What’s With The Republican Insiders?


Here’s what I would like the Republican Insiders to do – SHUT THE HELL UP!

What’s with these “guys”?

Why are they combing the USA looking for candidates to run for the Republican nomination when there are already several VERY GOOD candidates?

Just because the ELITIST media, INCLUDING FOX News keep saying the Republican candidacy field is weak doesn’t make it true. It’s horse-crap.

The field is NOT weak.

The field of candidates started off with a huge number of hopefuls, now whittled-down to three, with a possibility of four, including Newt Gingrich.

These political warriors who have been in it and at it from the first blows, with the exception of Rick Perry, have now faced each other several times in knockdown debates, where they had to show their true mettle.

They all exhibited, that not only were they prepared and able to hit the opposition hard and fast, but that they were able to absorb blows as well. And by the time this process is all over, America will know the winner intimately.

And isn’t that what the nomination process should be all about?

So, what’s with these ELITIST Insider Republicans who keep on shoving their favorite “WHITE-KNIGHTS” forward, like Rick Perry, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie?

To Paul Ryan’s GREAT credit, he made it very clear that he won’t play that game, and that he will NOT run under any circumstances.

To the discredit of Chris Christie, like a cheap stripper, he keeps the people guessing.

Rick Perry has turned out to be a disaster. And if Chris Christie gets into the race, he won’t do all that much better.

1 – Christie appointed a SHARIA jurist to sit as a Judge on the State Supreme Court. And when he was questioned about this choice, he figuratively told the questioner to screw-off.

2 – Christie believes in man-made Global Warming.

3 – Christie is VERY soft on Illegal Immigration and supports the Dream Act.

While it is true that Chris Christie is doing a very good job on rolling back costs, spending, and the size of government, he is extremely lacking in important Conservative Constitutional values.

And frankly, I am not impressed with how he is constantly telling the people who pay his salary to shut-up and mind their own business whenever he or his policies are confronted.


It seems to me that the people are well on their way to choosing a Conservative champion, and his name is Herman Cain.

The ongoing joke is that like Rodney Dangerfield, Herman Cain simply can’t get any respect. But, that might have been true a week or so ago, BUT IT ISN’T TRUE NOW.

Cain has catapulted himself towards the top by engaging the imagination of the people who are desperately searching for a champion.

Herman Cain sticks to the important issues that are terrifying the general population . . . like the economy, jobs, a disastrous tax-code, deregulation, home losses, underwater mortgages, and homeland security.

Also, Cain supports Israel without preconditions. And he isn’t afraid to confront America’s enemies and challengers.


Social issues are important to many people, but not necessarily to the majority of people who will decide upon the next President and the future make-up of Congress.

For every pro-lifer, there’s someone who is pro choice. And for everyone who is anti-Gay and Lesbian Marriage Rights, there is someone who is either pro, or doesn’t give a damn one way or the other.

MORE THAN ANYTHING – Cain does not preach Religion. He also stays away from Right to Life versus Right to Choose, and Gay and Lesbian Rights, since he knows that the REAL PRESSING problems with America have absolutely nothing to do with personal social issues.

Cain knows, that if things don’t change REAL fast in America, social issues that candidates like Bachmann have put front and center on her platform, won’t matter very much if America crashes and burns because of the overall economy, regulations, and the size and cost of government.

It boggles my mind how the Insider Elitist Media and Insider Backroom Republicans think they know BETTER than the people who are paying attention to the debates, that they feel compelled to pick their OWN winners while doing what they can to diminish the people’s winners.


The people will choose their own champion, or this whole nomination process will not be worth the effort of hitting a letter on the computer keyboard to write about the process.

Also – If it becomes an Insider’s choice, like it was with McCain in 2008, there will be a chance that Obama might survive.

And if it really comes down to an Insider’s choice, it will prove that the process is so corrupt, that Democracy in America is little more than a fiction.


I would have LOVED to have seen Palin get into the debates from day-one. But she didn’t. And as far as I’m concerned today, she missed the boat, and has NOT earned the right to get in now, after everyone else who started from the beginning did so in the full knowledge that it was going to be a blood-sport.

People are not fond of Johnny or Jennie “come-latelys”.

As I see it, the Republicans are about to choose their nominee. They have definitely said NO to Rick Perry who was the Insiders’ choice. They have never really bought what Romney was selling. They dismissed Bachmann the vitriolic social conservative. Gingrich hasn’t caught-on. And apparently, Santorum was never a serious consideration.


Cain has lit a fire, and has engaged the Base, the Center, and the Independents. It would be an enormous tragedy if Conservative Pundit Insiders like Bill O’Reilly, Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer diminishes him enough to harm his chances, or, if Backroom Republican Insiders fix the contest to keep Cain from winning.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Totally agree! If it doesn’t happen, I’d say it’s fear of losing (& all that entails) versus standing for what is right. With there being no moral absolutes anymore, there are fewer & fewer who have FIRM convictions about anything. Everything is relative therefore changeable. Motives of decision makers no longer what’s right, but what is best as long as it doesn’t cost me. I thing this is where we are as a people. But in politics it is more power & increased wealth that motivates.

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