Elitist Beltway Ignorance & The Rise Of Cain


I watched this morning’s FOX Sunday News (October 16, 2011) with Chris Wallace and his panelists, and came away from the broadcast wondering if the five of them, Wallace and the other four, actually realize just how disengaged they are from the people?

While it might be true that they are EXPERTS on what happens within the Beltway; when it comes to understanding EVERYDAY non-Beltway people, I figure that they simply do not have a clue.

Let me correct my last assumption:


They were speaking about Herman Cain’s lack of organization, lack of political savvy, and lack of campaign funds. Yet, Cain is in the REAL lead amongst the REAL people.

In one sentence the Beltway Insiders said that the polls to date are meaningless. Yet, in another statement but in the same breath, they said that the debates thus far have been critical.

Which one is it . . . meaningless or critical?

When asked about Rick Perry’s chances for a nominee resurrection, they agreed that he could and would probably come-back from the abyss, even though his fall was spectacular, and based completely upon far more than just a misunderstanding by the people.


Because, according to them, he has about $15 million dollars in his campaign war chest, and that’s what’s needed in order to win.

I’m no genius. But I’m also not stupid. So, I have a problem understanding how the Beltway Insiders come to the conclusion that you need MILLIONS of dollars in order to win the hearts and minds of the voters when the evidence says otherwise.


It seems to me that Perry, who in my humble opinion is as done as burnt toast, and Romney, who can’t rise in the polls no matter what happens to the other candidates need THEIR millions just to try to catch up to Cain, who is running on little more than sound ideas and a very believable persona.

If HUGE money is needed to BUY the media exposure with which to get the message out, Cain doesn’t need that money, since unlike everyone else, the media and the PEOPLE can’t seem to get enough of Cain.

The Beltway gurus also speak of the lack of Cain’s ground troops and organization, as if that is critical. Perhaps they’re right about that being critical for candidates like Perry and Romney who can’t seem to sell themselves and their messages.

But . . . for Cain, his message is as wholesome as motherhood that needs not to be sold, since the REAL people have bought it as if it is their own, which I suspect it really is.


Not more than a couple of generations ago (1992), a BILLIONAIRE by the name of Ross Perot used an historic amount of personal money with which to campaign and buy a Presidential election. It didn’t work.

Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine tried the same thing in the Republican Primaries of 1996 and 2000 with the same results as Ross Perot.

In the 2010 California Governor’s Race, Meg Whitman spent about $180 MILLION against $25 million spent by Jerry Brown and lost to Brown.

Linda McMahon spent over $92 million to win a Senate Seat that she lost.

Carly Fiorina spent More than $22 million to win a Senate Seat and she lost too.

What the above-mentioned candidates had in common besides spending fortunes with which to lose their contests, was that they were all extremely well known. And even with that, it did none of them any good.

So, based upon these historical facts, not fictions or suppositions, but 100% fact, why are these Beltway Pundits so convinced that BIG money and BIG name recognition is going to do any better for Perry and Romney than it did for the preceding?

In fact, I find the empty arguments put forward by the Beltway Experts to be insulting to the people whom they think they understand.

It’s not as if the Beltway elitists are trying to be fair to everyone which they are not, since they’re being unfair to the candidate who thus far is the people’s choice. And in doing so, they are being unfair to the people.

I just heard (also on FOX News) from yet another Republican (RINO) Pundit, that just as the field of candidates has being changing to find the anti-Romney candidate, it will continue to change until that candidate comes forward.


Who does this and other RINOS think will come forward now, since all the candidates other than Cain are broke, some who are in serious debt, and all of whom but Cain seem to have reached the apex of where they can rise in the people’s support?

Can they not see that the contest has already been galvanized between the Insider Romney and the Outsider Cain?

What more do they need for proof, other than their desperate hope that a REAL OUTSIDER will NOT get to lead what has become a failed Party run by ESTABLISHMENT politicians who stand only for themselves?

What will make Cain’s victory a HUGE triumph for the American people is that if he wins, Cain will be the only NOT anointed political leader who will be chosen by the PEOPLE, instead of by INSIDERS of either Party.

And in spite of the enormous forces that are already being exerted against Cain from the media, the LEFT, and the RINOS, Cain can endure, and he can be that leader that comes around every now and then in the likeness of Churchill, Thatcher and Reagan.

My next editorial will be about the DISGRACEFUL Martin Luther King Commemoration and its push to CLASS AND RACE WARFARE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As you have repeatedly stated, America and all it has stood for to Americans and the rest world is on the brink of complete disaster. The Republicans now have the chance to divert the disaster – uphold the Constitution and get American headed back to firm ground. My confidence is at an all time low. As you have said, the House had the majority to defund Obama Care. They hold the purse strings and yet we saw nothing. Will the majority in the Senate be any different? I pray so.

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