America Does Not Have To CRASH And BURN


I am reading, listening, and watching the debate on the National Debt Ceiling, and what to do about it before the August 2, 2011 deadline.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this editorial . . . it must be said that:

1 – I have no reason whatsoever to believe that the deadline is August 2, 2011, since that deadline seems to be the “OPINION” of Obama’s White House, since that date has changed several times within the last 6 months.

2 – Raising the Debt Ceiling is a MUST, or else America will be in default of its loans repayment obligations. That’s simply NOT true.

3 – That raising the Debt Ceiling must be tied to lowering government spending to an equal amount. That’s an oxymoron, an absolute contradiction of terms. If you raise the Debt Ceiling by Two Trillion Dollars, and cut spending by Two Trillion Dollars – Where’s the difference?

4 – Bush is being held accountable for the gargantuan INDEBTEDNESS of the USA. That’s somewhat true. But, not nearly as responsible for this mess as is Obama, who in less than TWO YEARS racked-up MORE US Debt than all of America’s Presidents COMBINED, since George Washington crossed the Delaware.


The ONLY people not taking any blame for America’s miserable financial position are the politicians who made all the decisions that have led to this economic slaughter.

The politicians on BOTH sides of the floor, Republicans and Democrats alike spent the PEOPLES’ MONEY as if it was won in some sort of lottery.

With the PEOPLE’S MONEY, the politicians BOUGHT the votes of STUPID people, gave themselves unbelievable salaries, perks and pensions; and allowed . . . if not encouraged LOBBYISTS from playing fast and loose with the future of the American people.

Forget about Bush and Obama, because, without a complicit and willing Congress (House and Senate), America would not be in this horrific mess. Therefore, the politicians who are scurrying around like busy ants appearing to be doing something about this mess America is in, are in absolute truth, the same BAD ACTORS who have already done TOO MUCH.

When I hear Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell talk about ADULT CONVERSATIONS, and NEGOTIATIONS, and finding COMMON GROUND . . . I have to shake my head in wonderment.

When I read, hear, and watch the pundits laying blame on the Conservative (Tea Party) Republicans as being obstructionists, who are not willing to COMPROMISE, I look upon all of them with the level of disdain they deserve.


The politicians of both Parties are like two wolves sitting to the LEFT and RIGHT of a TAXPAYER, who is nothing more than a sheep without an opinion, as they argue over how they plan to eat the sheep.

I heard this morning on the FOX News Sunday Show (July 10, 2011), from all of the politicians interviewed, but specifically from Mitch McConnell how difficult it will be to REFORM the Tax Code and install a Constitutionally mandated Amendment FORCING a Federal Balanced Budget.


Instituting a totally brand new and revolutionary tax reform is not difficult at all. All it needs is a leadership with the will to do it.

FORCING a Constitutionally MANDATED Federal Balanced Budget Amendment is not difficult at all. All it needs is a leadership with the will to do it.

If Independent Business Owners ran their affairs the way the politicians run the US government, business in America would resemble business in Third World Countries.

And, if America continues to screw with debt, entitlements, government excesses in terms of size, costs, perks and regulations, America will sooner rather than later begin to look like those futuristic movies that show dilapidated cities where people begin to resemble street urchins living amongst the debris.


Every great civilization that saw itself as a THOUSAND YEAR EMPIRE went down in flames, simply because they believed their own hype and propaganda, and forgot what it was that initially made them great.

AMERICA IS NO EXCEPTION – The ONLY people who can save America are those people who believe in, and support the Tea Party ETHOS, and are willing to take matters into their own hands.

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Thank you to all the people who contribute to this Web Site.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It was worth the lack of sleep to see the figures pour in all night last night. I do hope the Republicans will be up to the challenge and that this is an indication that Hillary won’t even bother to run. I know that’s too much to hope for, but even so.. I hope we can see the Congress settle down and do their job right so this doesn’t end up a flash in the pan; I pray they can and will impeach Obama. Thanks for being a light in the tunnel for us, Mr. G. Now I hope we see restoration.

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