Now That Obama Has Innocent Blood On His Hands . . .

Where’s the voice of the LEFT on America’s UNDECLARED WAR in Libya?

If the reports were true and accurate yesterday (April 30, 2011), Barack Obama’s UNDECLARED War on Libya took the lives of one of Gaddafi’s sons and three of his grandchildren.

As per what appears to be fact, the murdered son was not involved in any way with Gaddafi’s military. And without question, neither were the grandchildren.

While it is widely assumed to be true that Gaddafi had a hand in the TERROR bombing of Pan Am Lockerbie Flight 103 in 1988, it is also true that 2 decades years later, America and Libya reconciled, leading to an exchange of Embassies in each country.

In addition to the reconciliation, Gaddafi also agreed to surrender all of his Weapons of Mass Destruction, and spill the beans on others who were (are) players in the realm of WMD’s.

According to all sources, Gaddafi kept his word.

A month or so ago, a movement that was smoldering in Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi government came to the surface with a vengeance. This seemingly disparate group that has been trying to take over the Libyan government since the first shot was fired has been called Rebels.


And their cause has been defined as a struggle in Libya for Democracy.

That’s like MOM’S APPLE PIE.


1 – Are they Al Qaeda, as many serious observers believe? Are they members of the Moslem Brotherhood? And are they any different from the gang who actually led the Egyptian Coup D’Etat?

2 – To Arabs and Moslems, what does Democracy really mean? Can Democracy, as we know it live side by side with Sharia?

Even though we have no idea who the Rebels really are, and what they really want . . . for some unfathomable reason, Barack Obama has not only taken-up their cause, but through subterfuge, he involved America in a THIRD WAR without as much as giving a nod to Congress.

It doesn’t matter what you and I think about Libya and Gaddafi. What matters is this:

1 – The USA had diplomatic relations with Libya and Gaddafi.

2 – Neither Libya nor Gaddafi presented any discernible danger towards the USA or any of America’s allies.

So, why did Obama conspire behind the scenes to suck-in the United nations, including France, Germany and Canada to attack a sovereign nation that presented no threat whatsoever beyond its own borders?

Obama himself has told us that the involvement from the USA was SPECIFICALLY on HUMANITARIAN grounds, in order to keep Gaddafi from murdering his own people.

OK – Let’s say that this is actually true. Why then isn’t Obama ordering the US Air Force to create NO-FLY-ZONES over Yemen and Bahrain? Or especially over the skies of Syria where hundreds or more people have already been murdered by the Assad government?

And why isn’t Obama ordering his military to bomb Saudi and Syrian armor the way he has ordered America’s military to bomb Gaddafi’s armor?


Because of this incredible double standard, Obama’s EXCUSE to go to war against Gaddafi and Libya, at best appears to be quite thin, and at worst is as hypocritical as it gets.

But, for a man who has committed America and my country (Canada) to a war without reason other than saving innocent lives, how does Obama square the circle of MURDERING an innocent young man and his children in Obama’s war against the father?

Just try to imagine what Obama and the UN would say, and how they would react if Israel were to kill the A-Political son and the son’s three infant children in a raid on Palestinian President Abbas?

You don’t have to imagine . . . since we all know the answer.

Now that this deed has been done, I have to wonder several things:

1 – Where’s the voice of the LEFT on America’s UNDECLARED WAR in Libya and the murder of an innocent family?

Have any of you once heard the LEFT call this Obama’s War the way they habitually called the war against Iraq as Bush’s War, INCLUDING OBAMA, all the way through and beyond the 2008 campaign?

2 – If Obama suckered America and the rest of the ‘players’ into this war against an enemy, who by all definition was not an enemy or a threat, in the guise of protecting innocents from being murdered; how does he justify this heinous and deliberate murder?

3 – How long does Obama and the LEFT think it will be before the Arabs/Moslems start to understand that the United States of America is now fighting and killing Arabs and Moslems in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya before they add 1+1 together and come up with JIHAD?

The Saudis have already figured it out. And the Iranians . . . they’re simply loving it.

Now think about this:

If you had several BILLION dollars kicking about like Gaddafi has, and killing people has never been something you shied away from, and you have an army and no shortage of mercenaries and access to under-funded UNCONDITIONAL fanatic America-Haters at your command, and an opposing leader just MURDERED one of your sons and three of your son’s children, what would you do?

Not only is Obama way in over his head, he’s sucking-in the USA, and the rest of the world with him.

When these so-called Arab Freedom Fighters in each country they are taking down, finally coalesce under the Moslem Brotherhood to begin the process of forming a Caliphate, partly because of Barack Hussein Obama, what do you think will happen next?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I thoroughly agree with your statements, Howard. I think that we should restrict their entry into the USA and kick their sorry, “I’ll be nice” BUTTS out of this beautiful country. Do we still have bounties in this country? Just asking…

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