They Are The Problem – Not The Solution

The last profession on my list of WANT-TO-BE was a businessperson

I should have been blown away by the likes of LEFTIST television commentator Andrea Mitchell, for her over-the-top condemnation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s FRANK discussion with Obama in the Oval Office.


Before I write another word – This editorial has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel, the Palestinians, and/or how Obama tried to throw Israel under the buss.

It has everything to do with a Media that is rapidly becoming an Enemy of the State. And I mean that in the most sincere way.

The media is NOT objective and has taken sides. And for the most part, they’re on the wrong side.

Just a few days ago, the super LEFTIST MSNBC Radio Talk-Show-Guy Ed Schultz called Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham a SLUT. In my day, if you called a girl a SLUT, you’d better be prepared for some serious blowback INCLUDING a real beating.

So what happened to Schultz for this horrific characterization of Laura Ingraham as being a SLUT? How about just a one-week suspension, where in a better world, he would be held accountable legally for defamation and be fired from his job.

I’m sure, that if not all of you who are reading this, most of you remember what happened to Don Imus when he made a stupid comment referring to the race of a girl’s college basketball team.

What would have been the result if a Conservative Talk Show Host; if the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Mark Levin or Glenn Beck would have said anything like that about a LIBERAL woman?


When I was a youngster, during my LIBERAL years, there were THREE professions that I looked up to as being the pinnacle of success for any man or woman to achieve.

1 – A Politician or government employee – Elected or appointed.

2 – A Teacher at any grade level.

3 – A Journalist.

The last profession on my list of WANT-TO-BE was to be a businessperson.

One of my university professors in economics 101 had said to the class that the sole profession where you can find the highest level of integrity is in the world of business. We all chuckled.

His reasoning was simple and accurate: People who are dishonest in business do not last. In business, your word is everything, and is the only thing you have that is of real value.

Granted, there are plenty of fly-by-nighters and scam artists. But they will never amount to anything. It is the businesses that provide honest products and services of competitive value who stay in business and thrive.

I’m also not writing about huge corporations that have no ties whatsoever to integrity and morality, because they are as we understand them to be, “TOO BIG TO FAIL”, who are as dishonest as their bed partners; including the unions, banks and governments.

And as a life-long businessperson, I can tell you from first-hand knowledge, that the words of this university professor ring TRUER to me today, than they did those 40 years ago.

Amongst the BIGGEST losers, the LEAST of society’s contributors, and MOST dishonest professions . . . are people who work in the realms of politics, academia and journalism.

Most politicians are skilled liars without a thread of integrity, while lacking any sense of a moral compass. Teachers teach their own distorted anti-corporate LEFTIST worldview. And far too many journalists just make it up as they go along.

A nation needs businesspeople in order to produce and distribute those products and services that make our society what it is.

Teachers are important to prepare our youth for their future obligations. But we can all survive without formal teachers. But try surviving without farmers, food processors, packers, distributors, merchandisers and retailers.

Try to make it without truckers to deliver the goods, or the mechanics that keep it all going.

FOR THE POLITICIANS – Their job should be restricted to the COMPETENT management of our infrastructure, reasonable regulations, and basic laws.

While the job of journalists should be to keep everyone honest and the people informed.


The government is at BEST incompetent. And at WORST incompetent and dishonest. It is smothering the people and businesses with regulations and taxes to the point where the most productive people no longer want to produce in our countries.

Politicians make and break what should be private enterprises. They support those who support them, but with OUR TAX MONEY. Politicians and bureaucrats who would under real circumstances be incapable of sweeping the floors of most small, medium and large companies are regulating them.

How much dumber does it get than that?

THIS IS HOW MUCH DUMBER IT GETS – Teachers are churning out vacant-headed, dumb-ass kids who think the world owes them something, who are graduating from high schools and universities with knowledge that could NOT help them survive without the unsustainable entitled society the LEFT has created.


And who’s going to say anything when the journalists have forgotten the difference between objectivity and subjectivity, accepting the latter for the norm in what and how they write and report?

In essence – who will be amongst us to disseminate the truth?


What separates us from THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES is that the foundation of our society is built upon ENTREPRENEURSHIP, solid education, honest journalism, and good government; all of which is in rapid and seemingly irretrievable decline.

So, with this in mind, how do we build and sustain the societies our fore-parents blessed us with?

To me, the only light we can look to for salvation, can be seen shining on the computer screens on Blogs such as this one, and many others who are not bound by government regulation, big business and public opinion.

Like thousands of others who do what I do, I am beholden to no one for this Web Site, other than to my own moral compass, sense of integrity, understanding of fair play, and my unconditional love of individual FREEDOM.

Take my word for this . . . SOONER than most people realize or are capable of believing, our societies are going to be coming apart at the seams, leaving the TAKERS screaming for their FREE-RIDE as the MAKERS turn a deaf ear.

Just as an aside: I’m a businessperson. I know how to run a business from sales, to production, to delivery, to payables and receivables.

But, I can also build just about anything with my own two hands. Including a house from the foundation to the roof.

I can fix quite a few mechanical things. I can also drive everything from a motorcycle to a farm tractor. And I grow food. In this case, it’s hay for our horses, which to me is no different from growing anything else.

For years during my younger days, I spent most of my free-time up in the Canadian Northern Bush . . . camping, fishing and traveling the hundreds of networked lakes by map, the stars, and compass.

I am a certified lifeguard and first aid instructor. I have fought in Karate tournaments. And I can shoot a handgun and rifle with the best of them.

So, when it all hits the fan, to whose wagon will you want to be hitched?

To mine – Or to the wagon of big mouth LEFTISTS, whose best skill is to talk the talk, telling others how to do what MOST of them couldn’t do on their best day?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You’re right, Howard…”The BLACKS have no reason to vote for the Democrats”. One would think that Obama would have been more sensitive to his own race’s needs, i. e., would have made some effort to help BLACKS vs. creating more problems for them. Instead, his presidency has ENCOURAGED more racism! Had similar conditions existed in 2008, Obama would have never become president. He and his LIBERAL sycophants created our present negative, racist situation. Americans—-please vote REPUBLICAN!

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