A Contrast Between Two Leaders

Palestinians see Netanyahu's Joint Congressional speech as "declaration of war".

A few days ago (May 19, 2011), we witnessed the Teleprompter-In-Chief deliver his message to the Arab World, which was entirely lost on everyone after he concluded his message with his out-of-place demand upon Israel to revert back to the 1948 boundaries.

I refer to the 1948 boundaries, simply because the 1967 borders do not exist, and have never existed, and are nothing less than propaganda in the Middle East battle between a Democratic Jewish State and yet another Arab Thugocracy.

Truth be told, there has NEVER been real borders between Israel and the so-called Palestinians (except the biblical borders), since the Arabs NEVER recognized Israel’s legitimacy, and went to war against the fledgling Jewish State within minutes of Israel’s REBIRTH as a Nation.

Besides, it sounds better when you say 1967, opposed to 1948, which are in reality just “armistice lines” (not borders) Obama was referring to.

But, this editorial is not about history, geography, and/or international double standards. It is all about the contrast between two national leaders.

On May 19, 2011, as Obama addressed the Arab World, virtually nothing of what he read off his teleprompter will be remembered, since the last minute or two of his speech was all about the 1967 Israeli lines, that drowned EVERYTHING else out, as if none of it was said.

In essence, Obama’s speech was an absolute waste of time with the exception of the incredible damage it has done to himself and the Palestinians.

What was also of great note . . . and will NOT be forgotten for a very long time, was how the Israeli Prime Minister dressed the US President down in full public view in the White House of all places, for Obama’s ignorance of history, geography, and diplomacy.

After realizing just how stupid his performance was on May 19, Obama tried to sort of walk-it-back with his rapidly fading oratorical magic in front of a very compliant AIPAC. But it didn’t work, since it is always impossible to un-ring the bell.

Obama might have wowed many within his ass-kissing Jewish Elitist audience; but he didn’t wow “REAL” people, Jews and Christians alike.

To add a NEGATIVE cherry atop the icing for Obama, on Monday (May 23, 2011), he was cheered by the Europeans for his condemnation of Israel, an endorsement no one in America would want from a continent of unconditional anti-Semites and Israel-Haters.

Now, let’s take a look at Netanyahu’s address to the joint meeting of Congress on May 24, 2011 at 11:00AM.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu who walked into a roomful of standing and applauding Senators and House Members, spoke for a bit longer than 1 hour.

He was interrupted more than 50 times with applause and standing ovations as he continued his speech. He spoke about important International Events, World Security, the Iranian Bomb, Democracy, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Assembly.

He spoke about how much Israel and the United States are IDENTICAL in their values. How America does not need to bring Democracy to Israel, because Democracy is the foundation that Israel is built upon.

How America does not need to bring prosperity and jobs to Israel, because that is part of what Israel is all about.

That America does not have to send their military to protect Israel, because Israel is more than capable of protecting itself.

Netanyahu made a special point of saying that as much as America is Israel’s BEST friend, Israel is America’s BEST friend.

He spoke about how history has been written and rewritten to suit the geopolitical needs of others, while the real history of Israel and the region has been clear for 4000 years.

The Israeli Prime Minister reminded the joint meeting of Congress and everyone else who watched and/or listened to his speech that of the 300,000,000 (three hundred million) Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa, ONLY a million plus Arabs are absolutely FREE, all of whom are FREE because they live in Israel.

He spoke about the horrible discrimination in much of the Arab World against women, including stonings.

If that isn’t as clear an indictment against the enemies of Israel, Democracy and “MODERNITY”, a word used by Netanyahu, I can’t imagine what else it could be.

In essence, Netanyahu drew a vivid picture of who the Arabs are, illustrating without saying so, just how difficult it is to negotiate with such people.

But, unlike Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t speak in unresolved platitudes. He spoke in real terms with real challenges and real solutions.

The Israeli Prime Minister made it absolutely clear, as to what the Palestinians will have to do for Israel to make REAL concessions to create a Palestinian State.

None of which was on Obama’s teleprompter.

Unlike Obama who speaks in meaningless yet dangerous platitudes, Netanyahu drew all of the lines in the sand. What Israel will give – And what Israel will NOT give.

With whom Israel will negotiate, and under which terms – And with whom Israel will NOT negotiate under any terms.

As I wrote on Monday (May 23, 2011), because of Obama’s STUPID mouth, Obama has sealed the deal that all but guarantees that there will be NO peace deal any time soon between the so-called Palestinians and the legitimate State of Israel.

We saw and heard how a REAL Statesman and National Leader in Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu deals with REAL and complicated issues in comparison to how a Pretender-In-Chief makes it up as he goes along.

There are FOUR important points that I have to make that more than sum up this saga between a Real Leader and a Pretender.

1 – As I wrote just minutes after Obama’s 1967 Border Declaration; that he has all but killed any future peace agreement between the so-called Palestinians and the Israelis:

Less than 2 hours after Netanyahu’s speech before the joint meeting of Congress, the Palestinians issued a statement declaring that Netanyahu’s address is nothing more than a DECLARATION OF WAR.

For this – IT’S ALL ON OBAMA.

2 – One Leader speaks from his heart, soul, and mind referring to talking points. While the other cannot say hello if it isn’t written for him on his teleprompter. You figure-out which one is which.

3 – While it is 100% true that no one will remember anything Obama said in his Arab Spring Speech other than his comments about the 1967 “borders”, in CONTRAST, very few people who heard Netanyahu’s speech will forget much of it, if any.

4 – As a result of Obama’s ridiculous comments about the 1967 “borders” forcing Israel through Benjamin Netanyahu to take a stand, Obama has once again seriously created yet another barrier between himself and the Congress.

And seeing how the Joint Congress responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I can only surmise that Obama wished he had kept his mouth shut and stayed on script with nothing more and nothing less than his take on the Arab Spring (whatever that means).

As a last and totally unconnected point:


As multiple Mid-West Towns in America deal with a natural catastrophe of historic proportions, Obama and his now muted wife are posing for photo opportunities with the Royals.

Where do you think the President of the American people should be at a time of such great misery to his populace?

Should he be schmoozing with the Euro-Trash? Or should he be at home with his suffering people?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov,

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