The REAL Obama Crisis

But it isn't he Debt-Ceiling. Well not really.

The pressure is on . . . Or is it?

Rahm Emanuel is famous for being a down and dirty politician, where the only rules that count, are the ones with which you can win. But, he’s also famous for saying that “a crisis is too good a thing to waste”, in reference to ramming through very unpopular, extraordinarily expensive, Constitution changing legislation during periods of great national stress.

In essence, Emanuel was right, since that is exactly what Obama was able to get away with because the American people were frightened, and the Republicans were still in shell shock from the 2008 election.

Because of this psychological dynamic, Obama was able to do the following:

1 – Appoint an army of LEFTIST and MOSTLY incompetent Czars who wield real power beyond the scrutiny of the people.

2 – Appoint crooks and hypocrites to his cabinet.

3 – Appoint serious LEFTISTS to the Supreme Court of America.

4 – Pass TARP that picked winners and losers in the financial markets, effectively taking control of the American banking and insurance industries.

5 – Pass the Stimulus Package that stimulated nothing but more debt and lost opportunities.

6 – Ram through Obamacare without anyone reading what was in the most important new American law passed since World War II.

7 – Buy-out the American Auto Industry by screwing legitimate investors for the purpose of protecting and continuing bad union contracts, salaries, perks and pensions.

8 – Cash For Clunkers, which in itself turned out to be a massive clunker.

There was of course much more that Obama has done to the great detriment to America and the American people . . . not to mention World stability.

But, what he wasn’t able to do, was to impose the following:

1 – Card Check, which would have taken away the RIGHT of secret ballots during union certification votes.

2 – Imposition of the draconian “Fairness Doctrine” that would have become a huge method of government censorship upon the Conservative Media.


In addition to all of this – The White House is busying itself in the private lives of what people can and cannot eat. Which type of light bulb they can use in their homes and businesses. What kind of cars people should drive. What restaurants can use as promotional incentives for children . . . ETC.


But this time – The White has pushed one CRISIS TOO FAR.

As amazing as this might seem to many people, the American population is becoming bone weary of Obama and his bombastic rhetoric, his false promises, and his meddling into the lives of the people who pay his salary and extraordinary perks.

I truly believe that the people are just fed-up with always being brought to the edge by Obama, who at the last minute rides in on his White Charger to save the day by spending enormous amounts of money, while simultaneously creating even MORE bureaucracy, entitlements, and mind-numbing-business-suffocating and job killing regulations.

It seems that everyone in America with a brain knows that you cannot spend money that you don’t have. And you cannot rack-up debts you cannot afford to pay back. And sooner rather than later, free-for-all spending comes to a crashing halt.

I don’t believe that MOST of the America people really understand the intricacies of national or corporate economics, but they do understand their own financial lives. And what is happening now, is that the debate over the Debt-Ceiling is coming to down to basics most people can relate to.

Because of the relentlessness of the Tea Parties, and the honest-to-goodness fear amongst “moderate” Republicans that they can kiss their political futures goodbye if they don’t do what really has to be done, Obama’s CRISIS SCARE TACTICS will have no resonance.

More than two years ago, on July 23, 2009, I wrote that Obama would be a one term President with his own Party turning against him.

The editorial, which can be found in my ARCHIVES, was titled: I TOLD YOU SO – YES I DID. Well it’s happening. And I didn’t have to be a genius to make these predictions two years ago, because his inevitable demise was there for everyone to see.

If the Republicans stick to their guns and don’t surrender even one inch on their position NOT to raise the Debt-Ceiling, unless a minimum amount of SERIOUS changes and cuts are made to the current American Fiscal House, the Democrats will self-destruct.

Every poll shows nothing but misery for Obama. And the polls don’t show the half of it.

1 – The Jewish vote is waning. And for a LEFTIST like Obama, especially a Black Man, to lose support amongst America’s MOST Liberal constituency is startling.

2 – The American Black Community will NOT be there in numbers in 2012 as they were in 2008, because all Obama delivered to them were speeches, platitudes, and even MORE joblessness.

And in absolute truth; I can’t recall any modern President who is as far removed from the Black Community as Obama is.

3 – The all-important women’s vote is in full retreat. That’s even more of a harbinger of bad things to come than the waning Jewish Vote.

4 – Then there are the Independents and Centrists, whom we saw how far they’ve moved away from Obama’s failures, excesses, and hyperbole in November 2010.

If the Republicans hold firm, and don’t buckle under Obama’s NEWEST CRISIS, and DON’T raise the Debt-Ceiling, America will NOT default on her loan obligations.

Like every American family feeling the economic pinch these days, the government will have no choice but to tighten its own belt buckle.

1 – Obama can start by leaving Air Force One on the tarmac by taking less vacations and getaways.

2 – Michelle can get rid of her army of assistants and sycophants.

3 – The government can slash the size of government, starting by getting rid of the unelected and unvetted LEFTIST Czars, all of whom are living high on the taxpayers’ dollar.

4 – The government can slash the salaries, perks, and pensions of ALL Public Sector Workers by between 30% and 50%, just to get them in line with the salaries, perks, and pensions “enjoyed” by the PRIVATE SECTOR.

5 – The government can simply close an enormous number of intrusive agencies that do nothing but create bureaucracies and roadblocks to progress.

6 – The government can stop writing checks to international BAD-ACTORS and cut in half the amount of money America gives to the UN.


YES – THERE IS A CRISIS . . . A REAL SERIOUS CRISIS, but it’s not the CRISIS Obama and the LEFT want everyone to believe. This time, it’s Obama and the Democrats who are in CRISIS, only because the American people are finally starting to see the truth.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Harry Reid and his cutthroats/majority have two months to practice their corruption and duplicity, we can call it their death throes but it will be a long two months. I don’t have much hope that the Republicans will openly challenge Obama
    during this time or after they take over in January.

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