Boehner Should Stick To Golf


Before John Boehner became SPEAKER Boehner, I thought that he had the RIGHT-STUFF. But I don’t think so anymore.

When Boehner had his FIRST opportunity to tell Obama where he could shove Obama’s ridiculous budget that literally cut NOTHING, he showed that his words were serious but he wasn’t.

But, now that Boehner had decided to play a round of golf with Obama, joking about trading a TRILLION Dollars for each stroke he would give to Obama, THE JOKE IS ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Knowing how much misery so many Americans are living with, and how fearful MOST Americans are about their immediate future, when people are losing their homes in record numbers, and others are begging for work, how does Boehner justify a display of playing a “friendly” game of golf while America burns?

Say all you want to about George W Bush, after 9/11, he hung up his golf clubs in deference to the angst of the American people.

What John Boehner needs is a shot of testosterone from the likes of Nancy Pelosi . . . so he can grow a pair and do what the American people need done, which doesn’t include playing golf with Obama, the architect of America’s current misery.

If the Republicans hope to re-win the House in 2012, win the Senate in 2012, and the White House in 2012, Boehner better understand that it isn’t photo-ops, golf games, and compromises that the American people are begging for.

What MOST Americans want MORE than anything right now, is a Party they can trust to fix the problems. There is no question in my mind, NONE whatsoever that the American people have had enough with an American Idol in the White House and compromisers in the Congress.

I am watching and listening to some very good Republican Candidates, each of whom is vying to become the Party’s Nominee. And the one who will win the day, will be amongst the few who say it like it is with real conviction.


Pawlenty is toast for ducking the critique of Romney Care.

Romney will be toast as the debates carry-on further, when things really start to get tough and he won’t have answers for his flip-flops.

Santorum is still looking good.

Cain hasn’t done any damage to himself, but he isn’t going to win the day.

Ron Paul is more of a distraction than a serious option.

And Michelle Bachman is looking better and better with each passing day.

BUT – If Texas Governor Rick Perry decides to get into the fight, everything will change, and it will be a battle between him and Bachman. And nothing could be better for Republicans, TRUE Conservatives, the USA and the world as a whole.

And don’t forget Palin.

It’s looking more and more less likely that she will get into the Presidential fray. But don’t count her out.

Actually, what I see for Palin is her taking a serious look at a run for the other Senate Seat in Arizona, which I am quite confident she could and would win.

If I were Boehner or any of the other SOFT Republican compromisers, I would be paying very close attention to the Presidential Leadership Race understanding that the ONLY people with a chance to win are serious players, who are in no mood to compromise or play nice with the ENEMY.

And knowing that, if I was one of them, I would start to rethink how I positioned myself in terms of getting the job done.

Obama joked about SHOVEL-READY JOBS not being so shovel-ready. No one was laughing. And Boehner didn’t do himself, the Party, or the country any favors by this ridiculous golf photo-op that only created more distance between Washington and the real people.

I doubt if many people were amused or feel better for it.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Newspapers were printed and ready to be on the Streets, and the next morning, SURPRISE.
    The Habadasher walked off with the brass ring. Stay tuned. Dewey v Truman.

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