Quebec Is The Big Loser – Canada Wins BIG

Is Canada going to the LEFT or to the RIGHT?

After years of minority governments, the future of Canada came down to its most basic debate:

Is Canada going to the LEFT or to the RIGHT?

Is Canada going to become even more government dependent, or are most Canadians of the belief that we already have too much government at the expense of the people’s Constitutional Rights and Freedoms?

From the result of Monday’s (May 2, 2011) national election, on the face of it, it would seem that Canada has not yet decided, since so many LEFTISTS in the guise of the NDP (New Democratic Party) have won so many seats.


The overall seat distribution results are broken down thus:

167 – For the Conservatives with only 6 seats (less than 3%) from Quebec.

102 – For the NDP (Socialists), of which more than half (58 seats) came from Quebec.

34 – For the Liberals (Left of Center), of which 20% (7 seats) came from Quebec.

4 – For the Bloc Quebecois (Far LEFTIST Quebec Separatists) 100% came from Quebec.

1 – For the Green Party (Far LEFTIST West Coast Lunatic Fringe) nothing from Quebec.

In terms of percentages – The Conservatives won less than 40% at just over 39% nationwide, which says that the Something-For-Nothing Bunch won just under 60%.

On the surface of these numbers, it would appear that the majority of Canadians want to move to the LEFT. But that is only until you see where MOST of the LEFT’S 60% votes came from, which is Separatist Quebec.

In effect, English Canada sent an enormous message to the government that they want to move to the RIGHT, while Separatist and socialist Quebec still wants to live on the planet of Something-For-Nothing.

In essence, by electing so many Socialists in Quebec, Quebec has sent a message to the rest of Canada, that the rest of Canada is not interested in hearing.

So – Here’s how I see the short and long term results of this election:

If you take Quebec out of the mix, especially since Quebec has all but taken itself out of Canada, the real percentage of national votes the Conservatives received is closer to 50%. Particularly, since Quebec accounts for approximately 25% of Canada’s TOTAL population, where 80% of the people voted LEFT.

And that gives Stephen Harper FOUR years to remake Canada BACK to the way Canada used to be, without having to wonder or worry about what Quebec wants, which is always more than the rest of Canada gets.


The NDP won NOTHING other than the bragging rights of replacing a Separatist Party in a province that eats its own kind.

Quebec traded-in a Party that brought home the bacon, and lots of it in the form of Equalization Payments, Transfer Payments, unbalanced Federal Jobs going to Quebec, along with corporate grants from Ottawa for Quebec companies, for a party (NDP) comprised of Canada’s most LEFTIST Something-For-Nothing Bunch of KOOKS, who will have no resonance with Canada’s MAJORITY Prime Minister and the Rest of Canada.

When the Pundits crow about Quebec throwing out a Separatist Party for a Federalist Party (the NDP), they are clueless.

The NDP won the election in Quebec because they promised Quebecers Separation WITHIN Canada.

That all FEDERAL employees in Quebec MUST be able to work in French ONLY.

That Quebec must continue to receive federal largess regardless of how they implement it.

That the NDP would change Canada’s foreign policy, turning Canada’s back on the USA, while supporting the likes of Hezbollah, Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood AGAINST Israel.

The NDP also promised the equivalent of CAP AND TRADE and a chicken in every pot.

So, what do you think will happen when “Taliban” Jack Layton, leader of the NDP can’t deliver on any of theses promises, and becomes ignored by the Majority Conservatives, who have no reason (just 6 seats out of 75 in Quebec) to give anything anymore to a province that continuously ignores Canada, and gave the electoral finger to Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

I’m happy for the NDP – They got what they deserve. AND SO DID QUEBEC.


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  1. “IT IS ALL ABOUT how fearful we have become of stating the TRUTH. REGULATING FREE SPEECH IS THE TOOL OF THE TYRANT. … It’s OK to be SCARED … but it’s MORE important to be BRAVE, SINCE TYRANNY NEVER DEFEATS FREEDOM WHEN PATRIOTS NEVER SURRENDER.” You said it all with those words. My biggest concern is a possibility a majority of all politicians serve self, not the citizens. Since they make the rules, where will we be when greed rules 65%+ of them? They are building their own army.

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