November 2012 Is When The American Nightmare Comes To An End.

The LEFTIST media might LOVE Obama. But they LOVE money MORE.

Both the LEFT and “moderate” Republicans, INCLUDING know-it-all pundits can predict the re-election of Obama all they want to, but saying so doesn’t make it TRUE.


Obama does not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting reelected. I don’t care what the polls say with the EXCEPTION of one.

The poll that shows Obama losing to a NON-NAMED Republican is the ONLY poll that counts. If Obama loses to a shadow-candidate in all of the so-called “respected” polls, how can anyone imagine that he could possibly win against a REAL candidate who will PUBLICLY tar and feather him based upon on his record?

I’ve written about this many times. But as much as I’m absolutely convinced that Obama will be toast in November 2012, there are those in the media who still cling to the belief that he will be a strong candidate and the favorite to win.


When Obama ran and won in 2008, he ran against the WORST candidate I have ever seen in any election. He ran with the undisguised BLESSINGS and SUPPORT from all of the mainstream media with the exception of FOX News, Conservative Radio Hosts, and Conservative Bloggers.


In addition to a toadying compliant media that ignored EVERYTHING about Obama’s miserable past, Obama had 98% of the Black community in his hip pocket, not because they thought he would be a good President, but rather because he is BLACK.

Obama won the vote of White LIBERALS as well; ALSO because he was BLACK. It certainly couldn’t be because of anything he had done previously, since what he had done that was positive was NOTHING anyone could point to.

Obama got the CENTRIST and INDEPENDENT votes as well, partly because people bought into the “HOPE AND CHANGE” platitude, along with the “YES WE CAN” mantra, partly because the media elevated Obama to Rock Star Status, but MOSTLY because McCain gave the MIDDLE & INDEPENDENTS no reason to vote for him.

And then there were ACORN, the Black Panthers, and all the other LEFTIST groups of THUGS who CHEATED in the 2008 election, in ways no one in America could have ever imagined.


1 – The Republicans will not be caught flat-footed and unaware of the likes of ACORN, or any group playing fast, loose, and dirty with their Constitutional RIGHT to have a FAIR election.

2 – McCain isn’t running. And whichever Republican Candidate gets the nomination; he or she will go after Obama with SLEDGEHAMMERS. And he or she will not be alone in the anti-Obama onslaught.

3 – The mainstream media will still be unfair. But even they can’t be as compliant in 2012 as they were in 2008, if they hope to maintain even a shred of credibility.

Audience is EVERYTHING in the media:

It’s no secret that everyday Americans are flocking in HUGE numbers to Conservative Radio Talk Shows, to FOX News, and to Bloggers like me. All of which means MUCH less revenue from advertisers for the mainstream media.

The LEFTIST media might LOVE Obama – But they LOVE money MORE.

4 – Obama might still get 98% of the BLACK vote. But many fewer Blacks will be voting this time around, since their Savior delivered NOTHING they expected, and are probably worse off today than they were before Obama became President.


5 – As I’ve written many times in the past, the LEFTIST Jewish votes were in the tank for Obama (78% of all Jewish Voters), but, that was BEFORE Obama decided to treat Netanyahu like crap, and publicly teach Israel a lesson, while DEMANDING suicidal COMPLIANCE from Israel with an inferred OR-ELSE.

The Democrats are making this big thing about how DEVOTED Obama is to the safety and well being of Israel. But not all Jews are stupid. And most Jews can discern the difference between empty rhetoric and visible action.

So far, what Obama is saying about his “devotion” to Israel is nothing close to what he’s doing vis a vis Israel.

He “might” still get much or most of the Jewish vote, but much or most might be in the realm of 50%, not 78%, which could spell disaster for him in some heavily Jewish populated States.


Jewish Americans are BIG political contributors. And even though more than half of the American Jewish population might still vote for Obama, it is exceedingly unlikely that he will get anywhere near the amount of money from the Jewish community that he got for 2008.

We’re already seeing it.

The other problem for Obama amongst the Jewish population is the Conservative Candidates who have all but taken a BLOOD-OATH for their undisputed friendship to Israel WITHOUT conditions.

