Israel Has Not Survived Because Israel Is Stupid

“The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

I’ve recently received a considerable amount of emails asking why I have written and said so little about the forthcoming Gaza Flotilla.

The reason is simple – Even with all the posturing on behalf of the anti-Semitic Israel-Hating LEFT, there was little to write about up till now.

But, now that this Flotilla is falling apart, actually stated more succinctly – DISINTEGRATING . . . there is plenty to write about.

Instead of this Flotilla of Jew-Hating losers doing damage to Israel, as was and continues to be their intent, they instead have bolstered Israel and FORCED countries which would normally not support Israel into the Israeli camp.

Israel’s NEW/OLD strategy of NOT negotiating with thugs and bullies has forced everyone’s hand. Netanyahu made it publicly clear to the President of the United States of America on the President’s own turf, that he won’t allow Israel to be bullied by anyone – Not even the Dufus-In-Chief.

And Israel also made it as clear as crystal that the Flotilla would be stopped regardless of what the world body thought. All of which left zero wiggle room for doubt, question, or negotiations.

While the world at large might not like Jews, and in fact have a palpable dislike for Israel, the Western World isn’t entirely stupid, and would rather throw-in their lot with the Middle East’s ONLY stable Western Democracy, rather than with a bunch of Islamists whose purpose is to DO-IN the West as a whole.

Lost only on the US State Department and President Dufus, all of these Arab Pro-Democracy demonstrations were nothing more than a smokescreen camouflaging an organized power-grab by the Moslem Brotherhood from Gaza, to Lebanon, to Syria, to Egypt, to Yemen, to Libya, to the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.

But, unlike this US White House, what’s happening in the Middle East Arab/Moslem World isn’t lost on the movers and shakers of Europe.

The Europeans have had their little Islamist experiment, and have come to the conclusion that not only was it a mistake to open their borders to Islamism, but was in fact an unmitigated disaster.

In addition, the Europeans are also astute enough to know that they have no oil or natural gas of their own, with very limited options with which to run their transport from cars to trains to ships and planes.

Given Europe’s circumstances, they are as much between the proverbial Rock and Hard Place as any region could possibly be. On one hand, there is Russia to the East that literally controls the flow of oil from the Asian Moslem States to the gateway of Europe.

Then there’s the Arab Middle East, including Arab Africa, all of which is roiling in the throes of civil war, in what I believe will end in the creation of the next Caliphate.

Europe has no idea how reliable these BAD ACTORS will be as a supplier of liquid energy, which is something Europe has been worried about for the longest time.

Then come the Palestinians to add fuel on open flames in their demand to be recognized as a State by the United Nations this Autumn, which will give Israel the 100% legitimate opportunity to tear-up the devastating 1993 Oslo Agreement, and close the door to any further negotiations with the PLO and all others based upon demands for land, Jerusalem, and their so-called Right to Return.

And when this happens – ALL BETS ARE OFF on the stability of the Middle East and the reliable flow of energy with one VERY BIG EXCEPTION:

If the reports are just half accurate about the amount of oil and natural gas that lies under recognized Israeli territory, neither the Arabs, nor the Russians will be able to maintain the liquid energy lock on Europe they’ve been enjoying for quite a while.

So . . . The choices that exist for Europe are quite clear. Do they side with the Flotilla of LEFTIST Jew-Haters and the Palestinian UN unilateralists, and wait for it all to blow-up in their faces as it surely will?

Or . . . do they ride with the Jewish State of Israel, which is a REAL Democracy based entirely upon the Western concept of Secular Law and Modernity, which is also an unquestionable ally, a bulwark military power, and home to what might be the world’s largest new energy discovery?

We can already see the answer to the above; as the Europeans most nervously begin to change their positions hoping that no one will really notice.

The late Abba Eban – Israeli Ambassador to the USA and the United Nations, South African born, British educated and trained, who was indisputably one of the world’s great diplomats, is famous for many sayings; but this one about the Arabs says it all:

“The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

What Abba Eban said so many decades ago is as true today as it was then.

In a time when timing is everything, the Arabs could not have chosen a time worse than this for them to make all or nothing demands.

The Gaza Flotilla and Palestinian intent to FORCE a UNILATERAL Declaration of Statehood for Palestine at the United Nations this Autumn has forced Europe, and even Obama to a position in favor of Israel that makes none of them happy. GOOD ON THEM.

Israel has not been able to survive in a region and world of absolute hatred towards them because the Israelis are stupid and have relied upon luck for their continued existence.

Israel has survived because they refuse to die. And stupid is not in their vocabulary.

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