What Election?

Batten-down the hatches. The worst is yet to come.

On October 6, 2011 (less than one month away), Canada’s largest Province and Industrial Heartland is having a General Election . . . HO-HUM.

If you Americans think that you’ve got a lock on CRAPPY Politicians, I’ve got news for you.

Ontario, which has forever been Canada’s workhorse and most dependable Province, has become a welfare Province.

And why is that you might ask? BECAUSE . . .

Because Ontario’s politicians haven’t yet received the memo that says Socialism doesn’t work, and buying votes with the people’s money doesn’t work, and paying obscene salaries, perks and pensions to a hugely bloated Public Service doesn’t work either.

In Ontario, like most of Canada, we have three prominent political Parties:

1 – The NDP (New Democratic Party) is comprised of Socialists, Academics, Environmental Nut-Jobs, Civil Servants and all the Welfare Folk who want something for nothing.

On the national level, the NDP are the Official Opposition led by an Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalist. So what does that say about Canada?

2 – The Liberals are basically well meaning LEFTISTS who aren’t as far to the LEFT as are the NDP. But, Canada’s Liberals, much like America’s Liberals believe in BIG, BIGGER and BIGGEST intrusive Governments.

They also believe in LOADS of regulations, big taxes, and enough red tape to circle the world, not to mention a bureaucracy that would be the envy of any LEFTIST ideology.

And just like in America, wherever the LEFT are concerned – Constitutional Rights and Guarantees are mere suggestions open to political and judicial interpretation.

3 – And also like the USA, Ontario has a Conservative Party that conducts itself much like America’s RINOS, who are too timid to take a REAL stand on issues and simply say ENOUGH!

Like America’s PRE-TEA PARTY Conservatives, our Conservatives stand on one principle; which is to get elected and then reelected. Our Conservatives also grow government, increase the Deficit and Debt, and pander to minorities.

So . . . Who the hell am I supposed to vote for in the October Ontario election?

Under the current 8 years of Liberal Provincial Mismanagement, we’ve seen our personal taxes go through the roof. And we’ve seen the cost of doing business through forced salary hikes and additional FORCED paid days off make it very difficult to own and manage a small business.

We’ve witnessed an explosion in rules and regulations that are paralyzing the growth of business. And we’re drowning in Green Everything Crap that is bankrupting the Province.

Anne and I have in just one year seen our government controlled electric energy cost DOUBLE from $335 per month to $650 per month WITHOUT increasing our usage by even ONE watt.

Imagine paying MORE than $7000 per year in AFTER-TAX dollars just to power our household? How does a regular working family or pension earners deal with that?

And what is the solution put forward by the Conservatives to deal with this energy fiasco? They will not charge the provincial sale’s tax on this mess, or charge the debt repayment fee, which combined is little more that a spit in the ocean.

And that best describes the fence, upon which the Conservatives sit on for everything.


I will vote for the Conservatives, NOT because I have any faith in their policies or politicians, but ONLY because they aren’t as repugnant as the others, and that’s as sad a commentary as one one can make on our political environment.


When everyone in the White House and all other assorted LEFTISTS including prominent Jews were busy celebrating the Arab Spring in Egypt, it was obvious to me that this was a disaster in the making. AND SO IT IS.

This Arab Spring STUPIDITY has led Israel to be attacked in Cairo. And had it NOT been for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta who LITERALLY threatened the Egyptian government to get the Israelis out of their Embassy unharmed, I am absolutely convinced that the Israelis would have been slaughtered.


This Arab Spring is on Obama. Everything that is currently happening in the Middle East is on Obama, since it was Obama who made it his post election PRIORITY to visit the Middle East and Moslem World to stir the pot.

It was Obama who threw Mubarak under the bus. And it is Obama who is doing everything he can to destroy Israel through insane and suicidal territorial demands.

AND REMEMBER THIS – It was NOT Obama who called and threatened the Egyptians with dire consequences if the Israelis were harmed . . . It was Leon Panetta.

It seems to me, that whether it is in Canada or the USA. Whether it is at the Municipal, State/Provincial, or National Level, we are cursed with the worse of the worst in political and social representatives we can have.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I predict that Obama will have his way with them at least 99% of the time.
    The GOP will basically now walk around around holding its ankles for Obama to abuse and use them as he sees fit.
    Don’t expect them to do anything but surrender. I am betting they will be all empty suits and the ones that aren’t empty suits will be forced into submission.

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