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What’s a little hypocrisy amongst politicians?

Now that the House, the Senate and the President have further indebted America by passing and signing into law the Bill that raises the DEBT-CEILING, there is no reason whatsoever for the American people to be celebrating.

If anything, now that the American Government passed this horrible law, save those Tea Partiers and Conservative Republicans who voted NO for the right reasons, there is MORE than enough reason for the American people to cringe in anticipation of things to come.

Not only is this DEBT-CEILING law a fiasco, of which most you already know . . . I also want to draw your attention to three related issues that bothered me like salt being poured on an open wound.

As things were basically wrapping-up in the House and the Senate, the politicians showed their absolute disregard and disconnect from the American people, which is no small matter since it goes directly to trust and competence.


Once the DEBT-CEILING law was passed in the House, instead of speaking directly to a very nervous populous, Members IMMEDIATELY took time following this HORRIFIC vote to congratulate House Pages.

HOUSE PAGES . . . Are these people in Congress out of their frigging minds?

Are these elected yo-yo’s so disconnected from the people, that giving accolades to House Pages was foremost in their heads, not moments after voting on an America-Killing Bill, rather than addressing very concerned folk who were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for some form of reassurance that the House had done the right thing?


Gabrielle Giffords was brought into the House, in what was a “surprise” move by the Democrats, so she could vote on this momentous law. And as she entered the Chamber, she was given a resounding standing ovation that would be synonymous with the homecoming of a real hero.

A – Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a madman without any political convictions.

B – Giffords was NOT shot because of some principled stand she took on a significant and dangerously contentious issue.

C – Giffords wasn’t the only person who was shot on that dreadful day. And don’t forget . . . she survived while others did not.

D – And in spite of what the Democrats want everyone to believe, from what I saw on the FLOOR, Giffords is not capable of serving her country as a Congressional Representative.

I feel very badly for Giffords and her family and friends. But, being shot by a nutcase for no reason does NOT make Gabrielle Giffords any kind of hero, except to Democrats grasping at anything they can.


It didn’t take minutes after the House passed this odious Bill into law for its Members to leave town for their FIVE-WEEK RECESS.

Isn’t RECESS just a fancy word for VACATION?

Do you get a FIVE-WEEK paid summer vacation? And what about the Christmas Recess, the Easter Recess, and all the other Recesses?


I listened to Obama’s press conference that followed the Senate Vote yesterday at around 1:00 o’clock. AND THIS IS WHAT I HEARD:

The horrible economy that created this terrible situation is:

1 – Bush’s fault . . . perhaps not in those words, but close enough.

2 – The fault of the Japanese Earthquake. Now there’s a new one.

3 – The fault of the Arab Spring. How’s that for a stretch?

Obama also went on to regurgitate the same-old . . . same old – INCLUDING his attack on millionaires and billionaires, on the oil industry, and big business, which in his words do not pay their fair-share.

I agree with Obama. BIG Business NEVER pays its fair-share. So how does Obama square the circle that one of World’s BIGGEST companies, GE (General Electric) paid NO taxes last year after earning HUGE profits, while Obama’s JOB CZAR, Jeffrey Immelt is GE’s CEO?

. . . But what’s a little hypocrisy amongst politicians?


Did I miss something?

Wasn’t raising revenue (taxes) supposed to NOT be on the table in this DEBT-CEILING law? Isn’t the FACT that there would be NO TAX-HIKES part of the reason why most, but not all Republicans decided to go along, albeit reluctantly with raising the DEBT-CEILING limit?

So, what was Obama (and Reid) talking about when immediately following the Senate vote, he spoke about RAISING revenues as a “BALANCED” approach?


1 – Obama dodged the proverbial bullet by getting the DEBT-CEILING raised beyond the 2012 election. But he can’t dodge forever.

2 – Obama came off looking like the ineffectual piece of work he really is.

3 – Obama is REALLY on the HOT SEAT for 2012, since there is nothing he can run on.

Obama and the Democrats can’t blame the Republicans for “forcing” America to be in default, even if that was no truer than it was when Obama tried to frighten old people by telling them that they won’t get their Social Security checks if the Republicans blocked raising the DEBT-CEILING.

4 – In essence, Obama came off looking less than ordinary, instead of YES WE CAN.


5 – The Tea Partiers did themselves and their Constituents PROUD.

6 – As impossible as it seemed throughout this fiasco, Boehner came off looking more like the nation’s leader than any other politician in the game.


Even though this DEBT-CEILING crisis was not resolved the way it should have been . . . there’s still a silver lining, since it gave the people a real look at the TAX AND SPEND Democrats, who as a result will take an even BIGGER SHELLACKING in November 2012 than they otherwise would have.

This October, when the 2012 campaign really gets underway, there is a great deal for Conservative Republicans to look forward to. For the Democrats however, it will be a very long and painful year, listening to transparently empty words with teleprompter platitudes from America’s WORST President ever.

To all the people who help support this Web Site for all that we try to do – THANK YOU.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Don’t be so sure Robert. Obama has poisoned the Democratic brand and has told Biden that he will not have the support of the Obola machine for his presidential bid in 2016. Biden wants to be POTUS and has a lot of friends in the Senate and the only way he will be POTUS is to impeach and remove Obama and he just might get enough of the Democrats who are furious with Obama to go along because the Dems hate Obama more than ever right now.

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