The Buffet/Obama Joke On America

I know no shortage of STUPID rich people.

By invoking not just the name of Warren Buffet . . . but by naming a fiscal policy after him is not just a joke; it is an insult upon all Americans.

When Buffet comes out with utter nonsense about how his secretary pays MORE in taxes than he does, how stupid does he think the American people are?

What Buffet and Obama want the people to believe is that the rich pay half or less than half of what “working” folk pay. But, what they don’t say is that Buffet’s secretary can find herself in the exact same tax bracket (capital gains) as Buffet, if her income came from investments rather than from a salary.

In 100% TRUTH, everyone in America could and would be in Buffet’s tax bracket, if like him, their income came from investment dividends too.

But in reality . . . the tripe that Buffet and Obama are trying to serve as truth is nothing short of a HUGE Propaganda lie.

People like Buffet made their money off the system he wants to change. And now that Buffet’s stinking rich, he doesn’t want anyone else to have the same advantages he had.

Buffet’s sin is the sin of HUBRIS, thinking that he is somehow smarter and better intentioned than anyone else because he’s rich. But, being rich does not make anyone smarter or better than anyone else.

I know no shortage of STUPID rich people.

Ask yourself this: How did Buffet become so utterly rich? Did he build a business up from the ground floor? Or did he gamble on the incredibly hard work and dreams of other people who created real products and services that directly benefited society?

Did Buffet worry about payables, receivables, payrolls, unions, lazy workers, employee theft, competition, inventory, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, receiving, market trends, cash flow and blood-sucking banks to build his empire?


Did he grow anything people could eat? Did he build homes? Did he produce clothing? Did he manufacture cars or anything else?

He sort of did all of that on the dreams, the fears, the heartbreak, and the sweat and blood of others by investing in their companies once they were up, running and successful.

Or by buying stressed-out companies for pennies on the dollar because he had the dollars.

BILLIONAIRE Warren Buffet is not a hero. He, like George Soros are really nothing more than very rich bottom-feeders who make it all on the backs of those who gamble everything to build real businesses.

The Hollywood types are no different:

The LEFTIST Actors live in make-believe worlds, making GAZILLIONS of dollars mouthing words other people write for them. They’re on average not even close enough to being sufficiently smart to write their own words. Let alone direct themselves.

But, listening and watching these HOLLYWOOD FAKES lecture the rest of the world on how everyone else should live, including how much money others should be able to earn and keep would make you think they’re all Einsteins.

Here’s a newsflash for the Hollywood Elitists:

The people who pay the money that make them rich wouldn’t worship thugs and dictators like Castro and Chavez.

They don’t fry their brains with drugs. And they don’t sleep around like dogs and bitches in heat.

The people these worthless elitists frown upon travel by coach on super-saver flights, very often on points, sometimes by bus, and usually by car.

But, when these GREENIE hypocrites travel, which is always, it isn’t by coach on a common air carrier is it? It’s usually the gas guzzling private jet. And on ground it’s the limo or the SUV.

And when the “little” people throw a party, it’s very often at a backyard Bar-B-Q where everyone chips in to bring a homemade dish, rather than spending MILLIONS of dollars on show-case events where the in-crowd phonies come to see other in-crowd phonies; none of whom who could give a rat’s-ass about anyone else but themselves.

As for intellectuals, teachers, public servants and bureaucrats:


Shut-up and hope that the people who pay your obscenely bloated salaries, perks and pensions don’t wise up.

Shut-up and hope the people who carry your sorry asses on their backs don’t figure out that most of you are redundant, and for those of you who are not; far too many are incompetent.

Obama is a LIAR – And that’s the truth:

And to help him in his lies, he leans on the likes of people like Buffet and Soros who risk nothing and build nothing. He goes to the dregs of elitist society who think that theirs doesn’t stink, in the hopes that stupid people who want something for nothing, or who already have everything, will carry his Socialist America Killing Policies all the way to 4 more years in the Oval Office.

AND HE MIGHT BE RIGHT, if the real folk don’t rise-up and take him and the Democrats down HARD in November 2012, which I assume will happen if the Conservatives stand strong and stay away from any form of conciliation.

Obama’s puppeteers want the people to believe that the mess America is in today is a result of “rich” folk, mostly hard working entrepreneurs, where in fact, why America is in collapse today is MOSTLY because of people like Obama and those who are pulling his strings.

And for what it’s worth . . . my advice to the Conservatives in Congress, don’t give an inch. And DO NOT stop exposing HIM and THEM for who and what they are. AND DO NOT CAVE-IN TO THE RINOS.

And in November 2012, if the Conservatives stay strong, America will be reborn, and the world can take note that the SHERIFF is back in town, hopefully doing what it will take for the entire planet to take a step or two away from the abyss.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The US must be strong as if it is weak it will affect Canada indirectly and directly. Good text Howard, you sure analyse stuff and are well informed.

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