Those Were Fighting Words


Between Jimmy Hoffa Junior, the missing union thugs thuggish son, and Barack Hussein Obama, delivering the Labor Day (Union Day) address in Detroit Michigan, one has to wonder which of the two should be charged with inciting violence.

In Hoffa’s warm-up speech (Detroit September 5, 2011) for Obama about the Tea Partiers – He said:

“President Obama, this is your army.”

“We are ready to march.”

“Let’s take these sons of bitches out . . .”

Exactly what did Hoffa mean by – “Let’s take these sons of bitches out”?

And what did Obama mean throughout this PRO-UNION speech that PITTED union members and workers against employers and business people with money?

I have written many times, even within the first months of Obama’s Presidency, that Obama will so divide America, that he will be responsible for a civil war.


If this Labor Day Detroit speech is a harbinger of what the people can expect from Obama’s Teleprompter during this coming Thursday’s address before the Joint Session of Congress, which the Narcissist-In-Chief demanded; WOE WILL BE UPON AMERICA.

If the best Obama can do is follow a union thug like Hoffa onto a stage in front of the friendliest audience they could find, only to regurgitate his call to class warfare peppered with platitudes and failed ideas like infrastructure spending, the next year and a bit with Obama at the helm will be nothing short of excruciating social and economic pain.

Obama’s speech, coupled to Hoffa’s introduction amount to the LEAST Presidential address, and the emptiest use of words in my memory. And now that Obama’s word magic is gone, all that is left is the societal destruction that is all on him and the people who put him into office.

That my stomach turned listening to Hoffa and the empty and hostile words of Obama is no exaggeration, since what I witnessed is a spectacle one would have expected in the former Soviet Union and other like-minded failed Socialist Societies.


As an aside to the disaster that Obama is:

I’m no big fan of Rick Perry, since there seems to be far too many twists and turns in his biography, much like there are with Romney.

And if Christie decides to run, I am not a fan of his either, since he likes to tell the people he is supposed to represent to screw-off whenever he doesn’t like their comments or questions, especially questions concerning his appointment of a Moslem Activist (Sohail Mohammed) as a judge to the Superior Court of New Jersey.

I am liking Herman Cain more and more every time I hear him speak, who I believe could be a very good President.

But, given my druthers – the ONLY person who I believe who has the RIGHT-STUFF, who is not yet in the race, who has what it takes to salvage the mess first created with compliant Republicans, then exasperated by Obama, is Alaska-Tough Sarah Palin.

The LEFT is terrified of Sarah Palin for good reason. The compliant (RINOS) Republicans hate Sarah Palin also for good reason. And even though the LEFT and the RINOS are purportedly on opposite sides, they equally know that through Palin, they will both be as done and useless as yesterday’s trash, not even worth the recycling bin.

And anyone who suggests that Palin can’t beat Obama is not paying attention, since a non-descript Republican, according to all the polls would beat Obama.

The big difference being – The non-descript Republican doesn’t have a voice, and is in no position to challenge the Teleprompter President face to face, taking him down piece-by-piece the way Sarah Palin will if she becomes the Republican nominee.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. repubs needd to shut up and ignore the democrat media until they have a retreat to hammer out the policies that are essential to get the economy growing rigorously…they wont be able to kick people off welfare if there are no jobs to be had, they need to postpone pursuing the social issues untill the ecnomy fully recovers…the retreat ought to have armed guards to keep the media flappers at bay…freeze all spending that can be and fix the entitlement laws that mandate spending..debt ,securit

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