The Revolving Door Of Candidates

Round and round they go. Where they stop nobody knows.

Is your head spinning yet?

Have you gone from one Republican front-runner to another front-runner, only to go back, and then back again?

From the very start were you really excited about Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, and Rick Santorum, only to see that excitement wane as they either “misspoke” or changed their tune too often?

Or in the case of Pawlenty showed timidity where he should have shown courage in the face of taking on Romneycare to Romney’s face in the first debate?

Were you disappointed to see your favorite candidate stand FOUR SQUARE on issues that might be important to them, but pale in comparison to issues the people REALLY care about?

If you say yes to the above . . . WELCOME TO MY WORLD.


I really wanted Sarah Palin to throw her hat into the ring from the beginning, which she didn’t. But, the way she didn’t declare herself, right off the get-go as did all the others with the exception of Perry wasn’t right. Instead, Palin chose to play a political striptease, which actually made me feel that perhaps it was better that she decided to stay out of it.


I never took Donald Trump seriously, who thinks so much of himself, that in a contest of egos between Trump and Obama . . . I have no idea who would win. That said though, much of what Trump says against Obama is 100% accurate.


Christie consistently said that he will NOT run, but had always left the door open a crack, hoping that his far LEFT philosophies might be ignored. But, even Christie couldn’t hide from what he’s publicly stood for in terms of being against the 2nd Amendment, for amnesty for illegal aliens, and appointing a Sharia judge to the New Jersey Supreme Court.


And then there were two great Conservative HOPES in the names of Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio who said no, and really meant it, all of which brings us to the current field of Republican Candidates.


1 – Jon Huntsman:

A waste of everyone’s time.

2 – Gary Johnson:

A bigger waste of everyone’s time. Is he still in it?

3 – Rick Santorum:

I like Santorum, but he’s got the people’s priorities all screwed-up.

As America is going down for the count, Santorum is absolutely focused on Abortion and Gay and Lesbian Rights, which, with all due respect to Santorum, are at the very BOTTOM of the people’s fears who don’t have jobs, who have jobs but can’t make ends meet, who can’t afford the homes in which they live, and are fearful for the future of their children.

HERE’S A SPECIAL NOTE – Any candidate who makes Abortion and/or Gay and Lesbian Rights a part of their campaign, will cause the Conservatives (Republicans) to lose in November 2012.

4 – Ron Paul:

Paul says what a lot of people want to hear. But, life in the 21st century is not as black and white as Paul suggests that it is. His base will stick with him to his bitter end, but will never grow. But at the very least, Ron Paul has a story to tell that is worth listening to.

5 – Rick Perry:

Perry was the GREAT anti-Romney challenger who EXPLODED onto the stage only to fizzle like a bottle of flat pop. In my humble opinion, Perry is so damaged that no matter what the pundits and Perry supporters say, he’s as done as a Texas sunset.

6 – Michelle Bachmann:

I’m kind of Michelle Bachmanned-out. I’m weary of hearing about her 2 gazillion foster-kids, her natural kids, her family business, her tax attorney expertise and how it is all about her in the House of Representatives, as in: I did this. I did that. I was the only one – I-I-I ad-nausea.

7 – Mitt Romney:

Like him or hate him. Trust him or not. Romney has stood as firm as Plymouth Rock during everything. He has never hesitated . . . not even once during the debates. And he hasn’t been intimidated or knocked off his game; even when challenged head to head as most of us had seen during his Mano-A-Mano with Rick Perry, not only didn’t he flinch, he became the aggressor.

The very good news about Romney, in spite of his flip-flops, is that he has proven to be an EXTREMELY competent, effective and LAST MAN STANDING debater, who I believe would leave Obama in a debating heap.

8 – Herman Cain:

Even though Herman Cain is leading in most polls, especially the national polls, he is my BIGGEST disappointment. No one wanted to see Herman Cain win more than I did.

At the outset, Cain was the man in all categories. He was smooth, unruffled, non political, and focused on his 9-9-9 Plan. Cain was indeed the whole package. But, when his feet were put to the fire, or not even to the fire, he has been all over the board, often during the same conversation.

A – Cain had no inkling of the Palestinians KEY DEMAND for the RIGHT OF RETURN of Palestinians and their progeny to the land of Israel proper. And that’s kind of serious when nothing is more fundamental to the Palestinian/Israeli debate than that, other than Israel’s demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

B – When asked to defend his 9-9-9 Plan, he couldn’t. I can. Most people who are not economists can. But Cain could not defend his signature plank in his platform. And that’s very troubling.

