“Don’t Call My Bluff . . . ”

Obama has shown his level of incompetence. And the people are finally seeing it.

In a fit of temper a couple of weeks ago, Obama told Republican House Leader Eric Cantor: “DON’T CALL MY BLUFF” . . . My first thought was – What the hell is he talking about?

My second thought was . . . is the President actually bluffing?

On Monday night, July 25, 2011 . . . as Obama yet again went on television to address the people in what was another of his CRISIS speeches; it became absolutely clear that what he had said to Cantor was in fact, that the President was indeed BLUFFING.

What I also saw on television Monday night was NOT a Commander-In-Chief confidently leading his nation, but rather, a feeble, frustrated and angry man who was desperately void of ideas.

In Obama’s first two years as President, he enjoyed what was in reality far more than just a FREE RIDE. Obama enjoyed the unquestioning support of a compliant media that not only ignored his faults and blunders, but who were only too happy to be complicit in hiding them.

He also had to deal with a weak and disorganized Republican Party recovering from the beating they took in 2008.


As I have repeatedly written and said a great many times in my editorials and broadcasts literally from the day Obama became President, that he will be a ONE-TIMER, and before his first and ONLY term will be up, he will be reviled by most Americans, INCLUDING many within his own Party.

This was not a hard prediction to make, since the writing was on the wall for Obama, for anyone to see who wanted to see it.

My worries then, as they are now, weren’t whether or not he would have a second term, but how much damage this PIECE-OF-WORK would do before he would be dumped as America’s WORST President ever.

And if anyone had any doubts about Obama’s near future before Monday Night’s Televised Debacle, they should have none now, since what we all saw on national television on all the networks was a spectacle of a failed narcissist, flailing like a man who can’t swim in water way over his head, with no one out there to throw him a lifesaver.


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  1. Howard-

    I so enjoy reading your commentary. Your thoughts and grasp of the political situation is, I think, spot-on!!

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