On Behalf Of Jews Everywhere – THANK YOU OBAMA.

Some words just can't be walked back no matter how they're spun.

Everyone who REALLY supports Israel, EXCLUDING the American and Israeli LEFTISTS who are amongst the most willing to sell Israel down the river in pursuit of a non-existent peace with people who want every Middle Eastern Jew DEAD and/or GONE, should be praising Barack Hussein Obama.

If you think this last comment is somewhat over the top . . . think again.

I watched the AIPAC introduction of Obama by AIPAC President Lee Rosenberg on Saturday morning (May 22, 2011).

As an unapologetic, un-hyphenated, and non-negotiable Jew, I cannot properly express how HUMILIATED I was at how far Rosenberg had his nose shoved-up Obama’s ass, to the point where I was waiting for an EMS crew to rush onto the stage to give Rosenberg resuscitation.

Watching and listening to Rosenberg’s introduction of Obama gave me a feeling of nausea, as I thought back to other similar Elitist Insider Jews in Nazi Europe, who also thought they were somehow smarter than everyone else.

For more than 2 years than I am alive, the Israelis have been offering and making concessions to the Arabs in exchange for peace.

And even after a 63-year state of war declared by the Arab/Moslems against Israel, Israel is still asking the Arab/Moslems what Israel can do to establish real peace with security.

The problem is with what the Arab/Moslems want, which is nothing less than the DEATH OF ISRAEL. So where does Israel go with that?


Every US President has made this statement in one-way or another:


It sounds great and evenhanded – But it isn’t even close to being true.

History, not hyperbole shows this meaningless comment for what it really is.

Israel has returned valuable captured lands and oil fields to Egypt for nothing in return, with the exception of at best a tepid peace with Cairo, that seems to be all but done.

Israel saved the Kingdom of Hussein (Jordan) in September 1970, as Palestinians led by Yasser Arafat, backed militarily by Syria overran it.

Since 1976 . . . Israel, and Israel alone had built the Palestinians an infrastructure that they enjoy today, giving the Palestinians electricity, sewage, roads, schools, hospitals and jobs.

After Israel withdrew from the occupation of the Southern Lebanese Security Zone without preconditions, courtesy of Ehud Barack, Israelis were attacked and murdered by Hezbollah as a thank you.

Ariel Sharon gave the Gaza Arab Palestinians all of Gaza, WITHOUT a quid-pro-quo. And what did Israel get in return beside rocket, mortar, missile and TERRORIST attacks? NOTHING!

Between several Israeli LEFTIST Prime Ministers . . . including: Peres, Rabin, Barack and Olmert, Israel has offered the Palestinians about 97% of what the Palestinians had been demanding, ONLY to see the Palestinians walk away from the table of their own demands.


What painful concessions have the Arabs made to Israel? But, to be more concise . . . what concessions has the world demanded from the Arabs?


How do you make peace with people who educate their children to hate Jews, and call for the destruction of Israel in their Charter?

What Obama said on Thursday about the 1967 borders, which he did a two-step to explain in his Saturday AIPAC speech, has without question taken the obligation for Israel to negotiate with the so-called Palestinians OFF THE TABLE.

By Obama so publicly making this DEMAND on Israel to return to Israel’s pre-1967 borders, Obama has all but slammed the door shut for further negotiations with the Palestinians for a long time to come, all of which releases Israel from this endless and meaningless charade of making peace with people whose ONLY goal is the death of Israel and a second Holocaust.

For that – The Jewish people, with the exception of the Jewish LEFT, should be grateful to Barack Hussein Obama.

At this juncture in time, because of Obama’s BIG MOUTH and unthinking rhetoric, the so-called Palestinians cannot accept anything less than what the President of the United States of America has so publicly demanded from Israel.

And Israel cannot accept any negotiations whatsoever with the Palestinians without having a commitment FIRST from the Palestinians that they:

1 – Will remove any and all references from their Charter that calls for the destruction of Israel.

2 – Will recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

3 – Will accept that the so-called major Settlement blocks are not negotiable.

4 – Will remove any claims on the Right of Return to Israel to so-called Palestinian Refugees.

5 – Will promise to NEVER allow attacks on Israel from anywhere within their Territories.

6 – Will accept that all of Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, as it has and had been as long back as 3,000 years, since no other country beside Israel had ever laid claim to Jerusalem as its State Capital – Not the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks or the Ottomans.

ONLY THE JEWS . . . so how come, all of a sudden, Arabs who have NEVER had any claim to Jerusalem believe that they do now?

Then, and only then would Israel be in a position to negotiate with the so-called Palestinians on matters of borders and boundaries.

But, because Obama established a whole new perspective on the Pretend Peace Process by declaring the terms of the END of the process BEFORE the beginning, he has left no wiggle room for the Palestinians, or for the Israelis.


As for Obama harming his position amongst the American Jewish LEFT for what he said that has IN FACT changed the entire dynamic of the position of Israel; he has nothing to fear.

I watched and listened to the applause of the THOUSANDS of Jews in attendance at the AIPAC meeting, MOST of whom gobbled-up and swallowed whole the swill Obama fed to an audience of willing idiots, praying for him to give them something to cheer about.

And just as they cheered enthusiastically when Obama made mention near the end of his speech on how America recently voted to veto the latest UN Security Council Resolution to condemn Israel.

They conveniently forgot how Obama’s HANDPICKED anti-Semitic Ambassador to the UN (Susan Rice), in the same breath of the veto, publicly APOLOGIZED to the world for having to support Israel.

The only word that comes to my mind when seeing and hearing the reaction of those Jewish LEFTISTS to Obama’s empty words and political spin is KAPO.

No people are a greater enemy to the Jewish people, than are willing Jewish appeasers who see and support every side but their own.

The good news . . . is that there are plenty of non compliant Conservative Jews, and far more Conservative non-Jews, most of whom are Christians whose loyalty and support for Israel cannot be bought, sold, or traded with platitudes.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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