The Desperation Of The LEFT & More About RINOS & Cain



This is what the IDIOT LEFT wants the people to believe. And anyone who will believe even a modicum of this trash is indeed an IDIOT.

The TEA PARTIERS have an honest-to-goodness constructive message that is resonating with a huge number of Americans.


1 – Smaller Government.

2 – Lower Taxes.

3 – STOP Spending.

4 – Fewer Regulations.

5 – And MORE Government Accountability.

The preceding isn’t everything the Tea Partiers stand for, but the points are foundational.

Also . . . When the Tea Partiers have rallies and demonstrations, there is no violence unless it comes from the other side. There is no profanity unless it comes from the other side. There are no arrests unless a nut-job or two sneaks in. There are no acts of vandalism and destruction. There is no use of illegal drugs. There is no public urination, defecation and/or sex. And the Tea Partiers peacefully do their thing and move-on.

None of that can be said for the OCCUPY IDIOTS, who with no discernible message are polluting the places where they squat.

So, for the Elitist Liberal crowd of usual suspects including the media, Democrats, Obama and Pelosi to give the “OCCUPIERS” their support, one has to sit in wonderment about where they would like to see America go.

Has the Democratic Congress and White House lost so much of their integrity and responsible support, that it has come down to them siding with trash?

It certainly seems so – Just as it seems that the only way the Democrats and their LEFTIST partners can square this circle of embarrassment is to draw a comparison between the Patriotic and Productive Tea Partiers and these sub-standard something-for-nothing cretins.


I heard Political Science Professor Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia say several times not that long ago, (to paraphrase) that Cain is no one to be taken seriously.

And now that Cain is BEATING Romney 27% – 23% in the latest Wall Street/NBC poll (October 13, 2011), or is in a dead heat with Romney according to other polls, instead of saying that perhaps I was wrong, which Sabato can’t seem to do because of his elitist academic background, he says that Cain is only one of FIVE who have captured the polling leadership since the campaign began.

Sabato was right in that analysis, but he was WRONG and DISINGENUOUS in comparison to what was and what is:

While it is absolutely true that Bachmann was in the lead way back when, as was Trump, as was Romney several times, and most recently was Perry before he even came into the race; it’s all just history.

Now that everyone has had the opportunity to strut their stuff during the debates, and be vetted on policy and experiences . . . how people are positioned is far different now than it was at the beginning, when everyone thought they had a shot.

I can’t believe that Sabato really believes that Bachmann and Perry could possibly resurge. Trump is out of the game. And Christie and Palin are no longer distractions.


Essentially, this battle for the hearts and minds of the Republican Party has come down to two players . . . CAIN & ROMNEY; so, what’s with Sabato and the rest of these insiders who think theirs’ doesn’t smell?

Are they so full of themselves that they cannot admit to NOT being all-knowing? Or are they simply against the OUTSIDER who is playing his own game far better than any of them want to admit?

Either way – Cain is the REAL DEAL – His lead over Romney is REAL. He has plenty of room to expand his lead as more of Perry’s, Bachmann’s and Santorum’s supporters peel-off, since they’ve already shown in BIG numbers that they are not going to Romney.

And then there is this little thing of endorsements:

Sure, Romney got Christie to endorse him, who was too intimidated by his own record to run, and probably gave the endorsement in trade for a shot at the Vice Presidency, but Cain got TWO BOMBSHELL endorsements from REAL federal players who have NOTHING to gain from a Cain victory.

I’m writing about Haley Barbour, the 2 term Governor of Mississippi, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and past Chairman of the Republican Governors’ Association.

I’m also writing about Paul Ryan, Chairman of the Congressional House Budget Committee, who is one of the Conservative Republicans GREAT rising stars who the Party BEGGED to run for the nomination.

So, what can one say when two of the Republican Party’s BIGGEST GUNS, past and present, come out in support of Herman Cain, while the elitists, media, RINOS, and Republican Insiders are pretending that Cain isn’t even in the game?

What the LET’S SUPPORT Romney Crowd isn’t understanding, is that the more they ignore Cain, the more support Cain continues to win from the grass-roots.


1 – 9-9-9 and Cain’s general economic policies:

The BIG question put forward by the Cain antagonists, is who amongst Cain’s economic advisors helped him formulate 9-9-9?

I don’t understand the importance of who helped him design 9-9-9, or who advises him on economic policies, since the WHO is absolutely irrelevant in comparison to the veracity of the policies.

If the policies are not good – What difference does it make who helped Cain come up with them? And if the policies are great – Again, what difference does it make who helped Cain come up with them?

The only thing about Cain’s stated economic policies, in the case of 9-9-9 is whether it is good or not? And since 9-9-9 is so clear, everyone and his uncle will have a chance to look it over inside and out. ESPECIALLY THE PEOPLE.

However; all of that said, Arthur Laffer, one of our time’s GREAT economic thinkers and a super-major contributor to President Reagan’s economic miracle, just happens to be one of those moving forces associated with Cain’s 9-9-9. So, is that good enough for the gotcha Cain critics?

2 – Foreign Affairs Experience:

All of a sudden, the lack of Foreign Affairs experience is becoming a monumental negative for Herman Cain, at least that’s what his detractors want everyone to believe.

But, if not having hands-on experience in Foreign Affairs is a reason to keep Cain out of the race for the White House in 2012, what then qualifies Mitt Romney?

Cain says it best, when he repeatedly says that the President’s job is to surround himself with the BEST advisors who are REAL EXPERTS in their fields, whose job is to present choices to the President, who then should have the wisdom and skills to make the best decisions possible given the options.

If Cain wins the Presidency, I can easily see him referring to great minds like John Bolton and Newt Gingrich, who individually have forgotten more about Foreign Affairs than Mitt Romney could ever learn.

And who knows . . . Once Cain wins the White House; maybe he could find a seat at his Cabinet Table for a man with Romney’s talents.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I feel that the first step by the Republicans should be to elect Trey Gowdy as Speaker of the House. He has an outstanding mind, thinks correctly, and is very forceful. When he talks I cheer.

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