Obama Made A Speech – AGAIN!


I won’t waste your time by writing even one word debating Obama’s regurgitated Jobs Plan, other than to say that it is the same old-same old that has thus far cursed America.

But, what I do find remarkable, is that there are still “normal” thinking people out there who would vote again for this despicable man in 2012. And I do not use the word despicable lightly.

Not only is Obama the DUMBEST president in my view of American history, but what about the people who still support him after all that he has done, and has not done in his first 2 and 1/2 years who are not paying attention?

There was no secret, at least not to me, that Obama’s BIG speech before the Joint Session of Congress (September 8, 2011) was going to be nothing more than just another Narcissistic moment.

I am absolutely convinced beyond any doubt, that Obama has no idea of what he’s doing. And no idea of the damage he has already done.

In my mind, who I see in the White House is a man so infatuated with himself, that his love for self far exceeds any love he “might” have for America, a love which I believe does not exist.

Obama is so absolutely disconnected from America and the American people, that it is impossible for him to see beyond his own perceived brilliance.

And what makes Obama worse beyond his own failings, are the failings of the people with whom he surrounds himself.

It isn’t as if the inmates have taken-over the asylum, since “as if” would suggest that it is a possibility that they have. But, it is far more than that.


How utterly stupid are the people who applauded Obama Thursday night, when he talked about the ABSOLUTE NEED of America’s companies to pay more, have their tax loopholes closed, and create jobs in America, when Obama’s MILLIONAIRE JOB CZAR Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, whose company made BILLIONS of dollars in profits last year, yet paid no taxes, while GE is shipping jobs and sensitive technologies to China, who was proudly sitting beside Obama’s wife?

Not only is that a mouthful, it says everything that needs to be said about Obama and the people he surrounds himself with, and the people who still support him.

Whenever I hear or read about how the American people dislike Congress, especially Republican Members of Congress, MORE than they dislike Obama, I have to shake my head in disbelief.


1 – People are absolutely fed up with Obama . . . far more so than the polls suggest.

2 – And people really have had it with Members of the House and the Senate. But, when it comes to throwing the bums out, it will be the LEFTIST bums, and the RINO bums who will find themselves thrown out on their oversized behinds.

Isn’t it curious that every poll shows that the Republicans are poised for a huge majority in the House, and a strong victory in the senate, maybe even a Super Majority in the Senate for 2012, yet, the same pollsters are saying that the Congressional Republicans are the most disliked politicians in the country? How do they square that circle?

Obama’s Job Creation Plan, that really isn’t much of a plan, should be dealt with, with the seriousness and the respect it deserves – NONE! And if Boehner, Cantor and Ryan decide to play politics and show that they’re willing to accommodate this crapola, so as not to be seen to be obstructionists, they will be on the wrong path.

Tomorrow (9/11) is the 10th anniversary of the day America paid an inconceivable price for not paying attention to the Moslem threat.

Yet today, America has a President in the White House who has traveled far and wide apologizing for America’s past, while extolling the “virtues” of Islam.

Tomorrow, like every year on this day, Anne and I will stand outside facing our flagpoles, and at the very moment the first plane hit the First Tower, we will lower both of our flags (American/Canadian). And for a moment, we will stand in respectful and sad silence, holding hands in memory of all the loved-ones who will never be able to hold hands again.

When we come into the house from the half-masted flags, Anne and I will light a Yahrzeit Candle, which is a candle that burns for 24 hours, used in Jewish Households when remembering those who died.

We will light the candle and weep for those who died, for those First Responders who are dying today because of the toxic dust and debris they absorbed from Ground Zero as they worked to save lives, and recover the bodies of those who could not be saved, and for America who for no reason whatsoever was bloodied 10 years ago.

We will also weep for what America has become under the management of bad politicians, culminating with the Pretender-In-Chief, who has taken what was bad, only to make it indescribably worse.

America and the world deserve much better. And if the Congressional Republicans want to make bad things better, especially in memory of those who lost, and continue to lose so much because of 9/11, they will ignore Obama’s games and stand for America and the American people.

In Memory Of Those Who Fell On 9/11 – God Bless America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There will be no such actions against Obama. Being a self-righteous snob and an “America-disdaining” president are not crimes or grounds for impeachment. Besides, the media will never get behind such an act and it would take them to lead the charge. And let alone impeachment, the media and the left have a hard time calling him (Obama) out on anything.

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