We’ve Crossed The Rubicon Beyond Debate

When the singing stops, all bets are off.

I make no apologies for the following:

I am absolutely convinced that the debate in America has gone far beyond finding any reasonable common ground, since one side, the LEFT side, is indeed without any reason.

And any person who is willing to debate with insanity, is doing worse than wasting his or her time, since responding to people who are fixated on personal and national failure by taking down those who can, for the benefit of those who can’t or won’t, are not worthy of any form of discourse.

When I hear American Jews speak about Obama, as if he was the Second Coming, I understand that the debate is over. And for me – THAT’S IT!

I will not waste a second of my breath or writing-time trying to convince the LEFT that they are wrong, and that the direction in which they are dragging America is suicidal.

Because so many Jews voted for Obama in 2008, it told me then that they were just foolish voters wanting to show the world how open and Liberal they were.

But now, especially now, after more than 24 months of Obama, it just boggles the mind that the Jewish community at large still gives their blind support to a man who no more than several generations ago would have been considered a legitimate enemy of the State.

I single out my CO-RELIGIONISTS, because no other national community should be MORE sensitive to cultural threats and the creep of socialism, where individual FREEDOMS are sacrificed on the alter of the majority, than have been the world’s Jewish population.

Many people understand that throughout history, Jews have been the Canaries in the socio/political coalmines.

In the mines, when the gas starts to seep into the shafts, long before people can detect it, the Canaries stop singing. Then everyone knows to run before the birds fall to their deaths.

But, if the miners are not paying attention to the Canaries, it will be too late for them once they discover the birds are dead.

During the lead-up to the Holocaust, even though the writing could not have been more clearly visible on the wall for all German Jews, and Jews of other European countries to see, Europe’s elitist Jews, including academics, professionals, politicians and artsy-fartsy types went out of their way to be more compliant than imaginable.

Europe’s Jews, especially in Germany, Austria and France, were amongst the most privileged classes within their national societies, as bankers, captains of industry, administrators of institutions, doctors, scientists, and notable jurists – etcetera.

And even as Jews were being loaded onto, and packed into German railroad cattle cars, Berlin’s Chief Rabbi was telling Germany’s Jews not to resist, and to cooperate, since he, the Rabbi was in discussions with some of Hitler’s top representatives.


There is no question in my mind that Jews would have still been murdered throughout Europe had they resisted with everything they had, but not in the millions, and not like sheep being led to slaughter.


I do not suggest that Jews will be led to slaughter in America, because America is still an exceptional country like none other, where INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, even though they are under serious attack, are so far still SACROSANCT.


Far too many Jews in America have forgotten their past, and are acting no different in the 21st century then their co-religionists did in Europe in the 1930’s.

And if Jews are the Canaries in this socio/political coalmine, we should all be very worried, because the singing is about to stop.

If of all people, Jews can defend a President whose singular goal is to strip away INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS, only to be replaced with the right of the COLLECTIVE, and impose the rights of government above and beyond the rights of people, it is them who should be most aware that the toxic gas has now entered the shaft.

To watch a President defame his own country and co-nationalists on world apology tours, while at the same time extolling non-existent virtues upon the Moslem World, while declaring that America is NOT a Christian country, is more to worry about than just somewhat.

The fact that the Prime Minister of Israel was snuck into the White House through a back door, only to be left by the President to hang-around in a non descript office, while Obama had a meal with his wife and kids, should have been SCREAMING at the American Jewish community that there is something REALLY rotten in Denmark.

But nothing . . . Not a peep from the Jewish Community who saw the President of the Jewish Homeland treated and humiliated like an unwanted visitor cursed with a bad smell.

So, when I see the American Jewish community, in huge numbers, probably greater than 50%, still supporting a man whose goals are the ANTITHESIS to that which has made America the GREATEST country that has ever been, I have to know that the time for debate is over.

If America’s Jews . . . virtually all of whom, who are descendants of Jews who came to America to escape Inquisitions, Pogroms, the Holocaust and Communism can support a horrible person like Obama, and the people who surround and who have surrounded him, I know that the only hope for America and the rest of the world as a result, is within a policy of intransigent polarization of everyone who is not a LEFTIST.

Compliant American Jews have convinced me that it has all come down to the RIGHT versus the LEFT. And RIGHT versus WRONG with no room for compromise.

I believe that we are on the cusp of seeing a social revolution in America the likes of which has never been seen or imagined before.

Representing about 2% of the total American population, America’s Jews do not have the numbers to change the political landscape. So, however the election turns out in 2012, just as it did in 2008, America’s Jews cannot be given credit or blame, but they are the undisputed Canaries whose singing will much sooner, rather than later come to an end.

And when the singing stops, all bets are off.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Lets all hope there is a DAY AFTER to look forward to Howard. Its time everyone gave an honest look at the catastrophic actions of the last 6 years of Obamadom.
    Happy trails to Texas!

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