The Financial Future Of The World Is On Israel


US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, in a trip to Canada this week, to take part in a conference of Defense Ministers, was busy telling Israel NOT to attack Iran in order to take out their Nuclear Arms Program, because it could damage world economic stability.

EXCUSE ME . . . ?

Maybe I’m not as smart as Panetta. And maybe my understanding of geo politics doesn’t come with a university degree . . . but I understand this:

Panetta – Obama’s Secretary of Defense is putting dollars and cents above and ahead of Israel’s very existence.

There’s no way for Panetta or anyone else to spin this. Iran, in the likes of Ahmadinejad and the Mad Mullahs have made it absolutely clear – THAT THEY WANT AN ISRAELI HOLOCAUST.

I wonder what part of that Panetta seems not to understand? And why and how the whole world’s economy will collapse if Israel defends itself?

To me . . . the answer couldn’t be more transparent – SCREW THE Jews, and keep the global economy stable – even if that ridiculous premise is just 1% true.

So, where’s the surprise in this?

If Israel does not take out the Iranian Nuclear Arms Program because of successive US Presidents and Secretaries of Defense and of State, it will be on the heads of all Israeli Prime Ministers who didn’t do the right and courageous thing because of external pressure.

Make no mistake about this – The vast majority of the world will be much happier if the ONLY Jewish State on the planet would simply disappear, and that INCLUDES just about every US President from Truman on, with the only possible exception being Ronald Reagan, since Israel has become a “pain in the ass” to most leaders.

American Presidents LOVE to give LIP SERVICE of their love and devotion to Israel, which is BALONEY.

Think about this for a minute – Which US President DIDN’T demand that Israel return land to the Arabs that Israel won legitimately in a host of wars in addition to making “painful Concessions” to the Palestinians for peace?

Which US President ever made any real DEMAND upon the Arabs, INCLUDING the so-called Palestinians for anything that would favor Israel?

And if any of you says that George W Bush was a great friend to Israel, ask yourself how?

At one point, Bush’s demands on Israel so infuriated Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, that Sharon declared: “I’m not Neville Chamberlain, and Israel is not Czechoslovakia”, in reference to how British Prime Minister Chamberlain sold out the Czechs to the Nazis on the altar of appeasement in the hopes for peace.

All US Presidents have established major troop deployments all over the world to defend their friends and allies, including the Gulf Arab States who aren’t America’s friends or allies, not to mention Afghanistan and Iraq where the sky’s been the limit.


And, if anyone reading this wants to bring up the 2-3 BILLION dollars Israel receives (annually) from the USA as a real show of friendship – DON’T.

That 2-3 BILLION dollars Israel receives every year goes back with much MORE to the USA in arms procurements, feeding America’s HUGE military industry.

Israel also provides unimaginable INTELLIGENCE to the USA on Middle Eastern events, and a massive military presence without putting Americans at risk.

And because of how Israel routinely CREAMED the Arabs who used Soviet (Russian) equipment, technologies and strategies in successive wars that cost Israel no shortage of blood, death, and trauma, the Soviet Union was shown to be no match for the American equipment used by the Israelis.

And “speaking” of technologies . . . America’s military is brimming with Israeli technologies that are second to none. What’s that worth?

It has been said by no shortage of military people in the know, that the way Israel constantly defeated the Soviet’s Arab Proxy armies was as much and more of a cause to the fall of the Iron Curtain as anything else.

Now think about what the USA has been given in return for the TRILLION plus dollars, the THOUSANDS of American lives lost, and tens of thousands of permanently wounded American men and women, not to mention the hundreds of thousands who have been psychologically wounded, who’ve sacrificed so much for Arabs and Asian Moslems in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Pakistan gets MORE than 1 BILLION dollars from the US every year. Egypt gets MORE than 2 BILLION dollars per year from the US. How’s that working out for America?

So, how exactly is the 2-3 BILLION dollars Israel receives in “aid” a bad deal for America?


If any American President REALLY was in REAL support of Israel, why has each President since 1967 refused to locate the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which is Israel’s REAL Capitol, and has been Israel’s Capitol for some 3000 years?

Israel has done well with most past US Presidents, because it has always been politically expedient for Presidential Candidates to show support for Israel.


Today . . . there is a President in the White House who wants to see Israel “PUT IN HER PLACE”, more I think than he wants to get reelected, and will find every scurrilous way to make that happen just in case he doesn’t get reelected.

And if there was ever proof for what this President thinks of Israel, it is in what Obama’s Secretary of Defense said publicly this past week, that in effect; the Stability of the Global Economy SUPERCEDES Israel’s Survival.


Sometimes in life . . . choices are just as stark and as clear as that.


Does Israel’s Prime Minister sacrifice Israel on the altar of appeasing Obama? Or does he take out the Iranian Nuclear Armament Program to save Israel?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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    One correction in your narrative: You said the Ford 6 cylinder F-150 did a good job of going up the hills “and breaking going down”. I respectfully submit that you meant “braking” on the way down!

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