C – When asked during the CNN debate where Cain stood on abortion, he said that it was a woman’s right to decide. And then he said that the act of abortion was a criminal offence, since life begins at conception.

He said both of these very contradictory things in the same interview.

When the moderator, Tucker Carlson pressed Cain on why he at first said that abortion was the choice of a woman – CAIN DENIED EVER SAYING IT. But, when a video of an interview Cain gave that very morning on a local television station was played showing where Cain had indeed said what he said he didn’t say – Cain sat numb.

D – When Cain was asked what he would have done had he been President, when the Iranians were implicated in planning a HIT on the Saudi and Israeli Ambassadors to the US; Cain said that he would have sent in a few Aegis-Class Destroyers into the Persian Gulf as a warning to the Iranians.

But, when told by the interviewer (Charles Krauthammer of FOX News) that Aegis-Class Destroyers were defensive weapons, Cain looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming train and stuttered his way into the next question.

But, Krauthammer was wrong, as he often is, in spite of his own perceived brilliance.

The Aegis Class Destroyers are the ULTIMATE WAR MACHINES that can take down any enemy it faces on the ground, in the air, or on and under the seas, unless it allows a small skiff loaded with explosives and suicide killers to come along side, as the USS Cole allowed on October 12, 2000 at the Yemeni Port of Aden.

But, instead of standing his ground against Krauthammer, Cain flinched and showed both ignorance and indecision.

E – I have no idea whether Cain made untoward remarks to one, three or more women in his lifetime, or most specifically, while being the CEO of God-Father’s Pizza. But that’s not the story.

The REAL story is how Cain has so far handled this challenge:

a – First he said it never happened and he knew nothing about it.

b – Then he said that there might have been an accusation some 15 years ago, but it was frivolous.

c – Then he said that there was no payout to keep the women’s silence.

d – Then he said that there was a payout but he knew nothing about it.

e – Then he knew about the payout and how much it was.

d – Then, when running for a Georgia Senate Seat several years ago, he asked one of his aids if this accusation could hurt his electoral chances.

Now . . . you tell me – Is this the kind of guy you want in the White House? Or, just as important, do you think this guy, on a one on one with Obama, could beat Obama if he can’t stand up to this simple stuff?

9 – Newt Gingrich:

I am utterly convinced that Gingrich is the BEST-informed candidate of the bunch. He is also the most erudite speaker, speaking in words that make him look as smart as he is, but simple enough for everyone to understand.

He is also 100% on target 100% of the time. And there is no question where he stands on all issues.

What is fascinating to me is that Gingrich always struck me as yesterday’s man. And he was also somewhat too socially Conservative for my comfort zone. But, he doesn’t wear his social conservatism on his sleeve the way Santorum does, which means that he can win-over Centrists and Independents if he gets the nomination.

While it is true that Gingrich screwed around on several wives, which in my mind is a horrible thing to do, I doubt very much if that would be an issue in a general election where the vast majority of people are far more interested in what Gingrich would do for the economy, joblessness and national security, than that he cheated on his wives.

I think Gingrich is in the best position of all the candidates. And this is why:

As Bachmann watched her lead collapse, it went to Perry, the Insiders great HOPE. It certainly didn’t go to Romney.

As Perry’s astronomical lead in the polls crashed and burned, it went to Cain. Also staying away from Romney.

And as everyone’s polling went up and down all over the board, the ONLY sizeable lead that didn’t change at all belonged to Mitt Romney, which tells me that Romney has reached his ceiling at the low 20% range.

So, what do you think will happen to the polls when people begin to become disillusioned with Herman Cain, as he continues to flip-flop and show how much he is NOT ready for prime time?

From all indicators, none of Cain’s support will go to Romney. I doubt if any of it will go back to Bachmann. And as for the remainder of the field – FORGET-ABOUT-IT.

So, who is better positioned than Newt Gingrich to pickup the support that has already fallen from the one-time front-runners, and will probably fall from Herman Cain as people decide to move-on?

As I wrote at the beginning of this editorial . . . my head is spinning from the changing tides as the debates and interviews are separating the wheat from the chaff.

And I’m certain that before all of this over, I’ll be wrong more times than I will be right, and maybe Herman Cain will be the man. Who knows? Certainly not me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So why no thanks to the Tea Party for backing most of the newly elected republicans. After all they voted and kicked in a hell of a lot of campaign funds to these people. Selfish, selfish GOP.

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