Obama Lies – America Dies.


Obama and his scurrilous crew know that they have no record to run on. At least not a record they can be proud of.

They also know that they can’t go back to the mantra of: IT’S BUSH’S FAULT. And there’s just so much demonizing of the eventual Republican Candidate that the people will absorb.

They will try to vilify the Republican led House as being obstructionists and cold-hearted to the plight of the middle class and poor segment of the American people.

But . . . that too will carry only so much weight.


LIES – LIES AND MORE LIES . . . is what Obama is going to make part of his reelection bid. He will lie about his own record, and lie about the opposition. But, no matter what he says or how he says it, any thinking person who isn’t part of the LEFT won’t buy it.


1 – The Obama administration is the BEST Presidency Israel has ever had the pleasure to be associated with. And to prove that point, the LEFT has already employed a slanted propaganda poll that shows just how much the Israeli people LOVE Obama.

But . . . NOTHING could be further from the truth – The average Israeli views Obama as akin to the coming of pestilence.

2 – Obama is the toughest President ever in the fight against TERRORISM, even though he won’t call Moslem murderers who target innocent people TERRORISTS, including the Moslem savage who murdered and wounded so many unarmed innocents at Fort Hood.

3 – Obama takes total credit for killing Bin Laden amongst a host of other Jihadist leaders: WHAT A GUY – WHAT A GUY.

Obama should therefore post the photos of himself in full combat gear as he went into harm’s way to get at the Moslem killers.

But in reality . . . Obama did NOTHING to rid the world of this garbage. All he did was give the OK for brave men and women to take down the TERRORISTS after Obama followed the policies of George W Bush.

4 – Obama won the Peace Prize for what he “might” do in the future for world peace. So, let’s have a look at what Obama has done for world peace:

a – Obama is pulling out of Iraq as the Iranians and Shiites are pulling in.

b – Obama is pulling out of Afghanistan as the Taliban is in full resurgent mode.

c – Obama is teetering on the edge of a cold war with Pakistan.

d – Obama helped overthrow Mubarak of Egypt, to watch the Moslem Brotherhood step-in.

e – Obama helped overthrow Gaddafi of Libya, also to watch the Moslem Brotherhood step-in.

f – Obama watched America’s serious Yemeni ally overthrown as the Moslem Brotherhood is making it’s way to power.

g – Obama is telling Assad to step down as Syria tilts toward Civil War, giving the Moslem Brotherhood yet another stronghold.

And once Syria goes to the Moslem Brotherhood, it will be a blink of an eye until Jordan and Lebanon follow suit.

h – There’s also this other little thing about Obama sending armed troops to Africa that no one seems to be talking about, which is kind of strange, since he’s opening another military front without the consent of Congress and the American people.

i – And we cannot forget that Turkey has just about declared war on Israel, because the Turks are also moving towards becoming an Islamic State.

And how is that Obama’s fault you might ask?

Turkey was the FIRST Moslem stop on Obama’s series of AMERICA APOLOGY TOURS, where he couldn’t wait to visit in order to spread his pearls of wisdom about the greatness of Islam where he compared the plight of the Palestinians to Jewish Holocaust victims.

And what about Obama’s standing in world governments outside the Middle East?

The Chinese think he’s a patsy. The Russians see him as a joke. The Germans think he’s incompetent. The French think he’s condescending. The British think that he sold them out on Argentina. The Czechs and the Poles know that he’s treacherous. And the Canadians can’t wait for a new President.

5 – Obama claims that he saved and created MILLIONS of jobs.


If that’s true, why then are some 15 MILLION Americans unemployed, with MILLIONS more underemployed, and MILLIONS more than that who aren’t even counted amongst the statistics because they’ve simply given up?

6 – From Day One, Obama promised to solve America’s energy issues and dependency on foreign oil, especially from countries that hate America. But if that’s true, how is it that fuel for cars and home heating is more unaffordable to most Americans today, than it was before Obama took office?

And if Obama is really serious about jobs and energy security, what’s with his delaying a magnificent job creator and reliable source of energy from the Canada/US pipeline from Alberta to Texas?

And then there is Obamacare, which needs no further explanation.

IN FACT AND TRUTH – Obama has squandered more than 3 years as the President of the United States of America, making it up as he went along, DIVIDING the American people along Class and Racial lines.

And in spite of the propagandist reasons why Obama says he had to run up the deficit and debt, Obama’s fiscal policies have single handedly created the greatest threat that America has ever faced to its very core of sovereignty.

If Obama wins 4 MORE years, it won’t be because of anything the Republicans do or don’t do. Will do – Or won’t do.

And it won’t be because of whomever the Republicans choose to go against Obama in November 2012, since either of the two likely candidates (Gingrich or Romney) will be more than suitable for the job of President of the United States.


It will ONLY be because the American people will be sufficiently stupid not to see what Obama has done to inflict so much pain, misery and harm to the country their forefathers dreamt into existence through great sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears.

And if enough voters choose to ignore the facts and truth of Obama’s 4 years in office in favor of Obama’s smoke and mirrors, than America is doomed, and a second Civil War will be upon the people.


Unless the majority of Americans favor national suicide, I see the end of 2012 to be the beginning of a good year for America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. You provided me some good entertainment this evening with your spelling error. I can imagine the CPA, MBA. P.E. and other so named Appellation trails. However, in the following paragraph you got the spelling right. Good luck on your journey.

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