Who’s Playing Politics?


I have never really heard any good definition to the term “PLAYING POLITICS”, yet, we hear it all the time, especially now, during the debate over America’s economic future.

To me, “playing Politics” means that a politician will do and say whatever is BEST for himself or herself, rather than what is BEST for the people, while giving the impression that it’s all about the people.

So, let’s have a look at who is, and who is NOT “playing Politics” with America’s economic future.

The people spoke loud and clear in the Mid-Term November 2010 elections about what they expect from their elected politicians, by giving the Democrats, in the words of Obama – “A SHELLACKING”.

In every honest poll since 2010, when the people were asked a clear question about government spending vis a vis reducing the size and cost of government over tax hikes, and paying down the debt, as opposed to spending and borrowing more – THE ANSWERS COULD NOT BE CLEARER.

So, here come the Tea Party and other Conservative Republicans who have heard the message, and as such, are doing the bidding of the people.

These Conservative Republicans came forward with a BUDGET, a real budget drawn up by Paul Ryan, the first budget in TWO AND A HALF YEARS since Obama was elected and the Democrats controlled BOTH halves of Congress.

So, how did the Democrats deal with a budget that was passed in the Republican controlled House? The Senate simply ignored it with no amendments, no discussion . . . no debate.

So, how does a government run the people’s affairs without a budget?

BUT . . . MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING – How do the people accept the fact that their government has no budget, and is FREEWHEELING their tax dollars?

The President knew a year ahead after racking up the debt by FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS that the DEBT-CEILING will have to be raised. So, why did the President wait about one month before the DEBT-CEILING deadline to make this a real issue?

AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT – Why hasn’t the President come forward with a plan to raise the DEBT-CEILING, while SIMULTANEOUSLY reducing costs in a real and meaningful way?

And where has the Democrat controlled Senate been?

The Conservative Republicans came up with a REAL plan that would increase the DEBT-CEILING, even though doing that sticks in the craw of many of their members, as long as raising the DEBT-CEILING includes no new taxes, a comparable amount of cuts in spending, and a BALANCED-BUDGET AMENDMENT that would force this government and all future federal governments to balance the nation’s budget.


Isn’t this EXACTLY what the people SHOUTED in the 2010 Shellacking of the Democrats; that they wanted less spending, no new taxes, and government accountability?

And just after the 2010 Shellacking, Obama went to the airwaves (as usual), read from his teleprompter (as usual), and spoke in platitudes (as usual), where he told the people in that speech that he received and understood the people’s message.

But – I don’t believe Obama understood the message at all, because since the Shellacking, with the Democrats and Obama, it’s been business a usual. They certainly heard the message loud and clear, of that I have no doubt, but I also have no doubt that they didn’t take it all that seriously.

So, how do the Democrats, including Obama and the mainstream media demagogue the situation? THEY ACCUSE BOTH SIDES OF “PLAYING POLITICS”.

But, how can that be, when ONLY one Party (Republicans) have put forward a real budget, and a real DEBT-CEILING plan that mirrors what the people demanded in 2010, and are demanding TODAY in every honest poll taken?

There are many pundits including those on FOX News who are likening this DEBT-CEILING Crisis to what happened between Clinton and Gingrich in the 1998 Mid-Term election, when the Republicans took a real beating, because in 1996, Gingrich and the Republicans FORCED Clinton to reform welfare, cut the capital gains tax, and balance the budget.

But this isn’t nearly the same thing by a long shot.

1 – First . . . Obama is no Clinton.

2 – Clinton didn’t run up a debt by spending close to FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS, asking for another FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS so he could spend even MORE.

3 – Boehner is not Gingrich. He’s far more cautious.

4 – Official unemployment wasn’t at 9.2%, where in real terms, unemployment and underemployment here and now is probably in the double digits.

5 – Housing was robust during the Clinton years, where under Obama, America is living with the HIGHEST number of foreclosures EVER, the value of housing has fallen by some 40%, and new home construction is as bad and worse than it has ever been.

6 – Clinton didn’t DIVIDE America along racial and class lines, and offer absolutely unattainable ridiculous dreams of social grandeur to the people.

7 – Clinton tried to socialize Healthcare and ran away from it as soon as he read and understood the pulse of the nation.

8 – There wasn’t a Tea Party during the Clinton Days.


During the Clinton years, not only did Bloggers not exist, neither did 24 Hour Internet News Sites, neither did Internet “LISTS” amongst private people, and FOX News was just in its infancy.

It is absolutely true that Politics are a major part of this DEBT-CEILING debate. But, what is just as true, is that all of the Political Shenanigans are coming from the LEFT led by Obama and his Democrats.

In the final analysis, when the people have to really decide which person and Party is best for America in 2012, Obama and the Democrats will have NO RECORD worth running on. And it will be them who will have to explain to the people, why under their guidance, MORE debt was ACCUMULATED in under 2 years, than was created by ALL American governments from the very beginning of the founding of the Republic.


By the time 2012 rolls around, and nothing gets better under Obama and the Democrats, voters will remember how Obama got elected with empty promises and platitudes.

They will remember how Obama traveled the world apologizing for America, while at the same time extolling the non-existence virtues of Islam, while simultaneously declaring that America is NOT a Christian country.

The voters will remember his date-nights with Michelle and his and her extravagant vacations while he told everyone else to tighten their belts. They’ll remember how he spent MOST of his time shooting hoops, playing golf and traveling the country and the world as if he was a rock star, while America needed REAL leadership in the White House.

The people will remember that he was AGAINST drilling for energy as the cost of fuel is bankrupting companies, people and America.

They will also remember how Obama so shabbily treated Prime Minister Netanyahu as threw Israel UNDER his INFAMOUS Bus.


I know that people will remember all of this, INCLUDING his White-Hating, America-Hating, Israel-Hating, and Jew-Hating Reverend Wright, along with his American TERRORIST buddy Bill Ayers, and his imprisoned political financier Tony Rezko, because there are TENS, if not HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people just like me who will make certain that the people remember.

And as far as the DEBT-CEILING goes – No matter what the LEFTIST media or the pundits have to say, this is all on Obama. In the words of his VILE Preacher Jeremiah Wright . . . “THE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST”.

As always – THANK YOU to the people who help keep this Web Site going through their financial support.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are definitely an inspiration to those of us who believe there needs to be change or this country is done. I appreciate your editorials–they help me stay balanced. Now on a lighter note–I did my “Happy Dance” around 1 a.m. this morning–couldn’t help myself.

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