Shooting The Messenger Doesn’t Change What Is


I received a huge number of emails as a result of the last editorial (The GREAT CNN Debate, October 19, 2011) about the CNN Debate, and my opinion of the fall of Herman Cain.

Of the emails I received, the general mood was sullen, because most of the people who saw the debate also thought that Cain’s performance wasn’t all that good.

That said though – Many of the letter writers thought that Cain needed another chance to get his stuff together. That he was blind-sided by his opponents. And because Cain is not a skilled politician, we should give him more leeway.

MUCH of the emails I received were angry at me for suggesting that Romney did the best during the debate, and that he is the person, who to this point should win the nomination.

One letter-writer reminded me about how many times I changed my mind on who I wanted to see win the nomination. He reminded me that I wanted Palin, then Bachmann, Perry and then Cain. HE WAS RIGHT.

At the beginning of the debates and campaign I liked most of the players INCLUDING Tim Pawlenty. But, I NEVER once supported the idea of a Romney victory. As a matter of fact and record, I too wanted virtually everyone else but Romney.


Real debates are not about staged photo-ops and studied lines read off a teleprompter. They are about getting into each candidates head and history. And seeing how well or poorly someone does in the heat of battle.

When you have debates where everyone plays by the rules of Political Correctness, where past history and associations are not argued. Where accomplishments or the lack thereof are kept mute. Or a person’s personal history and academic record are in a fog, and not made public for all to see, the country ends up with a Barak Hussein Obama.


I would be very discouraged if it was the case with Republicans that they would prefer not to see their candidates in an all-out battle; where some things are kept off the table, and not everyone is held accountable for everything pertinent that they’ve said or done.

And that’s exactly the way the challenge for the Republican leadership is playing itself out. AS IT SHOULD.

When the dust of political combat settles, the last man standing will indeed be so vetted and bloodied by the battle, that there will be no question that the Republicans will have found their champion to put forward against Obama and the LEFT.

I wrote that Romney has so far done the BEST, even though I was extremely hopeful for Cain, and would love to see him resurge. But, I believe that Cain’s performance during the CNN Debate showed that being nice, thoughtful, and having a great (9-9-9) Plan just isn’t enough, when you really can’t handle yourself under the pressure of live-fire.

I have always thought that Newt Gingrich is really smart and capable, and see him as everyone’s best choice as a Vice Presidential Running Mate. But, I simply don’t think he can pull off the Nomination to be the Republican leader.

THAT SAID . . . and here’s the big BUT, if Cain is not going to go all the way, as I believe he is not. And if the Republican base has such a visceral dislike for Romney, it is very possible that the last man standing might very well be Newt Gingrich, since he really has done well in all of the debates.

And if that happens, I would very pleased . . . but, to see whether that happens or not will be up to future debates. It will be up to the people who will move their support from Cain and Bachmann to Gingrich because they really don’t want Romney, which is indeed very possible.


I fully understand why so many people who visit were upset at my last editorial, but it is what it is. If you want to read or listen to my opinions just because they reflect your own, then don’t bother visiting this BLOG, because I will always say what I think, and what I believe.

I always strive to be accurate. But I never suggest that what I write or say is cast in stone. It is just the way I believe things are. And you’re free to accept it or not.

You are also free to write me with your opinions. And as you know, I do my best to respond to the serious letter-writers, even those who offer respectable criticism in just a few sentences.

But, here’s a message for people who are rude and or stupid when they write to me. Not only will I not respond to those emails, I will remove those email addresses from my automatic Editorial Email Advisory, and then move their email addresses from my Inbox to my Junk Box. is a totally FREE website that is available to anyone who wishes to visit. I assure you that the number of people who send me letters is enormous. But, unlike MOST political websites that have large audiences, I am one of the very few who actually takes the time to respond to letters.

My purpose is simple – LET’S WIN BACK OUR COUNTRIES. And in my mind, the best way to do that is through FREE SPEECH and the dissemination of Conservative ideas beyond the mainstream media, specifically through the Internet with which to combat LEFTIST propaganda.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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