The FUSE Is Lit

What he said was an outrage for many reasons.


Yesterday (June 29, 2011), Barack Obama gave a press conference covering many issues, including the Debt Ceiling, Troops in Afghanistan, and the “NON-WAR” in Libya.

What he said was an outrage for many reasons.

The FIRST outrage had to do with his belief that everyone he spoke to was stupid, and was totally unaware of the REAL problems facing America.

The SECOND outrage was all about his NON-answers, as if platitudes are still acceptable after more than 2 years in the White House.

The THIRD outrage was when he declared that old people would lose their Social Security, their Pensions and Medicare if the DEBT CEILING is NOT increased.

And that American Military Folk might not be paid if the debt ceiling is NOT increased.

And that the world will stop lending money to the USA if the DEBT CEILING is NOT increased because America would default on her debts. It was just one cascading catastrophe after another if the DEBT CEILING is NOT increased.

He focused like a laser-beam on how the remedy for all that ails the American economy is in raising taxes to the millionaires and billionaires. And by getting rid of what he calls the oil company subsidies, executive jet subsidies etc – then EVERYTHING would be just peachy.

But his arithmetic doesn’t add-up – NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

After predicting DOOM and GLOOM to America’s seniors, families and military if the DEBT CEILING is NOT increased, he had the UNMITIGATED Chutzpah to accuse the Republicans of FEAR-MONGERING.

If that’s not an outrage – What is?

He also accused the Republicans of not coming up with a plan or any new ideas . . . On what planet is this guy living?

Besides . . . what about a plan or some ideas from him, since he’s supposed to be the guy in charge? I guess that continuously voting PRESENT in Illinois when he was a State Senator was more than just anecdotal.

And it would have been a real good thing if the people who voted for this piece of work, would have thought about Obama’s Illinois voting record BEFORE electing him to the White House, where voting PRESENT is NOT an option.

Or at the very least, was never an option before Obama became President.

Many people write to me fearing that Obama and his LEFTIST acolytes or “puppet-masters” will somehow highjack the 2012 election through any number of skullduggery ways.


My fear is far greater than that:

With every passing day we hear about GREATER numbers of people losing their homes, their jobs and their investments. We hear about larger debts and unsustainable entitlements.

What we can’t know from the bad news, because we can’t really feel the pain of others, is how all of this is tearing the heart and soul out of TENS of MILLIONS of people in a very real way everyday.

I don’t know if ever there was a time when the American MISERY index was this high.

With every passing day, we see the great divide between the MAKERS and the TAKERS, increasing exponentially to the point that within a very short period of time, there will be an EXPLOSION that will split America apart from the inside out.

What Obama has managed to do in just two short years . . . is to divide America like it has NEVER been divided before. Not even during the times of the Civil War and Vietnam.

Obama has created the perfect storm for all-out CLASS WARFARE. And he has lit the fuse by putting the future of all Americans up against the proverbial WALL with nowhere to go under the crush of HIS atrocious policies.

Obama has made American life untenable for the Makers, while expanding the already gargantuan size and privileges of the TAKERS.

One of the GREAT questions that physicists and philosophers have been pondering forever is . . . What happens when an IRRESISTIBLE FORCE meets an IMMOVABLE OBJECT?

In this case – What happens when the FREE RIDE for the TAKERS comes to a crashing end?

We are about to find out courtesy of the man who should have NEVER been elected to any public office, let alone to the Presidency of the United States of America.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Republicans will win big tonight, but not because they stand for anyrthig great or exciting. They’ll win only because of Obama’s pathetic Pretendency. If, after they control Congress, Republicans don’t advance the legislation America needs like entitlement reform and immigration reform beginning with sealing and protection of borders, they’ll be doomed in ’16 and likely forever more. That said, I have a steak bet with you-know-who riding on this election and I’m starting to hear the sizzle 🙂

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