This message will only get stronger, and resonate more and more amongst the Jewish community as they realize how fragile Israel’s security has become since Obama became President.

6 – I won’t go into the actual statistics of the overall economy; such as the jobless numbers, housing crisis, increasing cost of living, the cost of energy, the national debt, the borrowing cap, the disintegrating infrastructure, the bloat and entitlement of government workers – ETC . . . since we all know the numbers.

In 2008, Obama won the Presidency on platitudes. In 2012, he has a record to defend. And about one and a half years to the 2012 election, it’s hard to believe how his record could be MORE abysmal.

But WORSE for Obama and the Democrats, there is NOTHING on the horizon that says things are going to improve. In fact, all indicators are that things under his stewardship will get WORSE.

Unlike in 2008, Obama can’t blame Bush. And Obama can’t even continue to make this unfounded claim that HIS actions SAVED America and the world from a depression.

Even Obama’s phony-baloney claim that HE saved and created three million jobs will have ZERO resonance in 2012. First off, people don’t really believe it, but even if they did believe it, that was yesterday, and what the people really care about is today.


7 – In 2008, Obama ran on a platform that HE would pull all of the troops out Iraq. But last time I looked, they were still there.

Afghanistan was the GOOD war. And even at that, he would end that war in no time at all. But, not only is that war not ended, it has been expedited with less troops than his generals wanted, but more troops than when he became President.

And now, against the advice of his own Generals, he’s bringing home some troops before the deal has been done, endangering those left behind.

But, what about HIS war in Pakistan no one is talking about? And HIS war in Libya that isn’t “really” a war, even though NATO Forces are bombing the crap out of Gaddafi’s military and infrastructure, as Obama “LEADS FROM BEHIND”?

How’s Obama going to defend HIS wars? Oh – Did I forget to mention GITMO?

8 – Obama has made this GRANDIOSE claim that HE will be the FIRST candidate ever to raise ONE BILLION DOLLARS for any kind of political campaign.

So you have to ask the following questions:

A – Why would OBAMA raising this amount of money mean anything to the American people who are struggling to keep their heads above water?

B – Does Obama think this is some kind of contest to show how much better he will be as a repeat President than the Republican candidate because he can raise MORE money?

C – Does Obama not yet realize that a great many American people are already fed-up with his narcissism?

D – And what if Obama doesn’t raise ONE BILLION DOLLARS for his campaign?

Frankly . . . not only do I NOT believe that Obama will raise One Billion Dollars, I doubt if he will even come close to raising the SEVEN HUNDRED & FIFTY MILLION he acquired in 2008, some or much of which seems to have been raised in places where by US law he shouldn’t have.

If Obama comes short of the ONE BILLION DOLLARS, this will be seen by EVERYONE as yet another colossal FAILURE for Obama.

In the complete analysis, the Republican candidate, whomever he or she will be, will have a GREAT platform upon which to campaign, based upon reality opposed to 2008 Obama platitudes.

And every time I hear a LEFTIST or any media pundit say that the Republicans don’t have any ideas, and are nothing more than the PARTY OF NO, I roll my eyes, because NO is very often the BEST idea one can have.

On the contrary, the LEFT . . . and Obama especially, have MANY ideas, and look what they’ve managed to “accomplish” with those ideas in less than one term.

Anyone who suggests that Obama will be a formidable candidate in 2012, and that the republicans don’t really have a candidate to run against him are full of CRAPOLA.

The only thing Obama has to run on in 2012 is his record. So, ask yourself this: What in his record will make NON UNION and NON ELITISTS want to voter for Obama in 2012?

GUARANTEED – Obama will raise HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS, particularly from the Unions, because they have the MOST to lose if Obama loses.

But, from the people who do NOT work for the government, or who do NOT feel entitled, or who are NOT amongst the nation’s elitists and academics, Obama will get a very cold shoulder and a very serious vote of NON CONFIDENCE.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No negatives tonight Howard–I voted Republican. Let’s just see what happens tomorrow. In the meantime, be safe in your travels.

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