More Than Just Winning In 2012


I watched Chris Wallace interview Michelle Bachmannn this morning (Sunday June 26, 2011) on FOX News, and came away VERY disappointed.

I don’t feel that Chris Wallace is nearly as Fair and Balanced as FOX likes to portray itself, since in my opinion, he leans far more to the LEFT than he does to the RIGHT.

But, when interviewing Nominee Candidates for the Republican Leadership, I want someone who is going to hold the candidates feet to the fire. And that’s what he “sort” of did this morning with Michelle Bachmannn, who was so offended by one of his questions, that during the exchange, she complained that it was “insulting”.

My feeling is this: If you can’t stand-up to scrutiny everywhere, than you won’t be able to stand-up to scrutiny anywhere. And if you can’t, then the best thing to do is to move-on and get out of the race.

In fairness to Chris Wallace, where he had the chance to really give her a beat-down, he didn’t.


Bachmannn is well known as being a member of Congress who is AGAINST Earmarks, Farm Subsidies, and Business Grants from the Government. She is also well known for being an unequivocal defender of States’ RIGHTS.

1 – Wallace asked her to explain why she voted for at least one earmark for her State, if she is against Earmarks?

Instead of saying to Wallace that she made a mistake, and has learned from this mistake; she chose to defend voting for the Earmark because it created infrastructure jobs.

2 – Bachmannn often speaks about the “Family Farm”, I guess to draw some kind of kinship with the rural folk. So, when Wallace asked her how she could justify taking a huge government subsidy for the “Family Farm”, when she campaigns against all farming subsidies, her answer was:

It isn’t my farm. The farm belongs to my husband’s parents.

3 – She always boasts about the Family Health-Business that she and her husband set-up together. So, when Wallace questioned her about her asking for and accepting ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000 IS MY ERROR AND SHOULD BE $30,000) from the federal government for their business’s employees – Her response was:

In reality, that money went to “training” our employees, so we didn’t get any of it. And that money actually COST us revenue, because, while our employees were being trained, they weren’t earning money for us.

4 – Then there was the question of New York State signing into law the RIGHT for Gays and Lesbians to marry, to which she said that she would move to repeal that law.

Oh yeah – What happened to her unequivocal support for States’ RIGHTS? Or are they restricted ONLY to RIGHTS she believes in?


In terms of the first question – Instead of just saying that I was wrong to campaign for any Earmarks for my State, she played the spin-game.

As for the “Family Farm” – It either IS . . . or it is NOT the “Family Farm”. And if it is the “Family Farm”, then she’s guilty of hypocrisy. If it is NOT the “Family Farm”, then she’s guilty of misleading the people.

When it comes to their Family Health-Business, applying for and taking any money from the federal government, especially when it is in excess of $1 million is JUST PLAIN WRONG, specifically when you campaign against such things.

Had Wallace really wanted to take her down on this PORK-DEAL she and her husband benefited from, all he had to do when she claimed that the money went into “training” their employees and actually cost them; was to ask this simple follow-up question:

If the government didn’t pay $1 million ($1,000,000 IS MY ERROR AND SHOULD BE $30,000) to train your employees, wouldn’t you have had to ante-up that money yourself? And if you didn’t want to spend your OWN money to improve the quality of your employees, wouldn’t you have lost a terrific taxpayer benefit that would have made your company better and more profitable?

America and the rest of the world cannot afford to have any more phonies running the White House.

And probably more important than that:

If Bachmannn couldn’t stand-up to Wallace’s not too aggressive questioning, how would she be able to stand-up to the Democrats who would come after her with pick-axes if she were to win the Republican Nomination?

I’m liking Herman Cain MORE and MORE, mostly because he isn’t a politician. But also because he really does say it like it is. And that he speaks from honest to goodness experience and success in both the Private and Public Sectors.

And I’m still in LOVE with the idea of a Palin Candidacy, since everyone on both sides of the political divide and the MEDIA have already put her through the wringer – COMING UP WITH BUBKES.

And since I really like Rick Santorum, I’m also hoping that he doesn’t have to skate and slide for things that he did and said yesterday, that run contrary to what he is saying and doing now.

And if Rick Perry gets into the race – I hope that he is exactly who and what he says he is. And if he has political skeletons in his closet, better that he ‘fesses-up now, takes the hit, says his Mea Culpa, and shoots for glory.

As much as I was looking forward to seeing the Chris Wallace/Bachmannn Interview, is as much as I am now disappointed in her performance and display of hypocrisy.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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