THEM.


It seems to me, that whether Conservatives in the Republican Party want Romney or not, Romney might very well be the Republican Nominee. And if he does win the nomination, he will tear Obama into teeny-weeny pieces based almost exclusively on Obama’s DREADFUL anti-American record.

ALSO – Make no mistake about this . . . ROMNEY HAS PROVEN HIMSELF TO BE AS GOOD A DEBATER AS THEY COME. And that’s without a teleprompter.

And if it will be someone else but Romney who gets the Republican nod, whoever that someone else will be, he or she will also do a number on the Pretender-In-Chief, also because of Obama’s despicable record.

In 2008, Obama ran on a platform of smoke and mirrors, while HIDING just about everything about his past, including his less than honorable associations.

But, this isn’t 2008. This is 2012, where the “Community Organizer” has to stand on his record.

The people have tasted the bitterness of the political LEFT, while watching a rank SOCIALIST like Obama live like a king on the people’s borrowed money, while so many everyday folk who pay the bills don’t sleep at night, terrified that their jobs might not be there for them in the morning.

While it is true that Obama inherited a mess in 2008. It is EQUALLY true that Obama took the mess and made it more horrible than anyone could have ever imagined. And in spite of all the spins and crap that will come out of the LEFT’S mouthpieces like Debbie Wasserman Schultz – IT WILL DO THEM NO GOOD

Even a compliant LEFTIST media, and as much as a BILLION Dollar Obama reelection campaign fund cannot bury what Obama has NOT accomplished in his four-year term, how much he’s indebted America, how he’s divided the people along class and racial lines, how much his Obamacare is despised, how much he has not reduced unemployment, and the incredible mess he’s made of things everywhere else.

In this year of 2012 that will at best prove to be difficult, at the very least, I have to thank Debbie Wasserman Schultz for giving me a reason to smile.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just curious. My wife and I are contemplating a tow RV to keep storage space under the cap of our F-250 with a V-10. Upon what brand and model did you decide and is it living up to your expectations?
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    Joe McCoy, Etowah TN

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