Send The Bastards Back . . . AND Good News In Cain



I listened to the prepared statements of the two CREEPS, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer during their press conference (September 25, 2011) about being freed by Ahmadinejad.

During the press conference, these two ingrates followed the previously released Sarah Shourd’s comments about prisoner equivalence between Iran and the United States of America.

For their freedom from the Iranian horror . . . amongst the people they thanked, were ULTRA LEFTIST AMERICA-HATERS in the names of; Noam Chomsky, Sean Penn, the ultimate nut-job Cindy Sheehan and a few others.

Given the power to wave a magic wand, I’d wave the wand to have these three pieces of work sent back to Iran, since they don’t deserve to be living in the greatest and freest country that has ever been.

I could not possibly describe how I really feel about them without getting as deep into the gutter as one would have to, to be fully expressive.


When very few people had ever heard of Herman Cain, I wrote about him as someone to really watch. But, as he went from interview to interview in the early going, he was showing signs not of inconsistencies, but a lack of political savvy. And I became somewhat disillusioned.

But things change. And since the earlier days, and especially during the past debates, Herman Cain has shown that not only can he run with the big dogs, he can lead the pack.

Cain has several qualities about him that are very special:

1 – He is NOT a politician.

2 – He has honest to goodness hands-on SUCCESSFUL executive experience in the competitive REAL world.

3 – He is a clear thinker and clear speaker. He seems to say what he means, and he seems to mean what he says.

4 – His message isn’t filtered through handlers. And if it is, it is certainly not evident in any way that I can see.

5 – He doesn’t speak from printed speeches. And it’s hard to see if he even speaks from notes. But what is evident is that he speaks from his heart and soul.

6 – Unlike everyone else who is already in government, or who are campaigning for the nomination, CAIN HAS A PLAN. And that plan is 9-9-9, which is easy to understand, and is simply too simple for the government and all the other wannabes to get their heads around.

7 – And Cain has a POSITIVE message. He knows that with inspiring leadership and plenty of deregulation, America can come out of these doldrums, and once again become the yardstick the rest of the world has always measured itself by.


Whether we watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC . . . or read the LEFTIST newspapers and Blogs, every time there is a real honest-to-goodness critique of an Obama SCREW-UP – To the LEFT, it’s never about Obama actually being a SCREW-UP, but that the critics of Obama (Tea Party) are RACISTS.

So, how do these LEFTIST Jack-Asses square this circle?

If the Tea Partiers and Constitutional/Fiscal Conservatives can vote for Herman Cain – A BLACK MAN . . . in the all-important Florida Straw Poll, where the voters are as informed as they come, and pay to have the right to vote for a candidate . . . WHERE’S THE RACISM?

Cain didn’t JUST win the Florida Straw Poll; he CREAMED all of the opposition with votes cast by a huge number of delegates who are WHITE.

So, what’s the Liberal LEFT going to say about that?

Do you think they have the gonads to call Herman Cain an “Uncle Tom” because he simply doesn’t fit into their caricature of what a Black Man should be?


Before the Straw Poll results were known, the Governor of Florida (Rick Scott) said in a speech that the winner of the Florida Straw Poll would go on to win the Republican Nomination and the Presidency.

But after the Cain victory, he sort of forgot that he said it.

Before the vote, literally every FOX News commentator all but conceded that the winner of the Florida Straw Poll would be Rick Perry, with Romney showing well, even though Romney invested squat in Florida.

But, now that Herman Cain won the Poll with 37% of the vote, which was MORE than Perry and Romney won COMBINED, all of a sudden, the FOX News talking-heads are saying that Cain’s VICTORY was meaningless for Cain.

According to Bill Crystal of FOX News and the Weekly Standard, the vote that went to Cain was nothing more than a protest-vote against the full field of Republican candidates.

What an insulting thing to say about Cain and the people who voted or him.

The pundits’ problem with Cain is that Herman Cain doesn’t fit into their old-boy political mold. Herman Cain, to his GREAT credit is the ULTIMATE outsider, and that bothers these political pundit INSIDERS as much as it bothers the career politicians who are so busy trying to convince everyone that they are the political outsiders.


Herman Cain didn’t win this HUGE Florida victory because 37% of the delegates invested their time, energy and money to protest against the Republican field of Candidates.


And the sooner the pundits and the RINOS figure that out, the faster the progress will be to UNITE THE RIGHT, win the support of Independents, bring over the Centrists, and inspire a whole bunch of remorseful one-time Obama voters.

Herman Cain might not ultimately win the nomination. Chances are better than not that he will not, but the RINOS and so-called Conservative pundits would do well NOT to write him off as if he is nothing more than an aberration and a protest candidate.

America isn’t in the trouble that America is in because yesterday’s politicians and pundits did such a great job doing what the people trusted them to do.

So, perhaps it’s time for these self-centered media types to take a good look in a mirror and see what the rest of the people see.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well put as usual Howard! By whatever means the election was won, if we don’t show positive results in the very near future the whole thing will be rendered moot. The real prize will be in 2016. Ridding the country of this communist administration is key to restoration of American values, but if we don’t convince the electorate of this we will be back to square one with Hillary in the oval office! (God forbid!) If we want our dreams to come true, we must WAKE UP!

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