Freedom Is Under Attack From All Sides

The threat from TYRANNY of the MINORITY is real.

America – Pay attention to this Editorial, because it’s already happening to you.

As trivial as this might seem in a world that is vibrating with bad stuff all around us, A French Canadian who lives in Ottawa, Canada’s National Capital, which is MUCH MORE than two thirds English, where virtually 100% of the French community speak English from very well to absolutely fluent, is kicking “Anglos” where the sun doesn’t shine because he can.

Because of French Tribalism and Tyranny of the French Minority in Canada, it is almost impossible for an “ANGLO” to get a job in either the Federal Civil Service, or in for example Ottawa City’s Municipal Civil Service because literally EVERY Civil Service job at the Federal and Municipal level is reserved ONLY for people who can pass a French Proficiency exam – MEANING . . . an almost exclusive pathway for people who live their private lives in French.

This bad-ass French guy, and his equally bad-ass wife, just won a court challenge of $12,000 because Air Canada gave him a Sprite instead of a 7-UP, because the Air Canada Flight Attendant couldn’t speak French.

His claim was for $500,000.

Here are two very salient points to this story:

1 – Air Canada serves Coke products, which is Sprite. So basically, the unilingual Attendant brought the French-speaking muckraker the 7-UP equivalent. So in effect he got what he wanted. But that wasn’t good enough for him.

2 – The French guy is also as bilingual as it gets. So, the problem had nothing whatsoever to do with service, politeness, product or communication. It had everything to do with a MINORITY flexing muscles that are far above the minority’s cultural size and status.

The vast majority of Canadians who consider themselves to be FRENCH, live in the Separatist and RACIST Province of Quebec, where the UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW.

If you think that last capitalized sentence is an embellishment . . . it isn’t.

A few weeks ago, a member of Quebec’s language police walked into a new upscale hamburger joint because the Office of the Quebec Language Police (in what is still a mostly “ANGLO” area of Montreal) received a complaint that there was “some” English on the paper place setting that was the same size as the French.

Think I’m kidding?

In Quebec, the language laws “allow” for English on advertised signs as long as:

1 – English is half or less than half the size of the French language on the same signs, and is absolutely LESS prominent.

2 – That English could be the same size as French, as long as it is not as prominent as the French, and that there are at least TWICE as many French signs with the same message.

3 – That there can be NO English whatsoever on moving vehicles.

4 – That there can be NO English whatsoever on any off-premises billboards.

To go from the absurd to the lunatic fringe – In the Province of Quebec, you cannot sell talking dolls that “speak” in English.

You cannot buy a computer program or IT Game in English if there are no French equivalents. And this policy is not just restricted to IT devices.

But, back to the upscale hamburger joint where the Quebec government sent a “LANGUAGE COP” because of a little bit of equal sized English that was visible on a paper place setting.

When the non-uniformed “LANGUAGE COP” came into the restaurant, one of the servers approached her to have her seated. But, the server did not have much of a proficiency in the French language; so, the “LANGUAGE COP” nailed the restaurant for that too, because in Quebec, it is against the law NOT to be able to provide adequate services in the French language.

All in all, that restaurant was hammered with fines because they were “too English”. The real irony here is that the owner of the restaurant is French and MOST of their clientele are English.

Years ago, I worked closely with a CBS 60-Minutes News Group as they did a piece on Quebec’s language wars. The piece they were going to do was originally designed to be a spoof . . . kind of funny. But there’s nothing funny about losing one’s Freedom of Expression.

I like to think that because of my intervention, the 60-Minute report was more on the serious side than they intended it to be. Because even they sort-of got it.


As a result of EXTREMELY racist language laws that OPENLY and LEGALLY discriminate against EVERYONE who is NOT a French Quebecer, about a half million “Anglos” have left the ethnocentric province of Quebec for greener pastures, Anne and myself being amongst them.

Because of Quebec’s language laws, Quebec survives ENTIRELY on the money given to it from taxes raised by Ottawa from Canada’s English provinces.

In a sea of English speakers within Canada and the United States (more than 340 MILLION people), TWO THIRDS of Quebec’s 6 million French speakers cannot carry-on even a simple conversation in the English language.


In my last editorial, I made reference to America’s Jim Crow Laws that openly and legally discriminated against Black people, until President Johnson’s Civil Right’s Act struck them down in 1964.

But, until this very moment, I never put 2 and 2 together to come up with the perfect equivalence for Quebec’s language laws.

Because of incredible coercion from French Canadian activists and gutless federal politicians who sold out Canada’s Freedom of Expression Laws, French Quebecers have been recognized by Canada’s Parliament as a “NATION” within Canada, giving them SPECIAL STATUS and leeway (carte blanche) to be as ethnocentric and bigoted as they want to be. Which believe it or not, I’m fine with.

I wasn’t fine with it when I lived in Quebec.

I wasn’t fine with it when Anne and I sacrificed greatly to fight for EQUAL RIGHTS, living for months on end over several years with 24 hour, seven day a week armed security because of my stature as a very visible, active, and outspoken adversary of these RACIST Quebec language laws.

But, I became fine with it when I realized that MOST within Quebec’s kiss-ass English media, appeasing English Elitists, and Apathetic population refused to stand-up for their own rights, because that was the impetus for Anne and I to leave Quebec, and were very happy not to look in the rear view mirror as we crossed the border into Ontario.

But, a funny thing happened to us in our new home.

Even though the French Ontario population numbers at BEST, with every type of dishonest calculation the Ontario/Francophone community can gin-up, they represent just 4% of the entire Ontario population (of about thirteen million people); this linguistic TYRANNY knows no bounds.

So, here I am today, living in what I thought was an English population where there were no problems with language not knowing that 4% (French) of the population has done the following with the blessings of several levels of government:

1 – Banned (segregated) English school children from public school busses because the French boards, teachers, and parents do not want to corrupt their children with English.

2 – Created French ONLY publicly funded healthcare clinics where “Anglos”, even “Anglos” like me who can speak French are turned away because we are NOT French.

3 – Made the use of English ONLY commercial signs ILLEGAL in communities where there is a significant French presence.

4 – Operate publicly funded French ONLY community centers amongst other publicly funded civic services.

5 – DENY jobs in the Public Sector to the VAST majority of people (96% English speakers) who actually pay the salaries of the French workers for jobs they (the Anglos) themselves can never get.

When I write publicly funded . . . what I actually mean – Is that the VAST majority of the funding for these privileges comes from the English community for services that they either cannot use, or are used AGAINST them.

Understand this as clearly as you can – CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY when you consider that LESS than 3% of the ENTIRE Canadian population outside of the “NATION” of Quebec are French speakers.

Yet, because of the TYRANNY of the French minority, you’d think that Canada is a primarily French country.

Luckily, there are some people who are willing to stand-up and fight for our Constitutional Rights, where our politicians and elitist media won’t. AND I’M PROUD TO SAY THAT I’M ONE OF THEM.

I PROMISE you that it will be worth your time.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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