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Before you continue to read-on, please be advised that what you will read will drive some people over the top. I know that I will be getting angry, obscene and threatening e-mails,

So what? That’s what the delete key is for.


About 15 years ago, when giving a speech on Freedom of Expression in a Montreal Synagogue to a standing-room audience, several people who took to the microphone to ask me questions, and/or to make a statement were Holocaust survivors.

They had a specific interest in the topic because Freedom of Speech was amongst the first and most fundamental of all the rights they lost in a totalitarian society, a society that eventually went-on to take everything else away from them including their possessions, dignity, friends, family and lives.

Most of the Survivors who took to the microphone wanted more to vent, and to be heard, rather than they wanted to pose a question to me, since what could they possibly ask of me who had no experience whatsoever with the Holocaust . . . that they hadn’t already lived through in the most vivid colors of horror?

So, while they spoke, my mind sort of drifted off thinking about two uniquely different Holocaust perpetrators.

1 – One was the Nazi who took great pleasure in beating, torturing, raping and murdering Jews.

2 – The other was a Kapo, who was a Jew given special privileges by the Nazis for turning in and “policing” his or her fellow Jews.

In my mind, as the Survivors spoke, I pictured a stereotypical Nazi and a Kapo, both standing before me. In my hand was a revolver with just one bullet in it.

My dilemma was thus . . .

With this one bullet, which life of the despicable two would I end?

Surprisingly, the answer came quickly and clearly – The Nazi would live to see another day, continuing to live his wretched life, while the Kapo would never again feel the warmth of the sun.

I am not suggesting that anyone should take a weapon and end the existence of another human being, but figuratively, that is exactly what our enemies from within are poised to do to us.


Just like the Nazis had their willing Jewish surrogates, who ordered and pushed their fellow Jews into the Gas Chambers, and then ordered other fellow Jews to pull the gold from the teeth of the murdered, cut their hair, sort and collect their clothing, and dispose of their bodies in the ovens or in mass graves, there are people amongst us here and now who in their own naïve way would also cross a line that should never be crossed.

When I see fellow Jews, especially prominent and highly educated Jews criticizing Israel, as if Israel is somehow a villain and a pariah state, ALL I SEE ARE KAPOS.

But, Kapos in this day and age come in all religions and non-religions. Kapos are amongst the poor and the rich, as well as the educated and the ignorant. And like their predecessors, they, for whatever reason, will also do-in whomever . . . on behalf of others.

I heard Obama’s UN speech (September 21, 2011), as he lauded Israel as a great little nation, whose security is amongst America’s greatest concerns, whose “friendship with America runs deep”.


Obama is an Israel-Hater. And if you don’t believe me, then believe what Obama has said and done over the past 2 and half years of his Presidency, instead of the “measured” words that just poured from his mouth at the General Assembly.


After MORE than two years of PUBLICLY flailing Israel, criticizing Israel, humiliating Israel’s elected Prime Minister, setting Israel’s agenda for them, and heaping praises upon the Arab/Moslem world, but specifically upon the so-called Palestinians, while ignoring the Arab/Moslem Hatred for the Jewish State – The Jewish Pigeons who had voted for, and had supported Obama, are now coming home to roost.

But . . . unfortunately for Obama and his Democrats, many of his compliant Jews are coming home to roost at someone else’s home.


In spite of the politically correct MYTH about the genius that Obama is, I am utterly convinced that Obama IS NOT SMART. In fact, Obama is a STUPID guy with an extraordinarily unhealthy OVER-SIZED EGO who thinks he holds the answers to everything.


Obama is indeed a Limousine Socialist, who has a vitriolic HATE-ON for the little people . . . most of whom make up his base, and for people who are self-made outside of his elitist world.

And that Obama is such a NARCISSIST, that he sees himself as being infallible, holding ZERO regard for what anyone else thinks or feels, only serves to make what is so bad about Obama, so very much worse.

It has been written and said many times by many different writers and speakers, that Obama isn’t the most frightening aspect of American society.

To these observers, including me . . . what is the most frightening aspect of American society is that there were a majority of people who voted for him, and a great number of people who would vote for him again.


Many Holocaust Kapos turned on fellow-Jews, because in their minds, it was the only way they could survive. But, many others turned-on fellow Jews, not for survival as much as it gave them real power over people they could under all normal circumstances never be able to measure up to.

Obama’s Kapos do what they do, and say what they say, NOT because it is necessarily a way for them to better their lives, but because it gives them a feeling of undeserved power over people they too could never measure up to no matter how wealthy or well connected they might actually be.

What I saw and heard of Obama’s speech at the United Nations was nothing more and nothing less than a closeted Israel-Hater doing a dog and pony show to keep his Kapos onside.

But this isn’t 1938 to 1945.

This is the year 2011, where enough people pay attention to what was . . . and compare it to what is.

And where in the past there was only the news the government wanted you to know, this is the age of the Internet, where people like me can communicate with people like you. And people like you can spread the word.

Here’s how I see it – Obama’s ass is grass – And 2012 is the lawnmower.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The members of the Congress have to get over his skin color, it’s enough that they overlooked his lack of experience and credentials and continuing fumbling and stumbling plus the divisioning of citizens based on pure racism. The Congress is peopled by grown ups, time for them to act as adults, he’s not sacrosanct and doesn’t care about their feelings, treat him the samd, not like he’s a po’ little lost black child.

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