Why Isn’t Big Business Behind Cain?

If Cain Is Elected Here Comes 9-9-9

I received a great number of emails concerning the last editorial (WHY CHRIS CHRISTIE – AND WHY NOT CAIN? October 4, 2011), all of which had nothing but positive comments.

But, I felt the editorial was somewhat incomplete, since I offered no understanding or explanation why I believe there is this amazing lack of support for Herman Cain from BIG BUSINESS.

Since Christie bowed out, the co-founder of Home Depot, Ken Langone, announced that he would be putting his substantial support behind Romney.

WHY? – Why would the man behind Home Depot support Romney instead of Cain, who in all reality is far more akin to Business Main Street than to Wall Street as is Romney?

Here’s the answer as I see it, which also includes a HUGE reason why Cain is looking better and better with every passing day.

America is in the mess America is in today, because of a host of reasons, all of which have finally come together to create the perfect financial/political/social storm.

I will not go through the litany thereof, other than to list the prime culprits:

1 – Bought and Paid for Politicians.

2 – Corrupt Bankers and Investment Shysters.

3 – Big Labor.

4 – Big Business.

We all know that the vast majority of politicians are just NO GOOD for a host of reasons. One of which, which I believe to be the most important, is that literally every politician is bought and paid for by special interests from Big Labor to Big Business.


What Big Labor gets out of these scurrilous arrangements are benefits to the HIGHER-UP THUGS that allow them to subjugate the FREE WILL of working people who do not necessarily want to be associated with ORGANIZED labor.

BIG GOVERNMENT also gives BIG LABOR weight, with which to lean upon independent private industry, while controlling the unsustainable costs, perks and pensions of “organized” Public Sector Workers.


What Big Business gets out of ESTABLISHMENT Politicians is a tax code that allows the BIGGEST of the BIG Corporations such as General Electric to make BILLIONS of dollars in profits, yet pay nothing whatsoever in corporate taxes.

How’s that fair?

This arrangement also allows the wealthy players of Wall Street to play fast and loose with their earnings, manipulating how they’re paid, so their taxes are significantly less than they would be if they were paid a salary or a commission like the rest of the working folk.

The other HUGE benefits enjoyed by BIG Business are tax loopholes for companies and senior management that just aren’t available to businesses and individuals in the real world.

These are all issues that everyone in Congress and the White House give lip-service to, but no one in the ESTABLISHMENT really wants to change, since this is the MOTHER’S MILK that feeds the entire political culture.


If Cain is elected and indeed does implement 9-9-9, the BIG BUSINESS/BIG LABOR Free Ride begins to go away.

Under Herman Cain’s tax strategy, EVERYONE pays his or her FAIR SHARE.

Corporations pay 9% on what they earn without loopholes. Wage Earners pay 9% on what they earn without any deductions and fancy maneuvers.

And purchasers pay a 9% national tax on whatever they purchase.

So, if you were the Boss of Home depot, or the CEO of General Electric, or the Chairman of the Board of a Big Bank, or the head of an Investment Firm, Or the GOON atop the Big Labor food-chain, how excited would you be about Herman Cain’s 9-9-9?

The VAST majority of Businesses are NOT BIG BUSINESSES:

As a matter of fact, in the “real” business world, there are very few REAL BIG BUSINESSES, even amongst the businesses you might think are big because they employ a significance amount of people and have more than one or several locations.

BIG BUSINESSES are in a unique class, which are virtually governments in their own right, that exert more than just a little bit of influence (control) over society through their influence (control) over government.

And under Herman Cain’s 9-9-9, their influence (control) is challenged and open to real damage.

So, what I assume we will all see as the contest for the leadership of the Republican Party proceeds, will be a FULL-COURT-PRESS by BIG BUSINESS through ESTABLISHMENT Republicans to get Romney elected as the Republican Nominee.

What will in fact be the real battle for the leadership of the Republican Party; will be BIG BUSINESS & INSIDER POLITICIANS VERSUS THE PEOPLE . . . meaning – Big Business/Insider Politicians through Romney, versus the People through Cain.

This battle that is waging amongst the republicans, comes down to the very basics – It is the will of the Insiders versus the RIGHTS of the People, all of which dwarfs the coming battle for the White House in 2012, because this is as fundamental as it gets.

I don’t think America will ever get a better opportunity than now with Herman Cain, to make right, all that Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government have made so wrong.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No doubt, the Republicans are generally the lesser of 2 evils. I have no confidence that they will step up any effort to push this country into a more conservative direction. But what is our choice, not vote?

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