The Solution Is Getting Clearer And Clearer

My disdain for the LEFT is not healthy.

Last week, I received an email from the leader of the Jewish Motorcycle Group I belong to in Montreal. Generally, when broadcast emails are sent to members of the Maccabees, they’re to announce a group ride, but this time, it was to ask for something far more important.


There happens to be a couple of retail shoe stores on Rue Saint Denis, which is about 99% French on the East Side of Montreal, where retail boutiques and cafes abound.

What sets these two shoe stores apart from all the others, is that one of them, which is owned by a French Canadian couple sells “some” Israeli made shoes, while the other, which is owned by a Jewish couple, sells only Israeli made shoes and handbags.

What they share in common beside their Israeli made products is that both of them have come under attack from the LEFT, including unions and at least one French Quebecois Member of the Quebec Legislator, who routinely pickets these stores demanding that they either STOP selling Israeli products or be shut down.

To the great credit of the French-owned store, the owners told the boycotters and picketers to screw-off – That they will sell whatever products they wanted to, and no one was going to force them to do otherwise.

To the owners of the Jewish-owned store, it was more than just carrying Israeli made products, since it has become what it was from the very beginning, but this time it is out in the open . . .

The picketers and boycotters are nothing more and nothing less than rank ANTI-SEMITES using the Palestinian canard as their excuse to demean, defame and PUNISH Jews.

Eight of the Maccabees met in Central Montreal, from where we rode to Saint Denis Street as a group.

We’re not BIKERS in the “classic” stereotype.

We’re also not tough guys out looking for trouble. But, what we are, are Jewish middle-aged guys, many of us pushing 60 and 70 years old who understand the real world and the reality of anti-Semitism.

We are also not frightened to wear a Yellow Jewish Star on our chests as Europe’s Jews were FORCED to wear during the years of the Holocaust. And we’re PROUD to fly Israeli flags on the back of our Bikes whenever and wherever we have a mind to.

And if challenged by Jew-Haters, at least for the eight of us who were there, there is no question in my mind that we would stand our ground, ask no mercy, and show no quarter.

TO MY GREAT AND HAPPY SURPRISE – There were MORE French Quebec demonstrators than there were Jewish demonstrators, who like the Jews were there to SUPPORT Israel and the store.

The French carried professional made signs that read “Amities Quebec Israel” (Quebec Friends of Israel). In conversation in French with one of their leaders who spoke English not nearly as well as I can speak French; I asked him why he was there, and why he was supporting Israel?

His response was as succinct as it could be:

“These guys are from the far LEFT, and have no use for FREEDOM and the rights of others. And more than that, if they are not stood-up-to now, this will spread like a cancer, and we all know from history, that what happens to the Jews, will eventually happen to the rest of us.”


Ironically, the piece of human rubbish leading this pathetic little group of anti-Semites was in fact a FAR LEFT lawyer wearing a Che Guevara T shirt who was himself Jewish, who seemed lost in the drug induced 60’s.

To the French supporter of Israel to whom I was speaking, his only comment about the LEFTIST self-hating Jew was in one word – “CAPO”, the name for those Jews during the Holocaust who for one reason or another carried-out the dirty work against their fellow Jews at the behest of the Nazis.

The long and short of this story is that nothing happened of any visible consequence . . . BUT A GREAT DEAL HAPPENED IN MY MIND.

I saw 1932 on that Saint Denis street sidewalk. I saw people walking by, accepting pamphlets that were nothing more than an expression of Jew-Hatred, while paying little to no attention to signs that in a very politically correct manner threatened the very existence of Jews as a people.

Here I was in the city of my birth and the birth of my parents, looking at a group of individuals, who have not just the right to demean me and mine, but had the outright support of many, and the tacit approval of most through their silence, who are stirring the embers that every Jew wanted to believe died with the liberation of the last Death Camp ONLY 66 years ago.


One of the people who had come to the “event” was the Jewish editor of a mostly Jewish weekly newspaper with a free circulation of some 100,000 copies, who was only too happy to be joking in conversation with the self-hating Jew, as if they were mutually respecting adversaries.

His advice to the Pro Israel Demonstrators was to peacefully and amicably settle this “situation” by collecting 15,000 signatures in a petition for the purpose of having Montreal City Hall pass a bylaw that would strip this group of anti-Semites from their RIGHT to protest in front of either shoe store.

So, in his mind, subjugating the Canadian Constitution’s RIGHTS to FREEDOM of ASSEMBLY, ASSOCIATION and EXPRESSION should be the price to pay to get these sicko Jew-haters to stop.

But, I have a much better solution, which I fear is going to become the solution that will inevitably be used for many of the excesses of the LEFT, as they push everyone’s back up against the wall . . .

When everything basically wrapped-up, I got on my Bike and rode towards home, wondering how much longer it will be before the hard-working people throughout North America, who are so badly set-upon by our own governments, courts, educational systems, and the LEFT, figure that they’ve had enough, and will stop asking, speaking, signing petitions, and simply say the hell with it, and do what has been done repeatedly throughout history when enough becomes intolerable?

The Saturday sky at around 4 in the afternoon was remarkably gray towards the west, which was the direction I was riding.

In the distance, as I was crossing the Lake of Two Mountains Bridge that took me off the Island of Montreal, I saw the driving rain that was coming to earth in sheets. I heard the rumble of thunder above the roar of my Bike. And I saw the lighting flashes as they struck land.

Nature was reading my mind and reflected what was in my heart.

Much sooner rather than later, the solution will tear our society into pieces.

PS: Canadian leader of the Official Opposition Jack Layton died this morning (August 22, 2011) after a bout with cancer.

Jack Layton was a Socialist who became the Leader of the Official Opposition in the last federal election held a few months ago, by getting into bed with Israel-Haters, Jew-Haters, Quebec Anglo-Haters, Separatists and all form of LEFTIST garbage.

And, like all Socialists who crave their RIGHT to spend other people’s money and impose their will upon others, Jack Layton and his equally LEFTIST wife (Olivia Chow), who is also a Member of Parliament, lived their lives of luxury on the tax payers money as if it was their own.

Canada’s LEFTIST media, which describes just about all of them, are singing the praises of Jack Layton, even though part of his legacy was to appoint a rank Quebec Separatist/Socialist to become his “temporary” replacement while he was under treatment, who now actually holds that position.

Imagine this – A woman who belonged to BOTH of Quebec’s Separatist Anglo-Hating Parties, is now the number two politician in Canada, as is described in Parliament as Canada’s Leader of the LOYAL Opposition.

My disdain for the LEFT and the people who don’t bother to know better is not healthy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Republicans have two years to try and straighten out a huge mess and then get the people back on their side for the election. Good luck as I don’t see it happening the way others seem to see it.

    Graham Ferguson, Oliver, B.C.

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