9-9-9 . . . YES – YES – YES


Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the editorial, THANK YOU to everyone who wrote letters of condolences on the loss of our cat Diana.

Anne and I were very touched and grateful.


The debate I watched last night on the Internet (Bloomberg.com) was a disgrace to Bloomberg and the Washington Post. Especially the way two of the candidates were discussed before the debaters took to the stage.

Two of the “hosts” whose names I do not know, nor do I care to know, were talking about how the two frontrunners Romney and Perry will be able to deal with the economic challenges.

EXCUSE ME – Did no one give these geniuses the memos showing that Herman Cain has left Perry in the dust, and is either tied with, or leading Romney in most of the REAL polls?


This was far more of an interview with Mitt Romney, than it was a debate, since the panelists spent most of their time asking Romney questions, especially in the first hour of the two-hour debate, than I think they did with everyone else combined.

As I saw it, the others seemed to be there as background for Romney, since the first hour was all about him. And if Perry really had to shine during this debate just to win back some of what he lost in the last two debates, that couldn’t happen because for the first hour, he, like the others were ignored by the panelists.


I can’t imagine, that anyone who tuned into this debate did so to hear and watch the “remarkable” wisdom of the panelists. But, whether they wanted to or not, that’s what they got. They got to hear and see self-important and poorly informed elitists ramble on before they asked their questions.

And when they finally asked their questions, many of them were nuanced to make some of the candidates look bad, especially Cain. But, to Cain’s great credit, and to the credit of some of the others, Cain and they gave back better than what they got.


Perry didn’t do well, because for the first hour he was ignored, and for the second hour he was very ordinary. As I see it, Perry might as well save himself a great deal of time, effort, and money and go back to being the full-time Governor of Texas.

Romney did very well – He was smooth, polished, well informed, and in command of all the questions. But, he had more than just a little help from the less than impartial panel of questioners.

Bachmann did OK. But just OK, which is not nearly enough for her to get back into the race. She should also leave the field and go back to the House.

Huntsman did what Huntsman usually does in the debates – NOT MUCH, other than to reinforce the opinion people have of him, that he is not the right person for the “job”.

Santorum did very well, but, no matter how well Santorum did or continues to do, he just doesn’t have it.

Ron Paul is Ron Paul – And in the final analysis, people will get beyond Paul’s LET’S GUT EVERYTHING, and look at REAL candidates, and what they can legitimately bring to the table.

Newt Gingrich was fabulous as usual. Without question, he really knows his stuff and is the most confrontational Republican on the debating floor, who never belittles his fellow candidates, while taking apart the White House, Congress, and the debate panelists who ask for it . . . all the while doing it with the skill of a surgeon.

Gingrich would make an incredible Vice President.

Herman Cain:

I saved Cain for last, because he is the BEST.

Even though everyone came gunning for Cain, including the panelists, they never laid a glove on him. As a matter of fact, the more they pushed him, the better he looked and sounded.

Even Romney took his best shot at Cain for his 9-9-9 Plan with no advantage, since Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is unassailable.

Like Cain repeatedly says: 9-9-9 is simple: It is fair, it is effective, and it is something EVERYONE CAN UNDERSTAND, unlike Romney’s 160 page 56 point plan.


If you read my Blog regularly, you would know that I am not a Chris Christie fan, even though he is proving to be a terrific State fiscal manager.

But, for the other stuff; like where Christie stands on Illegal Immigration, the Second Amendment, Man Made Global Warming, and Appointing a Sharia Lawyer to the State Supreme Court; Christie is a disaster.

No one will ever convince me that Christie passed-up the opportunity to run for the leadership of the Republican Party because of his “loyalty” to New Jersey.

Christie didn’t run, because Christie could NOT withstand the heat he would have been subjected to under the bright lights of a real campaign.

But, by endorsing Romney, Christie has opened a whole new set of doors of opportunity for himself that could very well lead to the Office of the Vice President.


There is no question in my mind that Christie’s endorsement of Romney will solidify Romney’s EXISTING supporters. So what? The big question is . . . will Christie’s endorsement of Romney win Conservative’s and open-minded Independents over to Romney’s side?

To that I say no. Otherwise, it would have already happened when Perry fell during the debates. Instead of Perry’s support going to Romney, it went to Cain.

As I see it, when Bachmann and Santorum fall by the wayside, their support will most probably go to Cain. There’s no reason not to assume that the majority of Perry’s dwindling support will continue to go to Cain. Huntsman has no support, so it doesn’t matter where nothing goes. And Gingrich will probably ride this thing right to the end, as will Ron Paul.

The bad news for Romney, is that there really isn’t as much room for him to grow as there is for Cain, unless Cain really screws-up, which I don’t see happening even though the Republican Insider Long-Knives are out to get him.

As a matter of fact, piling on top of Cain with Christie-Like Endorsements might very well work in Cain’s favor, who is now being seen as the best man for the job by the grass roots, which is driving the Republican Establishment crazy.


If you click on the Microphone Audio Icon at the Top of this Page, you will hear my 20-Minute Editorial on why 9-9-9 is BRILLIANT from a Canadian Perspective in words that Cain has for some reason not fully explained. But he should.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m obsessed with Impeachment! It is desired,but not practical. It will consume all Republican energy, leaving no room or passion left to do the real work. Even if successful, come Nov 2016, with Biden as president, we will be known as another “do nothing party”. Howard I admire your dedication to the good cause but we want the American people to continue their realization of being duped rather than feeling sympathy for a fallen false God. Keep up the good work!
    Alan Ageloff, Jupiter, FL

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