Appeasement To Thugs Begs MORE THUGGERY


Gilad Shalit, the Israeli Soldier who was kidnapped in Israel by Palestinian Hamas TERRORISTS 5 years ago, SEEMS to be on his way to going home after a deal was struck between the Palestinian TERRORISTS and the Israeli government.

I used the word SEEMS in reference to Shalit’s release, only because, with Middle East Arabs, one has to be doubtful all the time.

But, if it does happen as I assume it will, it will be a GLORIOUS DAY for the Shalit family, and conversely, a DAY OF SADNESS for Israel.

The reason why there will be massive celebrations amongst the Shalits is obvious. Their son will be coming home after enduring 5 years of unimaginable horror and despair at the hands of Palestinian Arab MURDERERS & THUGS.


Why it will be a day of sadness for Israel is also obvious, since Israel is SURRENDERING more than ONE THOUSAND (1,027) Palestinian TERRORIST prisoners in exchange for the freedom of Gilad Shalit.

Also . . . we don’t know what else Israel SURRENDERED to the TERRORISTS for this deal to happen.


That the Israelis have agreed to trade 1,027 Palestinian Arabs for just ONE Israeli soldier, more than demonstrates the ratio of human value between those who murder and those who build.

But, even though the ratio seems right . . . the result will be wrong.

The VERY BIG problem for Israel with this trade; is that Hamas has already said they will continue to kidnap Israeli soldiers for the purpose of freeing other TERRORIST THUGS in Israeli detention.

But, who says that Hamas and other Arab Thugs will stop at hard targets like soldiers, when they could kidnap any Israeli they want to, whether in Israel or abroad.


Madame – Would you sleep with me for one million dollars? Yes.

Madame – Would you sleep with me for one dollar? – What kind of person do you think I am?

“We have established what you are Madame. We are now merely haggling over the price.”

I fear that Israel has become this Madame by selling itself out to the TERRORISTS, and in doing so . . . Israel has established that the POLITICAL principle is subject only to the price.

If Israel behaved like a real nation should that is under constant attack, Shalit might have not been taken, because the Arabs would have thought long and hard of the cost before taking him.

When Israel used home destruction as a punishment for TERRORIST deeds against the families of the TERRORISTS. The TERRORIST deeds stopped.

When Israel used targeted assassinations against TERRORIST leaders for what they instructed others to do, the Palestinians got the message loud and clear, that to screw with Israel, meant repercussions of the most PERSONAL kind.

But, since Israel has decided through weak appeasement-minded politicians, and the significant Israeli LEFT, that conciliation is the path to peace, Israel has never before been as vulnerable as Israel is today.

I am happy for Gilad Shalit and his family and friends. But I am saddened for Israel, because this precedent that saved one life, is going to cost far more lives than one.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Great editorial, as usual and right on. Guess we have to wait a few months to see what will happen. I am hoping they will stop this mad man!

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