Obama’s Spin On Israel


To hear it from Obama and Obama’s Propagandists . . . Obama’s Presidency is the most supportive American Administration for Israel – EVER!

It is really NOT nice to call a President, especially a sitting President a LIAR, but, it is much worse to “pretend” that the President is NOT a liar when in fact he is.


Because of Obama, which he will never admit, it was his personal initiatives to intervene in Middle East and Moslem politics that have resulted in the beginning of a Caliphate, stretching from Europe/Asia (Turkey), all the way through to North Africa, including countries such as Egypt, Libya, Yemen . . .


After all the votes will be counted in Egypt’s “Democratic” election, it appears that the WEST-HATING, AMERICA-HATING, ISRAEL-HATING, CHRISTIAN-HATING and WOMEN-HATING Sharia Islamists will win as many as 2/3rds of the seats in whatever will comprise Egypt’s government.

Since it was Obama who had the brainstorm to unleash the idea of overthrowing America’s and Israel’s only sort of reliable Big Arab Player and Friend in the region, in the name of Hosni Mubarak, in exchange for what was behind curtains 1, 2, or 3 . . . I imagine it has to be Obama who has to take Responsibility for the outcome.

BUT THAT’S NOT OBAMA’S STYLE, since he never takes the blame for anything.


Obama has sent every jerk he could find in the State Department, and now in the Department of Defense (Leon Panetta) to SQUEEZE Israel to the point of pain.

Either directly, or through one of Obama’s LET’S SCREW-OVER ISRAEL surrogates, Obama has DECLARED that Israel MUST show “COURAGE” in making peace.

Obama has stated many times-over that Israel must be prepared to make SACRIFICES and PAINFUL concessions for peace.

Obama has DEMANDED that Israel STOP building homes in Israel’s own capital, and areas that Israel had won fair and square in not just one, but in a series of defensive wars.

Obama has DECLARED that Israel MUST return to the boundaries of 1948, which he euphemistically calls the PRE-1967 borders, none of which are recognized borders, even by anti-Israel UN standards expressed through the UN’s Resolution 242.

And now Hillary Clinton – One of the other Wicked Witches of the Washington Beltway has the unmitigated gall to criticize Israel, for Israel’s DOMESTIC Social Issues as it pertains to a very small ultra Religious Jewish Community (Haredin) who want a physical separation between men and willing women on busses that run through their hamlet.

Clinton is also upset with Israel, because Israel does not want FOREIGN sponsored NGO’s (non government organizations) to have their anti-Israel way in Israel paid for with the money of foreign Israel-Haters.

Neither of these two issues are any of Hillary Clinton’s business, any more than an Israeli Government Representative would have the “right” to criticize American domestic issues.


But I guess, that even though this is a major diplomatic faux pas that no country would do to another country, it’s OK for Obama’s people to do it to Israel.

And if Clinton is so concerned about the rights of women in general, but specifically in Israel where all women have EVERY RIGHT enjoyed by EVERY Israeli, INCLUDING Arab Israelis, why doesn’t she focus on the RIGHTS of Arab women in Arab and other Moslem countries like Saudi Arabia, where the ONLY RIGHTS women have, are the RIGHTS the state and their male society deems to give them?


We all know what Obama has DEMANDED from Israel in order for Israel to BEG for peace with people who have sworn to DESTROY Israel. But, what has Obama asked from the Arabs . . . specifically from the so-called Palestinians for them to sacrifice?

Is Obama DEMANDING that the Palestinians recognize Israel’s RIGHT to exist as a Jewish Nation?

Is Obama TELLING the Palestinians that they must abide by and negotiate along the lines of the United Nation’s Resolution 242 AFTER the 1967 (6-Day) War?

Is Obama telling the Palestinians that it is not acceptable to BAN all Jews from all Palestinian territories, even though more than one million Palestinian Arabs live and thrive in Jewish Israel as fully equal citizens?

Who is Obama negotiating with within the Palestinian groups, since the Gaza Palestinians answer exclusively to the Moslem TERRORIST Group Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority that speaks for the West Bank is too frightened to call a Palestinian election in the knowledge that Hamas would win?

So, whom does Obama want Israel to make peace with? For whom does Obama want Israel to make painful concessions? And to what end?

The last time Jews had friends like Obama . . . 6,000,000 paid the ultimate price.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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