Obama To The Rescue – MY HERO

To hear it from Obama, the Seals couldn't have taken out UBL without him.

Before I write another word – IT’S GOOD THAT USAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD!

I watched the News Conference at 11:30, which the White House called for Sunday night at 10:30 (May 1, 2011), to announce the killing of Usama Bin Laden.


Everyone owes President George W Bush their gratitude for making it possible through his many strategies and policies that eventually led to the death of this Islamo/Fascist MONSTER.

Had it not been for GITMO, Enhanced Interrogation and Rendition, all of which Barack Hussein Obama campaigned against and tried his best to change and undo – Usama Bin Laden might still be alive, living high in his Pakistan compound.

And for any of you who have even a passable memory, you’ll remember that one of Obama’s initial pet projects was to charge and convict those CIA Officers and Field Agents who used what Obama thought was inappropriate interrogation techniques vis a vis Water-Boarding.

When Obama called for the 10:30 PM Press Conference, anyone with a brain knew that it was going to be much later than 10:30, which it always is with Obama, since he has no respect for the time of the people whom he serves.

Of the many great attributes of George W Bush, one of them was absolute respect for the time of the people, and the Office of the President. When Bush called for a 10:30 PM Press Conference, you could set your clock by his punctuality.

ALSO – When Bush spoke about anything, especially important things, he never or rarely used the word I, unless he was talking about something that was particular to the President’s Office.

Generally, Bush used the word WE when referring to projects.

And whenever there was something monumental to announce, George W Bush allowed his Appropriate Cabinet Secretaries or Generals to make many, if not MOST of the big ones.

And if Bush was going to make a big announcement because it was fitting that he did so, he rarely did it without having the person most responsible for whatever issue it was to be discussed, to be standing beside him in full camera-view.


When Saddam Hussein was finally captured, it wasn’t George W Bush who rushed a Press Conference to take the bows and adulation for this incredible victory.

President George W Bush gave that honor to Paul Bremer, who was the US civil administrator in Iraq. Bremer EARNED it, and he shared it on-camera with members of the US military.

On December 13, 2003, Paul Bremer held a press conference where he formally announced the capture of Saddam Hussein by saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.”

But, in listening to Obama at his press conference Sunday night at ELEVEN-THIRTY, you’d believe that it was Obama who was MOST responsible for taking down Bin Laden.

I . . . instructed the CIA to make the capture or killing of Bin Laden their highest priority.

I . . . was part of every element in the search for Bin Laden.

I . . . signed-off on the military plan.

I . . . gave the order to take down Bin Laden.

I – I – I – I – I . . . as if it was all about Obama, without whom those incredibly brave and talented WARRIOR SEALS could never have pulled it off.

The killing of Usama Bin Laden was a terrific success for American Intelligence and America’s FABULOUS military. It was also a psychological victory for the American people and others who have a great deal of love and respect for America; all of whom deserved this victory far more than just somewhat.


Had this been up to Obama from the very start of his Presidency, it is very possible, and indeed probable, that none of this would have ever happened, even though this NARCISSIST-IN-CHIEF so badly wants to insert himself into every part of the operation.

But, what galled me the MOST, even more than Obama grandstanding, was when he was CROWING about American Exceptionalism without actually using that word, especially when his first World Apology Tour was about slamming the very idea of American Exceptionalism.

It also bothered me how Obama thought it was important to tell the American people that the Moslem World will also be celebrating the death of Bin Laden.

How stupid can one man think the people of the United States of America can possibly be? Isn’t it time for America to stop worrying about the feelings of the Moslem World?

Frankly; how the world views Islam, is not up to me, you, or an Islamist apologist like Obama. It is up to the Moslem people and no one else.

I liked Obama’s Sunday Night Press Conference, if for no other reason, than it once again highlighted just how wrong Obama is for America. And how wrong the people were when they bought the empty platitudes of “YES WE CAN” and “HOPE & CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN”.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. I was once told that there is a time to fight and a time not to fight, based on the strength of the enemy and chances of winning. Today there is no choice. We must fight and win. We can not afford to lose.

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