The Worth Of A Loved Creature

Human beings held in less regard than a little cat.

Sometime during the early morning hours (October 11, 2011), one of our two cats, Diana, peacefully passed away. She was 19 years and 4 months old, which is very old for a cat.

She died on her favorite sofa.

Last week, Anne and I knew that Diana’s time had come, and had called the vet to have her humanely “put-down” with love and dignity at our home, so she would die where she lived.

But, at the last minute, Anne had changed her mind, and said that since she wasn’t suffering, we should give her as many more days as were possible before we made the irrevocable decision.

During those few days of grace, Diana had the opportunity to lie down on the balcony in the warmth of the sun, beside our German Shepherd Stryker with whom she had a special relationship, while Anne and I sat on our favorite bench sipping coffee watching Diana enjoy the moment.

We knew last night when we went to sleep, that it was more likely than not, that when we woke in the morning, Diana would be gone.

So, when we found her lifeless body lying peacefully on her sofa this morning, we gave her a final pat before Anne wrapped her in the blanket upon which she slept.

Anne carried her as we walked the thousand feet to our pine forest, where the two of us laid her to rest beside other members of our animal family.

We then walked back to our house, lit a 24-hour candle in her honor, and thought about the 19 years of memories Diana had given us.

It’s quite remarkable how much dignity a little cat can have, and how much pleasure and remarkable memories she was able to give us and to others with whom she came into contact.


Not only have the DREGS of society taken to the streets without dignity, the memories thinking people will have of them will be far less than pleasant.

And unlike little Diana who made no demands on Anne and myself in exchange for the smiles and memories she gave us, other than to have shelter and food, and even at that, providing her with care was our decision not hers, the demonstrating CRETINS want it all FOR FREE.

Anne and I shed tears for Diana, because she will be sorely missed.

And as I think of her, and her value to us in comparison to the value of the horrible ME-FIRSTERS on the streets, and all the other LEFTIST SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch, NONE of them come remotely close to measuring up to Diana.

Imagine that . . . Human beings held in less regard than a little cat.

I never need much impetus to think the way I think, or write the things I write, or say the things that I say. But, every now and then, something happens like the loss of a treasured pet like Diana that puts everything into a clearer perspective.

Diana gave a great deal to Anne and myself with no expectations, while the LEFT demand everything for themselves with full expectations.

In essence, while Diana will always be remembered as a dear contributing member of our little family, the LEFTISTS, in my opinion, will always be remembered for not being worth the kitty litter Diana left behind.

I’m certain that Diana’s SOUL is resting in peace. And on behalf of Anne and myself, we could never thank her enough for the 19 wonderful years of joy and happy memories she gave to us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What happens when it is apparent to all that they intend to do nothing in stopping Obama? What do people do then?
    Where do we go from there? I am expecting the worst based on the past. All bluff, all talk and then do nothing that will upset anyone.
    What happens then??????????????

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