Will The World Be A Better Place Without Israel?


Why is it that the entire world, including, and especially the UN, is so focused on what amounts to nothing more than a MINISCULE piece of USELESS land, populated by fewer people than what comprises most major size cities?

What and where is Palestine? And who are the Palestinian people?

FIRST AND FOREMOST – there is no country called Palestine. Nor are there any people who are Palestinians.

1 – There has never been a country called Palestine.

2 – And there have never been a people called Palestinians until 1983.

3 – There was a region called Palestine that included Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and what is today modern Israel.

4 – The so-called Palestinians’ FIRST recognized leader was the Egyptian born modern day Father of TERRORISM Yasser Arafat, who was proclaimed Palestine’s FIRST leader in 1983.

Not much history there don’t you think?

5 – Yasser Arafat’s uncle (Mohammad Amin al-Husayni) was the WWII Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who had a mutual pact with Hitler to bring the Holocaust to the Middle East once Hitler was done with Europe’s Jews.

6 – In about 1000 BCE, The Jewish people’s FIRST acknowledged leader, King David, ruled the land of Israel from his capital city Hebron, that is now part of the Palestinian “occupied” Territory.

His son King Solomon, moved Israel’s Capital to Jerusalem, where he built the first Temple.

That was some 3000 years ago. And during this 3000-year span of time, Jerusalem had repeatedly changed hands, but never without a Jewish presence.

Whether it was the Egyptians, Philistines, Greeks, Romans, Persians or Ottoman’s (Turks), Israel and Jerusalem were always returned to the Jews.

7 – In 333 BCE, the Greeks conquered Israel and Jerusalem, but NEVER made Jerusalem their capital.

8 – In 70 AD, at the time of Christ, the Romans conquered Israel and Jerusalem, but NEVER made Jerusalem their capital.

9 – In 633 AD, the Moslems conquered Israel and Jerusalem, forbade the Jews from entering the city, but NEVER made Jerusalem their capital.

10 – In the Torah, Jerusalem is named and mentioned throughout, BUT NOT ONCE in the Koran.

11 – Most of the Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians, never lived in the area that is now Israel, since there was nothing for them there until the Jews began to reclaim the land in the late 1800’s, creating farms, industries and opportunities.

12 – Most of the land that is now Israel wasn’t won in war, it was purchased from local Arabs, paid for with hard cold cash through the National Jewish Fund that was started in 1901. And continues to function today.

13 – In 1948, when Israel was declared a NATION, the only LEGITIMATE nation to have ever been created by world consensus, the combined armies of all the Arab nations surrounding the re-birth of the nascent State of Israel attacked, telling the Arabs within Israel to LEAVE.

TO GET OUT OF THE WAY – so they wouldn’t be run-over by the Arab juggernaut that was going to drive the Jews into the sea.

These Arabs, and generations of their progeny are the so-called REFUGEES. But, isn’t it curious how the UN definition of refugee, doesn’t even come close to defining what these so-called Palestinian “refugees” are.

14 – The fact that Jews have had a NEVER-ENDING presence in the Middle East, including Jerusalem, seems to me to be totally lost on the Israel-Hating World that screams from the mountaintops about the illegitimacy of the very LEGITIMATE Jewish State.

If MORE than a 3000-year history doesn’t qualify for legitimacy – What does?


By the actions of the UN and MOST world leaders, it’s hard not to believe that MOST of the world thinks that the planet would be a better place without Israel.

During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the Joint Meeting of Congress, he said it best when he said:


But, if you believe what Obama and others are saying or inferring about Israel, Israel has got to be the worst country that has ever been. In fact, according to them, Israel is the poison that’s killing our planet.

If Israel didn’t exist . . . are we to believe:

1 – There would be no Taliban. No Al Qaeda. No Moslem Brotherhood. No Iranian Mad Mullahs. No hatred towards women. No current Arab slave trade, and no Arab despotism.

2 – There would be peace throughout the Arab/Moslem world. And there would have been no war in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

3 – That America, France and Britain wouldn’t be kicking the crap out of Gaddafi’s military in this non-war.

4 – That the Syrians and Yemenites would not be slaughtering their own people?

5 – And that Egypt wouldn’t be poised to fall to the Moslem Brotherhood.

If not for Israel . . . what other reasons could there be?

Without Israel, are we also to believe that Pakistan would be an exemplary country . . . as would all the other Central Asian Moslem countries?

I don’t quite know how, but it must have been Israel’s fault that the Serbs, Croatians and Bosnians butchered each other not that long ago, and would do so again given the chance.

And I’m sure that it must have been the Israelis who were the reason why the Chechens carried out horrific attacks against the Russians, while the Russians responded by wiping out most Chechen cities, murdering as many Chechen people they could find, who weren’t able to run away and hide.

Things would also be much better I’m sure in South America, if it wasn’t for Israel. Because, if it wasn’t for Israel, we must imagine that there would be a far more amicable Hugo Chavez, who wouldn’t feel compelled to spread his LEFTIST Fascism throughout South America and beyond.

And we can all understand why the Europeans HATE Israel, because if it weren’t for those pesky and uppity Jews who refused to be totally exterminated some 70 years ago, the EURO wouldn’t be in the tank. And MOST of the EU Nations wouldn’t be on the brink of bankruptcy.

And America – If it weren’t for Israel, the USA would not have had a financial collapse, a housing collapse, and an investment collapse. Gas wouldn’t be in the range of $4 per gallon, and real unemployment figures wouldn’t be hovering in the very high teens.

But most of all . . . If it weren’t for Israel, Barack Hussein Obama would not have run up America’s debt some 5 TRILLION DOLLARS in less than 2 years.

Just ask Obama, since his focus during all of these ultra challenges seems to be that having Israel succumb to the wishes of the Arabs, the Moslem world and the EU, would indeed be the panacea for all that ails humanity.

I guess the ticket to peace, harmony and plenty for all on this planet can be achieved by simply wiping-out Israel.

And after Israel’s is gone, and the world still isn’t a better place – WHAT THEN?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard, always great to read your material. I, too, believe that this president is the worst ever. Think about it….fast and furious, IRS, NSA, Bengazi, O’Bama care, announcing the pull out of troops and then we get ISIS. immigration do nothing and border protection mess, ebola….what’s next? Stay safe and enjoy Texas.

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