The Sickness Of The LEFT


The last thing I want to write about is Weiner’s wiener, but . . . what was at first nothing more than a pretty sick “display”, has now become far more important than just the depravity of one Congressman.

What I am reading in the polls about what the average New York City voter thinks about what Weiner has done, and whether he should step down from his Congressional Seat, has me shaking my head in disgust.

The majority of New Yorkers polled think that he should NOT step down, and WOULD vote for him again.

And if Weiner decided to run for Mayor in the next New York City Mayoral Election, he could very well win.



NOTHING that I could ever write or say, could better describe just how SICK the LEFT are, than the LEFT’S own reaction to the abhorrent behavior of this elected Representative.

How would these sicko electors feel if it was one of their daughters receiving this filth? Or if it was one of their own husbands, brothers or sons sending lewd photos of themselves to unsuspecting young women, AND THEN LYING ABOUT IT?

Bill Clinton lied to his wife, his daughter, his friends, his Party, to Congress, and to the American people. And in spite of what he did to this young and impressionable Intern (Monica Lewinsky) in the Oval office, he’s STILL the LEFT’S beloved Poster Boy, even after having been impeached.

I wonder how Monica Lewinsky’s mom and dad felt after learning that the President of the USA fiddled with their daughter, with a Churchill-type cigar in the Oval Office of all places?

I remember Billionaire Ross Perot, who in 1992 and 1996 ran as a Conservative Independent Presidential Candidate, who said that he would NEVER hire someone who cheated on his wife.

His reasoning was simple and OLD-FASHIONED, and laughed at by the LEFT. But, as he pointed out, if a man can cheat on his wife to whom he made an oath of monogamy until death do them part . . . who wouldn’t he cheat on?

As fundamental as decent morals and values should be, that’s how lost these most basic traits of ethics are on the LEFT.

For the life of me, I can’t fathom how anyone could possibly support and trust a known cheat and liar with the future of their town, city, state/province or country. BUT THAT’S WHAT THE LEFT DOES.


How sick can people be, not just to close their eyes to a politician with the known lack of values of a CREEP like Anthony Weiner, but to support him as if what he did was meaningless?

I truly believe from this Weiner episode, that the VAST majority of people on the LEFT are without any moral compass, or are so LIBERAL, as to believe that anything and everything is acceptable.

These LEFTISTS can laugh all they want to at the Conservatives, especially the TEA PARTIERS who stand on old-fashioned values . . . but the joke is on the LEFT, especially after a degenerate like Weiner thinks the people are so stupid, that his decision to seek professional help for being a reprobate would make everything better.

I am no prude. But, I am also a person who knows where the line should be drawn in the sand. And from what I can see all around me, the lines on the LEFT are so blurred, as to be nonexistent between right and wrong, moral and criminal.

It’s interesting to now hear from Extreme LEFTISTS, the likes of Debra Wasserman Schultz and Nancy Pelosi that Weiner MUST step down now.

Where were their voices before they discovered that that this sick creep was damaging their Democrat Party Brand?


If debauchery, lying, cheating and razzmatazz wins elections – 2012 will be a GREAT year for the Democrats. But, if old-fashioned values and moral decency still mean anything in America – ANYTHING AT ALL – there will be a great breath of Conservative fresh air in November 2012.

Weiner is nothing more and nothing less than the symptom. The LEFT are the problem.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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