Obama’s As Done As Burnt Toast

Unless the republicans hit the self-destruct button, Obama is as done as burnt toast.

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE For Obama . . . it’s all over with the exception of his November 2012 CONCESSION Speech, which he might as well start “plugging” into his teleprompter now.

When I read, hear and watch the pundits go on and on about how Obama is snookering the Republicans during this Debt Ceiling debate, I figure that the media is as much out of touch with the American people as are the politicians they are constantly analyzing.

I don’t have a great deal of confidence in the political intelligence of far too many voters, especially when more than half of the people voted for a Snake-Oil salesman with nothing but a shadowy past, who associated himself with Communists, White-Haters, America-Haters, Jew-haters and Israel-Haters.

And for all we know, he might be no different than the crowd he hung with. But what the hell . . . it was what it was. And it is what it is.

But, now that the LEFT’S favorite Socialist has had a chance to govern beyond platitudes and hype – GUESS WHAT? Even the people, who more than anything wanted America’s FIRST Black President to succeed, are seeing for themselves how much of a failure he really is.

I never worried about him winning a second term based upon his competence and sound guidance, since I never believed he had any of those attributes within him.

Any man, who reached the pinnacle of political heights as Obama did, who refuses to reveal anything about his past, INCLUDING his university records, is a man who in my mind has MORE than just a little bit to hide.

And what can you say about people who so blindly supported a man they either knew nothing about, or wanted NOT to know anything about?

It is one thing to blame George W Bush for everything bad that had befallen America while he was in office, but, it is an entirely different thing NOT to lay blame or credit at the feet of Obama for what has happened to America after he’s been in office for MORE than two years.

So – What can Obama take credit for beyond unsubstantiated claims to have either created or saved 3 million jobs, when in fact, almost 2 million MORE people are unemployed since he took office?

Obama takes credit for keeping America from the second GREAT Depression. OK – That’s what he and his spin-doctors say, but where’s the proof of that?

It seems to me and to a great many other people . . . that all the things Obama has taken credit for are actually things that cannot be proven one way or the other by any measure.

But, let’s take a look in no particular order at what can be attributed to Obama’s first 2½ years in office:

1 – There are more home foreclosures now than at any time in American history.

2 – Obama promised that unemployment would NOT go over 8% if the America people gave him what amounted to be a One TRILLION Dollar BLANK CHECK. Yet, unemployment hasn’t fallen below 9%, when in real terms, unemployment is MOST probably around 20%.

3 – Obama savaged the American healthcare system by his own concept of socialized medicine that now costs the American people far more, while delivering substantially less.

But, MORE than that – Obamacare has violated the Constitutional Rights of the American people by FORCING them to buy a product against their free will.

4 – Obama “saved” General Motors, by screwing the investors in favor of the unions. And in spite of what he says, the American taxpayer will NEVER see their money returned, and General Motors is still a non-viable standalone corporation.

5 – Obama was to become the great American Racial Conciliator, bringing people together in unimaginable and seemingly magical ways; yet, America is MORE racially divided today under Obama, than it was since the Jim Crow Days.

6 – America was going to become the transformational world leader; winning the respect and trust of the world – ESPECIALLY amongst the world of Islam.

Instead . . . the Arab/Moslem world dislikes Obama far more than they disliked George W Bush. And without American leadership, the world is fast going to hell in a hand-basket.

And under Obama, Afghanistan is surely to become the 21st Century’s version of Vietnam, even though the pundits never say so.

And what’s with the war on Libya?

7 – Because Obama bailed out the Banks, Wall Street and the Insurance Industries – All was supposed to be better, yet, even though, those institutions chosen by Obama to survive are once again flush with cash, everyday folk are hemorrhaging assets.

8 – Under Obama, America was going to create hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in revenue, and MILLIONS of jobs in the new Green Industries, which indeed happened; unfortunately . . . most of those jobs and wealth were created in China at the expense of the American people.

9 – Obama wouldn’t sign American licenses to drill and explore for offshore oil in the Gulf, costing TENS OF THOUSANDS of American jobs; but, he licensed and financed offshore drilling for at least one foreign country (Brazil), while watching the Chinese drill from Cuba less than 80 miles off America’s coastline.

And since Obama came to office, the price of energy at the pumps has doubled.


No matter how Obama and his SPIN-MASTERS try to sell the Debt Ceiling Crisis to the public: IT IS OF HIS OWN MAKING.

1 – It was Obama who spent MORE money in his first year of office than ALL of America’s Presidents COMBINED . . . since the days of George Washington.

2 – It was Obama who NEVER introduced a budget.

3 – Obama tells the American people to tighten their belts while he jets around in Air Force One as if it is his private plane to use for his personal pleasure.

4 – It is also Marie Antoinette – AKA Michelle Obama, who travels on World “Vacations” with a cortege of sycophants that would make a queen blush. Not to mention staying in the most lavish hotels at the expense of the people. “LET THEM EAT CAKE.”

5 – And MOST of all – Where’s Obama’s Plan to reduce the debt of his own making?

The Republicans don’t have to do a damn thing to win the 2012 election, other than not to do or say anything stupid, since the very best asset the Republicans have is Obama himself.

While it is true that there are many people who voted for Obama in 2008, who say they might not be entirely satisfied with him now, but would probably vote for him again; I DON’T BELIEVE THEM.

I think they are just too embarrassed to admit to their initial mistake, and when in the privacy of the voting booth in about one and a half years from now, they will not necessarily vote for the Republican candidate, but will NECESSARILY vote AGAINST Obama.

In the latest Gallop Poll, a NO NAME Republican would beat Obama by 9% if an election were to be held today. So, don’t believe that a named Republican would do worse as other polls indicate.

Unless the republicans hit the self-destruct button, Obama is as done as burnt toast.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Republicans won! Now what is it going to mean for the country? As I see it, it was not so much a vote for the Republicans as a vote against Obama and his policies. Now come the task of making the change work. I hope they do not get bogged down in petty stuff. We need to get the country going again.
    The next few weeks will tell the difference.

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