We’re Reliving History And Not For The Better.

Everything DOESN’T go. And everything is NOT OK.

I’ve recently been writing about history, more to the point, the consequences of not knowing or understanding history, in as much as to not know history is to be cursed to repeat it.

I’ve also written extensively on how today’s LEFTIST Jews are repeating the history of their 1930’s European coreligionists, and how they, much like the European Elitists Jews are living in a fools’ paradise as hell is lurking just beyond.

Perhaps the single largest group of people who will be responsible for the clobbering America and the world will receive by ignoring history, are the vast majority of America’s LEFT who are themselves expediting the calamity that is about to destroy their magnificent country and culture.

I will draw a parallel to another culture that thought they too were TOO BIG TO FAIL – But to do so, I’m going to go back a couple of thousand years to the debauchery of the Roman Empire, where life became undisciplined, focused on entertainment, and self aggrandizement instead of providing sound and Conservative government and values.

Unlike today, where our so-called “news” media are absolutely focused on people like Anthony Weiner’s wiener, not because what he did should have had him automatically ejected from Congress, but more so because it’s titillating and funny.

We are no less engrossed by the Casey Anthony trial, as if it has any relevance whatsoever to anything – which it does not. But don’t tell that to the “news” media.

Blago is front and center amongst all of the media, also for the wrong reasons, as his trial has also captured the “news” media spotlight.

Rome didn’t have the Internet, talk-radio, the 500-cable channel universe, and the all-news programming cycles. Instead, Rome had the Coliseum that more or less served the same purpose.

During Rome’s heyday, when it stood firmly upon discipline, law and order, and values, Rome ruled the world and brought prosperity and advanced civilization wherever Rome went.

But that all declined when Rome traded in her values for selfishness and hedonism, which brought down the once greatest nation on earth.


America reminds me of the Great Roman Empire that fell because it couldn’t keep out the Barbarians, only because the people paid no attention to the reality of the times; and because subsequent Roman Emperors were weak, greedy and inconsequential.

The great empire of Greece also fell, when the Elitist Greeks forgot that they too were not alone on the planet, and that there were others who were less Liberal than them, who not only didn’t share their values, but despised them for their values.

Or in the case of the Greeks – the lack of sound values.

A country, just like a family that embraces an attitude that EVERYTHING GOES, and that EVERYTHING IS ACCEPTABLE, is a country destined for national suicide. AND THAT DESCRIBES TODAY’S USA.

Everything DOESN’T go. And everything is NOT OK.

Americans who support the LEFT have either lost, or have never had any understanding of personal responsibilities and obligations.

LEFTISTS are ignorant of history; in as much as they might know something about what happened in the past, but have little to no understanding how it impacts upon the present.

LEFTISTS see everything that is acceptable with the RIGHT of collective debauchery, while closing the door to the RIGHT of INDIVIDUAL Conservatism.

Years ago, when Bush Senior was campaigning against Bill Clinton, Bush repeatedly made reference to VALUES. He spoke about values as if that was the most important issue during the campaign.

I didn’t like Bush Senior then, and I’m still not a fan. But, even though I didn’t get it when he spoke of values, as if values were the most important virtue upon to which build a nation, I GET IT NOW.

Bush Senior was right.

Values are the bedrock upon which a society is built.

Sacrifice, personal responsibility, obligation to nation, respect for national icons, personal discipline, discipline within the schools, morality within the government, the right to prosper, the right to fail, and zero tolerance towards all who break the laws of the land are just some of those values that have disappeared from America.

While it is true that these values are in even shorter supply within other nations, it is not the other nations that have become the beacon of excellence, to which the world has set its moral compass.

Until very recently, it has been the United States of America that has been that beacon to excellence in virtually all things.

I believe with all my heart and soul, that America will soon erupt into a civil war of words, deeds and separation, only because it is a country so divided with a dearth of values, that nothing short of upheaval will correct the wrong.

History does repeat itself. And today, as I write and speak, we are watching history of 2000 years ago developing before our own eyes.


Will America fall as the Roman Empire did, never to rise again? Or, will America’s fall restore America to the level of excellence that gave birth to American EXCEPTIONALISM?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Unicoi Park and Helen GA are beautiful places to be. If you get a chance to go to Rome GA, go through Berry College. It is the largest college campus in the world with 30,000 beautiful acres and the story of how it was founded by Martha Berry to educate the impoverished mountain children who worked their way through on a “Workship”. It’s about an hour or so from Unicoi. It’s my alma mater.

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