I’m Sick And Tired Of The Bull . . .

Death is not a reason to rewrite history.

In my last editorial (August 22, 2011), I made mention that the untimely death (cancer) of Canada’s Leader of the Official Opposition was no big deal.


Canadian leader of the Official Opposition Jack Layton died this morning (August 22, 2011) after a bout with cancer.

Jack Layton was a Socialist who became the Leader of the Official Opposition in the last federal election held a few months ago, by getting into bed with Israel-Haters, Jew-Haters, Quebec Anglo-Haters, Separatists and all form of LEFTIST garbage.

And, like all Socialists who crave their RIGHT to spend other people’s money and impose their will upon others, Jack Layton and his equally LEFTIST wife (Olivia Chow), who is also a Member of Parliament, lived their lives of luxury on the tax payers money as if it was their own.

Canada’s LEFTIST media, which describes just about all of them, are singing the praises of Jack Layton, even though part of his legacy was to appoint a rank Quebec Separatist/Socialist to become his “temporary” replacement while he was under treatment, who now actually holds that position.

Imagine this – A woman who belonged to BOTH of Quebec’s Separatist Anglo-Hating Parties, is now the number two politician in Canada, as is described in Parliament as Canada’s Leader of the LOYAL Opposition.

My disdain for the LEFT and the people who don’t bother to know better is not healthy.


So, why did I receive several emails from visitors to Galganov.com whose comments and criticism ranged from “disappointed in me” to being “outraged”?

Because someone dies does not exonerate that person from his or her past. Nor does it elevate the person’s accomplishments or diminish that person’s failures above or beneath the truth.

Far too often, we read only the best about people who are eulogized, much of the time, much of it not being true. And far too often embellished.

Death is not a reason to rewrite history.

Jack Layton was a Socialist who for just about his whole life fed off the system. So is his widow Olivia Chow. And that’s the 100% truth.

Jack railed at people who earned their money the old-fashioned way, which included risk, hard work, and by using the talents and efforts of others (employees) in order to make money. And the MORE money entrepreneurs and business owners earned, the more critical he was.

But LEFTISTS like Jack Layton, on either side of the border who have 100% secure Public Sector Jobs with obscene Public Sector Perks and Pensions, actually live far better than MOST entrepreneurs and employers.

Once on the Public Sector gravytrain, Jack and his Socialist wife never had to worry about money NOT coming into their home. They never had to worry about being fired or being laid-off, or losing their jobs because the company they worked for was going out of business.

Jack Layton and Public Sector Folk like him don’t spend their nights awake worrying about making payroll, paying suppliers, and collecting from clients. And MORE than anything else: THEY NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT THEY WILL HAVE ENOUGH INCOME IN RETIREMENT, SINCE THEIR PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS COME WITH GOLDEN RETIREMENT PARACHUTES.

Had I written that a naked Jack Layton was found by police in a Toronto Bawdy-House on January 9, 1996, that would have been unfair, since what he did in his private life is and was not my business, as long as what he did was between two or more consenting adults.

But I never wrote about his private escapades.

I ONLY wrote about how Jack Layton was one of the bunch who lived high on-the-hog off what other people earn, and that in his world, it was more important for him to tell others how to live through mountains of regulations, than simply worrying about his own life.


I’m sure that there will be no shortage of people who will mourn the passing of Jack Layton. But I am not one of them. And I won’t be a hypocrite by saying otherwise, or by saying nothing in response to the over-the-top accolades this man is receiving ONLY because he died.

You might not like what I wrote previously. And you might be just as upset or more-so with what I wrote here and now. But, unlike others, especially in the mainstream media, when you read what I write, you can take it to the bank that it’s true and unvarnished.


Men and women in the Private Sector go to work everyday to make a living, not knowing if today will be the last day they will have a job. But they go to work anyway, to make money with which to raise a family, put food on the table, clothing on their backs, and a roof over their heads.

Everyday . . . business people face the challenges of staying in business while cutting their way through a jungle of government regulations that give purpose to overpaid and unneeded civil servants, while doing whatever they can to make a profit and build a great life for them and theirs, even though very few businesses actually make it.

It is through the hard work of PRIVATE SECTOR individuals who carry the entire load for the Public Sector and the people who pay no taxes, or who pay less in taxes than what they take out of the system.

So, don’t believe for a second that people like Jack Layton are heroes. They are not. They’re feeders who feed off the work and risk of real heroes, the folk who don’t have guaranteed Public Sector jobs, bloated salaries, perks, and pensions that are greater in retirement FOR LIFE, than are the EARNED incomes of average working families who are just trying to get by.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I asked my cousin in FL if she was happy with the election results. She replied: YES!!! they kicked the damn democrats asses out of office. Even the democrats distanced themselves from him. We had republicans who won on TV denounce him and ISIS. One female republican who won said she grew up on a farm castrating hogs and she knew how to cut the pork in Washington, DC, so that can be interpreted as castrating obama as the republicans took over the senate and have effectively castrated him and ser

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