I Simply Don’t Understand

How did any of them get elected?

I have a friend who is a Canadian Member of Parliament who I really like because he walks the walk. I also know several others who are Members of Parliament, all of whom are well meaning and REALLY try to serve the people.

But do we need them?

Do they do anything that I REALLY need done to make my life better? Can Members of Parliament actually create jobs? Can they heal the infirmed?

Do Members of Parliament grow food? Do they teach trades? Can they repair equipment? Can they build a house or a building? Can they install electricity or fix plumbing?

Some of the politicians can do some of those things, not because they’re politicians, but rather, in their previous life before becoming Members of Parliament, some of those things are what they used to do.



1 – Did you ever vote for a politician to tell you how to live your OWN life?

2 – Did you ever vote for someone to tell you how to raise your OWN children?

3 – Did you ever vote for someone because he or she told you that they wanted to take as much of your hard earned cash out of your pocket as they could, to put into their own pocket?

4 – Did you ever vote for a politician who said that he or she was going to create so many regulations, that it would become a nightmare to set up and run a business?

5 – Did you ever vote for a politician who said that he or she would create such a tax burden on businesses, that the cost of purchasing becomes unaffordable?

6 – Did you ever vote for a politician who promised to raise the prices of fuel and electricity, to as high an amount they could get away with, to raise money to sustain and grow the size of government?

7 – Did you ever vote for a politician who campaigned on a platform of bigger and more expensive government?

8 – Did you ever vote for anyone who promised to pay Public Sector Workers salaries that were 30% to 50% higher than earned by Private Sector Workers?

9 – Did you ever vote for a man or woman running for office who pledged to make Public Sector jobs, jobs for life with pensions that are greater after retirement than most WORKING families earn in the Private Sector?

10 – Would you vote for a politician who proudly declared that he or she gets to travel all over the country and world on the people’s dime, who receives a huge chunk of their salary TAX-FREE, who gets a huge pension for “serving the people” in a short period of time?


How excited would you be to vote for your Member who gets STINKING RICH on INSIDER TRADING, which in their case is NOT against the law, but is as unethical at is gets?

Of course the list goes on and on. So, I have to wonder . . . if none of us would vote for our politicians based on any of the preceding, how did any of them get elected?


As an aside – After the CNN Debate last night (November 22, 2011), Britt Hume of FOX News commented on an exchange between Romney and Huntsman as being between Romney and his “FELLOW MORMON”.

If there were two Jewish candidates debating, would Hume have said between two Jews? Or if there were another Black person debating with Herman Cain, would Hume have described an exchange between the two as being between FELLOW Black people?

When Tiger Woods was having his marital problems, Hume went on-air BLAMING Woods’ problems on his religion (Buddhism), and SAID that Woods should convert to Christianity.


I used to look forward to what Britt Hume had to say in terms of political analysis, but, since his racist remarks against Tiger Woods’ religious beliefs, the less I hear from Hume the better.

America and the rest of the world has enough troubles without high profile media people like Britt Hume denigrating the benign religious beliefs of others.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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