From Sparta To Athens – And The Persians Are Still At The Gate



During the 2008 Democratic Primary . . . Hillary Clinton said:

“It’s THREE AM and your children are safe and asleep – There’s a phone in the White House, and it’s ringing – Something’s happening in the world – Who do you want answering the phone?” (This is the truncated quote).

Clinton ran this message as a television ad during the nomination campaign, alluding to the fact that Obama was not the person anyone would want to be the one answering that call – BUT SHE WAS.

HERE’S THE TRUTH . . . Neither of them were or are the people anyone should be wanting to answer that THREE AM phone call in the White House.

And if we didn’t know it BEFORE November 2008 – We certainly know it now.

In the land of ancient Greece, a few hundred years prior to the birth of Christ and the sacking of Jewish Jerusalem by the Romans, there were two prominent civilizations.

There was the sophisticated and very LIBERAL City State of Athens, and the very basic and Conservative State of Sparta.

The Athenians paid little attention to the safety of their City State, while delving in all the esoteric delights the mind could conjure. Theirs became a State of “THINKERS”, philosophers, poets and artists.

Athens was a State of cumbersome politics, where great debates over existential thoughts took preference above all other matters of State, where the elite believed that they and they alone were qualified to rule and pass judgment.

Athens gave the world Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; men such as Plato who saw himself and others like him, to be “PHILOSOPHER KINGS”, who should rule by sophisticated decree.

In other words – The government headed by them over all others.

In Sparta, it was a different matter, where deep thought was left for the Athenians, since the Spartans focused on the nuts and bolts of Statehood. On personal responsibility to State and Family, where sacrifice was a virtue, and all else was insignificant.

And the governance of Sparta went to elected panels where the people had a say. All of which bothered the Athenian elitist Aristotle, since he believed that the common person was not qualified to make lofty decisions of State.

ALSO – The Spartans knew who were the enemy, and dealt with them as the enemy in spite of subterfuge. And even though Sparta was out-manned and out-armed by their enemies, their bravery and military prowess was legendary then and now.

Perhaps the most famous battle of all time, engaged just 300 Spartans against (depending upon whose account you believe) between 100,000 and 300,00 THOUSAND Persians in 480 BC at the Battle of Thermopylae, where this handful of Spartans held off the most powerful army on the planet, long enough for the Forces of Greece to fall back and regroup.

But, instead of the valiant and extraordinary efforts of just 300 Sparta Patriots willing to die for their FREEDOM, which they did, the elitist Athenians lost their city nonetheless.


In the modern version of Sparta and Athens, America plays both roles.

The first was the American Colonialists’ thirst and hunger for FREEDOM that led to the shot that was heard around the world on April 19, 1775 in the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which heralded the American Revolution that drove the British out.

From the Declaration of Independence in 1776, America defeated TYRANNY in all lands, from the Barbary Pirates, to the German/Austro/Hungarian Empire, to the Nazis, to the Iron Curtain.

Those were the SPARTA DAYS of America, when people understood the value of duty and patriotism. When real-life heroes were worshiped.

And standing up for something as “hokey” as TRUTH, JUSTICE, & THE AMERICAN WAY actually meant something beyond Superman and the comic books.

But, over the past two generations since the days of the Vietnam War and the American Cultural Revolution where Drugs, Sex and Rock ‘n Roll became the new mantra of the Hippie Generation; everything has been cascading downhill.

We didn’t all do drugs. Not all of us had sex like cats and dogs in heat. And not all of us spent our lives immersed in Heavy Metal. But, far TOO MANY of us did buy into this ultra Liberal crap – INCLUDING ME.

But that said, even the brainwashed eventually see the truth for what it is when seeing only requires looking and thinking for oneself.

Athens with the lofty ideas, and a world built upon the smoke and mirrors of philosophy could only survive as long as the Spartans fought to protect their FREEDOMS. But, when Sparta fell under insurmountable odds, Athens fell too.

One of my great fears for America is that it has gone from its Sparta Days to the Days of Athens, while the Persians are once again charging the gates.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Dear Howard, Thank you for your encouraging words about the election outcome. I pray your predictions are right on the money..
    I have a 21 yr. old grandson who stays with me part of each week as his job is nearby. He is intelligent, and has been for several years now been working on college courses online to complete his high school education. Yet he is convinced that voting is a waste of time since he thinks corporations control everything. We must overcome this kind of thinking somehow.

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