Are You Still Pumped Over The Arab Spring?


Were you one of those cheerleaders for Obama’s Arab Spring?

Were you a drumbeater as the crowds (mobs) surged onto Tahrir Square, demanding “Freedom” in Egypt through the overthrow of America’s ONLY reliable Arab friend (Hosni Mubarak) and leader?

If you thought Obama’s Arab/Moslem policies were as good as his White House and State Department sold them to be, then you should REALLY be thrilled now, since it’s all coming together.

Countries from the entire region are cascading towards a Caliphate and rule by Sharia Law. The BIG winners are Iran and Turkey. So how does that make you feel?

Do you recall how just a few days ago how giddy Hillary Clinton was to exclaim before the cameras of the world after the Rebels murdered Gaddafi; “We Came, we saw, he died.”


Clinton’s . . . “We came, we saw, he died” response is something you’d expect from a class “A” jerk . . . but NEVER from the US Secretary of State.

Or how Hillary Clinton ridiculed Herman Cain who is a serious Presidential candidate, to Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai, who is nothing more than a despicable thug who just publicly stated that in a war between the USA and Pakistan, he would fight on the side of Pakistan?

WOW – Who would’ve figured . . . certainly not Obama or the State Department?

So, now that Gaddafi’s dead, and everyone has taken their bow for “liberating” Libya, . . . which one of Obama’s team is going to take the blame for turning an oil rich, yet meaningless THUGOCRACY into another Islamist State governed by the rule of the Koran; in other words – SHARIA?

Obama announced that all American troops would be out of Iraq by the New Year. OK – What’s Obama going to do when Iraqi troops are replaced by Iranian troops? Or at the very least, by Iranian backed Iraqi troops which is GUARANTEED to happen?

What’s Obama going to do when the Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians tear into each other? And when the Turks attempt to wipe-out the Kurds in their own country, along with Iraqi and perhaps Iranian Kurds?

When Syria falls to the mobs, as it inevitably will, what will Obama say when Syria becomes yet another Islamist State? Or has Obama and the State department not bothered to think that far ahead, like a few weeks to a couple of months?

And WHEN that happens, do you think Obama and Clinton realize that Lebanon and Jordan can bend over and kiss their sorry-asses goodbye because they’ll be next?

And make no mistake about it – IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

I wonder how many of the Arab Spring boosters have already forgotten the “glorious” moment when Hosni Mubarak was taken down hard, and EVERYONE was celebrating the beginning of Democracy?

Since that “glorious” day, Christians have been murdered, Churches have been attacked and burnt to the ground, energy pipelines to Israel have been sabotaged, and the Israeli Embassy had come under real attack as Egyptian police, troops, and authorities watched-on as bystanders.

And now that Mubarak is gone, those Secular Egyptians who led this thing are being arrested, beaten, and murdered by the same folk they themselves helped put in the driver’s seat.

And then there’s Turkey, which is on its way to recreating a 21st century Caliphate to replace the last Caliphate that ended slightly less than a century ago (1918) with the fall of the Ottoman Empire?


What do you think is going through the minds of the Persian Gulf Arab States, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, as they see the entire Arab Moslem world from Eurasia (Turkey) to Afghanistan, to Pakistan, and North Africa fall in-line like Sharia dominoes?

After all the dust settles, and the Caliphate becomes a world power unto its own, which it will, the ONLY anchor the Western World will have in this churning Arab/Moslem Sea bent on a path towards world dominion is a little Democracy called Israel, which is why it is ESSENTIAL to the world that Israel survives Obama/Clinton.

Was all of this intentional? Or did the Dufus-In-Chief just blunder into it?



NO . . . Obama’s pulling the trigger. But, it’s the people who voted for and supported Obama’s run for the Presidency who are the ones who provided the ammunition who are responsible.

I think that Obama’s twisted LEFTIST view of the world, his absolute high regard for his own perceived personal genius, and his disdain for America has created a storm that will swamp the planet before this chapter in world history plays itself-out.

So . . . I guess the questions are: Who amongst Obama’s Kiss-Asses still want to celebrate the Arab Spring? And how will Obama explain this disaster in November 2012 along with all of his other disasters?

That’s if we all survive till the end of Obama’s term.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In the next two years, we will learn what a Marxist-socialist-Communist-Muslim sociopathic dictator BHO Barry Sotoero will do. Illegal alien felons & GITMO terrorists go free, while citizens are arrested, jailed, imprisoned, later murdered, as with all Marxist-Communists in all history – add the Muslim element (Shariah law, absolute control over women, decapitations). BHO’s Czars & armed million-man army (IRS/NSA/DHS/police state) are ready for insurrection among citizens. Too little, too late.

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